21 day Kick Start Summmer 2017 Plan Week 2

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21 day Kick Start Summer 2017 Plan Week 2

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Kicking off on Monday the 16th January. I have to admit I am missing the sugar and feeling a little tired, but we will keep going, It is only for three weeks and then we carry on with our WW/SW plans. This is a super way to start your year. You will find after this that following a healthier eating plan and moving more will seem easier than ever before. So here goes our 21 day Kick Start Summer 2017 Plan Week 2. 

Once again I will begin with the Meal Plan, this has many idea’s and a lot of changes from last week, so now you have even more choice than last week and you can switch between them, as long as you are sticking to the rules it is fine to do so.


Here are some of the recipes that you will need this week:

Poached Salmon :

Home-Made Burger:

Hot & Spicy Taco Potato:

I will add the other recipes throughout the week.

Now onto the shopping list, once again I have not included many of the store cupboard item’s that most of us will have, This is also based on a family of four, add or subtract as you need to make this work for your family.


Now onto the toughest part for me in week one, the Activity Guide. Again as mentioned last week this is just a guide and always check with your GP before taken on any new activity challenge. This is a guide and you push yourself as little or as much as works for you.


I don’t know about all of you, but this Christmas goosed me, I am worn out from it. The over indulgence of food and wine has done me no favors and I hope after this tough three weeks, that we will all be feeling a lot better in ourselves.

Keep going, we are doing amazing things for ourselves.

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