21 day Kick Start 2017 Plan Week 1

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21 day Kick Start 2017 Plan Week 1

On Friday I shared news of our new 21 day Kick Start 2017 Plan, starting today and running for the next three weeks, we are looking to really kick start our 2017. Here is the 21 day Kick Start 2017 Plan Week 1. Below is a full shopping list. A full 7 days meal plan and a full 7 day activity guide.

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Lets begin our 21 day Kick Start 2017 Plan Week 1 with the meal plan:


Here are some links to the recipes featured here: Click on the links to see the full recipe for each of these

Taco Potato

Use the leftovers of your Taco Potato Mince for the Taco Flat bread for lunch the following day, add slice some tomato, Crisp lettuce and left over sauce to make a delicious Left overs lunch.

Golden Lemon Pepper Chicken

Chicken Curry:

Next we move onto the Shopping List on our 21 day Kick Start 2016 Plan Week 1. I have not added store cupboard items, just the main ingredients. Many of you have asked for the shopping list to make life easier. Just open this up on your smartphone when in the supermarket, it is that simple. I have listed amounts based on 4, you can add or reduce depending on your family size.


Get some budget friendly active wear 

Take a look at some good options -> Here

Now onto the Activity Plan of our 21 day Kick Start 2017 Plan Week 1. We are keeping this easy enough as it is week one, we are all a little sluggish and we will be wrecked trying to get back into the daily routines that have gone to post over the Christmas. Please is you have any medical and or mobility concerns, consult with your GP before taken on any new activity challenges. This plan is based on a beginner to exercise and in good health.


So what are the 21 day Kick Start 2017 Plan Week 1 rules?.

Eat 3 main meals and 1 – 2 snacks EVERY day .

Drink lots of Water, if you drink no water right now then begin with 2 glasses a day, adding a glass each day until you are drinking 8 good glasses per day. You will be amazed how easy it is but do not go from none to 8 as you will fail.

Cut out all surgery drinks, diet, non diet, it does not matter, non of them are good for you.

Move EVERY day, a 20 minute power walk is a 100 times better than nothing, take up a spinning class, try Zumba, I will post lots of things you can do at home right here, so check in daily!

Ban Take out’s and as much processed foods as possible, no frozen chips, pizza’s, pies etc

Swap your cooking oil’s for coconut oil, trust me it is worth it.

Sit at the table with family for meals , it is good for your weight and your mind! If you can only manage one meal a day at the table then do it but if you can manage all at the weekends and 2 each day of the week then you will be doing amazing,

Over cook in the evening if you know you have a busy day to follow, pack and have the things you need on the go. This will stop you buying the bad options.

No Chocolate

No Booze

No Candy

No Cakes

No White Bread, Pasta, Rice, swap these for wholegrain

No Junk food at all.

It is just for 21 days, not a life time and after this Christmas I need a detox, I need to break my sugar habit and one too many glasses of wine.

I am here to help you along the way, so get in touch with with your questions. Need help with idea’s for activity, need help with recipes, If I can help, then I will. This is the 1st week of the new year. Lets make this our best one yet.

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  • Hi Clare I love your healthy eating tips and food plans, seriously trying to cut down on sugar and processed food for myself and the family. Do you still do the mailing list of your food plans? if so could you add me to your mailing list and would you be able to send me the food plans for 2016 from week 1? thanks so much.

  • Could you also add me to your mailing list? My biggest problem is ‘getting to grips’ with it mentally, as I’m under a great deal of pressure – and being too big doesn’t help!

    • Hi Deborah, I have added you to my mailing list now, keep an eye out for a confirmation email, if you do not see it soon, please check your spam/junk folder. I have also emailed you the back dated weeks so you. Any questions at all, please get in touch. x X Clare with the hair x

      • Hi

        Your plan sounds great, please could i be added to your mailing list and if i could have a copy of your weekly meal plans that would be great. Im so excited to start this x

        • Hi Katy, I have emailed you the weeks to date and I have added you to my mailing list, you will get a conformation email shortly, if however you do not see this, please check your spam/junk folder.

          • Hi Clare, you have inspired me to get a grip. Please can I have the back dated lists and menus and be added too. Thank you Tania X

    • Hi Roslyn, I have sent you an email there with all the links that you need. Thank you for getting in touch x Clare with the Hair x

  • Hi Claire , could you add me too to your mailing list. Could I also ask what the receipe is for the flat bread /or do you buy a particular one?

    • Hi Heather, Thank you for getting in touch, I have added you to my mailing list and I have sent you an email re flatbread, if you do not get the email or a conformation of your subscription to my mailing list, please check your spam/junk folder as it may arrive in there. x Clare with the Hair x

  • Hi Jst came across your weekly plans. Could you possibly email these to me please & add me to your mailing list. Always looking for inspiration & different things to cook. Meals sound yummy. Looking forward to trying them out. Xx

  • Hi care can I be added to your mailing list and have the back dated menus to date?

    I have been on slimming world many times and hopefully this will be the time I stick to it and change for the better lol.xx

  • Hi Clare. I love how you plan out and stick to it. Am not good at it at all.
    Please can you send me the link to your plan. I think it’s amazing. Xx

  • Hi Clare. Would you mind adding me to your mailing list please. And also if possible email your weekly plans to me please. Thanks so much.

  • Hi clare i really need help getting back on plan. I would be really grateful if you would add me to your mailing list and send me any back dated plans. Thanks

  • Hi Clare, Would really like a print out of your weekly plans, could you please email them to me? I’ve already subscribed to your mailing list! :-) Many thanks

  • Hi Claire,
    Please could you add me to your mailing list your 21 day kick start.
    Will greatly appreciate it.

  • 1 month to my sons confirmation. … I only want to drop half a dress size….. my dress is perfect just wanna flatten tummy totally…. nd want room in d dress for the meal. … going to start tomorrow. … had very bold weekend nd feel like crap…. thank you….

  • Hi Clare (with the hair),

    Could you please me add me to your mailing list as I seriously need a kick up the bum!!

  • Hi Claire , this is inspiring!! could you add me to your mailing list and send me weekly plans too.
    Thank you.

  • Hi Clare, could you please add me to you mailing list. I really need to get on the right track with my weight both physically and mentally, this is just what i need.

  • Hi Clare, Just found this site. I’d LOVE to be added to your list and if possible get any info I may have missed. I am currently in a knee brace as a result of a medial tibial stress fracture so I’ll need to keep reading your blog to stay motivated and not lose sight as we are headed to Cancun on June 6th! Thanks in advance!


    • Hi Janel, I wish you a speedy recovery with the knee and wow, Cancun is amazing, I went there in 2010 for 15 days and it was a holiday of a lifetime, 5* all the way, the service, the people, the luxury, oh it is amazing. I have tried there to add you to my mailing list but there seems to be a problem, so I have sent you an email. If you do not see this email in the next few moments then check your spam/junk folder as it may arrive in there. It is fab to have you on board and please get in touch when you return from Cancun, I want to know did you love it as much as me.

      • Thank you so very much for the reply! I did get your email and sent you an alternate email. Funny how I get tons of emails I don’t want but can’t simply register for the ones I do want!! I will most definitely let you know how our trip was…we are SO excited!! Thanks again :o)

  • Could you please add me to your mailing list please, and could you send me the weekly exercise and meal plans, this is just what I need to get started. Thank you.

    • Hi Stacy, I am having trouble adding you to my mailing list. I have sent you an email there, please check your junk/spam folder if you do not get this in the next few moments in your inbox

    • Hi Joanne, I have added you to my mailing list now so you will get the weekly updates. Thank you for getting in touch today

  • Dear Clare
    This looks a brilliant, easy to follow diet, esp for someone like me who doesn’t like cooking much!! Please would you add meeting your email list.
    Loveable name too

  • Hi Clare, can you add me to your mailing list and send me your meal and fitness plan as I have ran out of idea’s and need something to get me back on track for my holiday in 8 weeks. Thanks Elaine

  • Hi Claire i have signed up for your subscription. How can i get the back dated meal plans please think this would really help me. thxs x

  • Hi Clare,
    Could you add me to your mailing list please and send me any info/plans. Have 20lbs of pregnancy weight I really want gone. Starting to get me down.


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