21 day Kick Start Your Diet Plan Week 3

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21 day Kick Start Your Diet Plan Week 3

Here we are in the final run of our 21 day kick start plan, the last two weeks have actually gone pretty fast and for most of you, it has gone really well. You have reported big weight loss, you have told my that your energy levels have improved and you have told that you are loving the recipes and most of all, you are telling me that all your family is enjoying the foods and with the meal plans and shopping lists, you are finding you have little to no waste of foods each week. So here we go 21 day Kick Start Plan Week 3 . 


Here are some of the recipes that you will need for this plan:

Homemade Burger with Root Vegetable Chips 

Lemon Pepper Chicken 

How have the first two weeks gone for you?

Are you still with me? 21 day Kick Start Plan Week 3 is here. This week I added in some treats into the snacks, which breaks the 21 day rule but some of you have asked me to include some, just in case you need to cave, but if possible please do not have these just for the next seven days.

Thank you for following my 21 day kick start , we are all looking and feeling better, and if like me you are planning the summer holiday’s, then being that little bit lighter and having more energy will be amazing for this.

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If there is a recipe that you need, use the search facility on the top right of this site. If you have any questions that you can not find the answer to here, then please get in touch.

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