21 day Kick Start 2017 Plan

Written by ClareWithTheHair

21 day Kick Start 2017 Plan

On Monday the 9th we begin a brand new 21 day Kick Start 2017 Plan. I had thought about starting on the 1st of January but I felt beginning the day after New years eve was not a great idea and with the house still filled with way too much junk food and many of us a little hungover I felt 1/2 of us would fail in the first few days. So we begin on  Monday and continue for 3 weeks. In this short time we will have changed many poor habits.



My 21 day Kick Start 2017 Plan is not going to be easy as we are cutting out a lot of what we all love but stick with it and you will feel so much better and a few lbs lighter come the end of January.

If you are on SW, WW and so on follow their rules and just add the activity.


So what are the rules: 

Eat 3 main meals and 1 – 2 snacks EVERY day .

Drink lots of Water, if you drink no water right now then begin with 2 glasses a day, adding a glass each day until you are drinking 8 good glasses per day.


Cut out all surgery drinks, diet, non diet, it does not matter, non of them are good for you.

Move EVERY day, a 20 minute power walk is a 100 times better than nothing, take up a spinning class, try Zumba, I will post lots of things you can do at home right here, so check in daily!

Ban Take out’s and as much processed foods as possible, no frozen chips, pizza’s, pies etc

Swap your cooking oil’s for coconut oil, trust me it is worth it.

Sit at the table with family for meals , it is good for your weight and your mind! If you can only manage one meal a day at the table then do it but if you can manage all at the weekends and 2 each day of the week then you will be doing amazing,

Over cook in the evening if you know you have a busy day to follow, pack and have the things you need on the go. This will stop you buying the bad options.

No Chocolate

No Booze

No Candy

No Cakes

No White Bread, Pasta, Rice, swap these for wholegrain

No Junk food at all.

It is just for 21 days, not a life time and after this Christmas I need a detox, I need to break my sugar habit and one too many glasses of wine.

Plan over the weekend, make a shopping list from the meal plans listed. Stick with this and you will feel so much better in 21 days from now.

I am here to help you, so any questions then please get in touch.


Clare’s 10 Minute Stir Fry


My 21 day Kick Start 2019 Plan begins on Monday the 9th,  it is 100% free to follow, I am here to offer you support and help you along the way. Lets make the next 21 days some of our proudest yet!. We can do this. And at the end of the month make plan’s to go out for a nice meal, buy a new dress or anything at all that you like to do to treat yourself.

21 day Kick Start 2016 Plan Week 2

<3 Clare with the Hair <3

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