12 Money Saving Tips for 2017

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12 Money Saving Tips for 2017

Here we are 2017, and if like me you have made many promises to yourself for the year ahead and one of these happens to be in the financial department then our 12 Money Saving Tips for 2017 are for you.


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1/ Write out your Financial Plan

This is a super exercise, work out ever € that comes into the house each week/month/year and look at all the things going out, all the money coming and row by row look at where you can make savings. Start with essentials and work your way down.

Here is an example of what I am talking about 


2/ Mobile Phone

Are you on bill pay? Are you out of contract? then shop around now, call your provider and tell them that your contract is over and you are shopping about for a better deal, they will offer you a discount, do not accept immediately, call the other providers and tell them what a lovely customer you are to have and ask them can they beat the reduced offer your provider has given you, if they do go back to your current provider and see will they match the competitors reduced offer. This will take at least 3 phone calls and probably cost you 1-2 hours of your time. But if you are currently paying €60 per month and you can get the same for €30 per month, then you have saved a whopping €360 over the 12 months, now that is not a bad hourly rate to be oh.

3/ Broadband

The only way you will get a discount here is if you call around, prices from various providers change all the time and even if you are not out of contract please call your provider, explain the bill seems a lot, you know new customers get a better deal and is there anything they can off you as a loyal customer, typically 10%-20% will be shaved off your current broadband costs.

4/ Debit card charges

I don’t know about you, but this is an area I have noticed I am paying a lot more today than that of 1 or 2 years ago, one way to cut back is by not paying for your shopping and then go to the cash point to withdraw money, get cash back when paying for your shopping as this counts as one transaction, by doing it the other way you pay two charges. This do you need €10 for travel etc, make sure you get it as cash back.

5/ Shop from a shopping list

Plan your meals for the week around the offers published by your supermarket and then create your shopping list based on this, planning here will save you €100’s throughout the year but it will also help to keep you healthier. How many times do you order a take out because you have no idea what to eat? spend 30 minutes on a meal plan and list each week will give you idea’s and inspiration for all your weekly meals, You will also find you throw out a lot less then you do when you go to the shops unprepared.

When your supermarket does a cheap deal on vegetables, buy a lot and make up soups, stews, curries, casseroles and free portions.

If there is a good offer on non food item’s, over buy and you will find that you never have to pay full price for things like toilet rolls, washing tabs, fabric conditioner, shampoo, tooth paste etc ever again.

Top tip from Ger on Facebook who say’s, Do not go shopping on an empty stomach. This leads to you buying rubbish and things you really do not need.

Planning the weekly shop is something I did throughout 2016 and I found we saved a lot of money and we had very little waste each week, this is a tip shared by Jennifer on Facebook.


6/ Plan day’s out 

Look for offers and deal’s, be this a family trip to the zoo, a day at the beach or a weekend away, by planning in advance and shopping about and being flexible you can save a lot on days out. Even the cinema’s offer deals now so check them out.

7/ TV

Do you need sky or eir ? what do you watch? can you watch it online? do you have amazon prime? netflix? etc.. Do you need all the add on’s like multi-room viewing? are you paying for movies but can not remember the last time you watched them? are you paying for a package that was perfect for you 5 years ago but the way in which you watch tv has changed and maybe it is time for the way you pay for it to change also.

What if you love sky or eir? and you do not want to change? then phone them and see if they can offer you a better deal, I personally saved €15 per month for just making a 9 minute call. That is €180 each year! Make the call now and start saving today. They may offer you €5 off or 50% off, you will never know until you make the call.

8/ Car Insurance

In the last 24 months there is not a person in the land who has not been shocked by the rising cost of their motor insurance but you do not have to just accept the renewal quote. Before the quote arrives, 5-6 weeks before renewal start calling around, then call your current provider and let them know the type of quotes you are getting, make sure that these quotes include any added extra’s your current policy contains and they will always try to match this.

Another way to save on your policy is to add you spouse onto your policy as a named driver, they need never drive the car but by listing them you can save €100’s.

One other thing to make sure of is your occupation, this can make a massive difference to your policy quote, make sure you are in the right bracket, if you are working in an office buy you have listed sales, they may assume you are on the road sales, do not lie but make sure the occupation bracket you fall into is the correct one for you.

9/ Walk the small car journeys

Is your local shop within walking distance? can you walk the kids to school? Is there a car park 5 minutes from work that is much cheaper than the one outside the door?

Think about your journeys and if you can park in a cheaper car park and walk a few minutes, you save your health, you save on fuel and you save on parking costs.

Can you walk to the local shops? I mean how heavy is a loaf of bread? Put on a coat and enjoy the few minutes peace and quiet while you walk.

Equally walking your children to school has great benefits for you all, of coarse is you live in a non walk able area or you are too far away, then you can’t walk, but if you can why not try it for a while?

You have more time to chat about your surrounding, about their day after school, you get to exercise and you get quality time with your little ones, they grow up so far so all these moments are really very precious.


10/ Make sure that you are claiming the right Tax benefits

When was the last time you checked if you were claiming the correct benefits?

Did you have medical expenses from the last 3 years you have not submitted?

Check out revenue online to see exactly what you are entitled to.

11/ Turn the heating down 1 or 2 degrees 

Honestly this saves a lot, we have all become very used to being in warm environments but while at home watching TV in the middle of winter your home should not be so warm you are walking about in shorts and t shirts.

Sounds basic but wear a jumper, don’t be cold but do we really need to be melting?


12/ Reduce the number of mornings you purchase a coffer on the way to work

I would say this is not just about the morning coffee but also the lunch, plan and take what you can with you. A homemade soup, sandwich, salad, pie ect is much better for you and a lot more affordable, imaging saving just €5 per day , this is a massive €1,200 per year based on working 5 days per week for 48 weeks. That is the cost of a family sun holiday.

And one final tip, it came in on Facebook from Catherine, it is to have a present press, when you see great items on sale, buy them and pop them away for when you need a gift.


12 Money Saving Tips for 2017

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