2022 Happy New Year

Written by ClareWithTheHair

Hello! and Happy New Year! How is it 2022 already?. We have been extremely quiet on for sometime now and to be completely honest I am not 100% sure what will become of in the future. 2022 Happy New Year

The world of Blogging has changed so much in the past few years and my initial reason for starting this blog life was to have an outlet for all the things that I loved. I was working in an office that was very male heavy and I love all things beauty, fashion, food and so on so we had few things in common in the office but from day1 I feel 100% in love with blogging. I used to add content to this website daily and our reader numbers were crazy! At our peak we had over 3,000,000 website visitors.

However life got in the way and my life of blog was not a priority, I was in an extremely abusive relationship and my mental & physical health was suffering, making my essential daily tasks practically impossible, never mind my loved hobby.


Like I touched on above, Blogging is not what it used to be, Blogging is now a business move and a job for many but for me it was a hobby and a hobby I absolutely love! But I don’t know if people are still interested in Blogs?

Running the blog is time consuming (I adore being busy so not a problem) but it is also an expensive hobby, websites are not free etc etc etc… But if my OG readers are interested I will pump life back into

Please let me know your thoughts, what kind of content you might like, would you like more Irish companies featured, would you like me to get discounts for you, would you like help with meal plans, whatever you’d like, please let me know. 2022 Happy New Year

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