5 Frizz Free Summer Hair Tips

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5 Frizz Free Summer Hair Tips

You may want a Monica moment or you may want to check out my 5 Frizz Free Summer Hair Tips to have the locks looking sleek this summer.

If you opt for straight or curly hair frizz never ever looks good! never, so follow my 5 Frizz Free Summer Hair Tips so you can have glossy, gorgeous hair all summer long.

1/ When your hair is wet DO NOT drag a brush through it, use a brush specifically designed for de-tangling wet hair and gently brush from the ends to the root, NEVER start at the root and NEVER drag through the knots, gently tease them out. This applies to hair that is sea water, shower or pool wet, your hair when wet is weak and prone to splitting and breaking adding to the frizz so you must be as gentle as you can.

2/ Use a hair SPF in summer and always apply a heat protectant, the sun is heat and the sun will damage and age the hair, also altering any natural or added colors. We are all much better now at applying lashings of SPF to the body and face but we completely neglect the hair and especially the scalp, a burnt flaky scalp and dry hair will cause a of of frizz.


3/ When possible avoid added heat, try just blow-drying the roots and leaving the length to dry naturally, however when towel drying the hair, do not rub the towel over the hair or scalp, this will cause a lot breakage and again add to that frizz, instead just gently squeeze the hair between the towel.

4/ Condition, condition , condition some more .. Use a weekly treatment every week but especially in summer, the hair in exposed to salt water, heat, humidity, sweating and a lot more washing and it will need all the TLC to see it right.

5/ Avoid over washing, with the days being longer and when on the holidays you can nearly fit 3 days into one the temptation is to wash, wash, wash the hair but DON’T! Use a dry shampoo between washing.

These are my top 5 Frizz Free Summer Hair Tips so that your hair can look its best this Summer.


Here are some links to brushes, hair SPF, conditioners etc 

Brushes: Paddle Brush  , Tangle Teazer

Hair SFP: Malibu have this one

Heat Protection: Lee Stafford , UV Shield, gHD Heat Protection

Conditioning Treatment: My one and only Philip Kingsley 


5 Frizz Free Summer Hair Tips

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