Today September 1st 2014 on a bright Monday afternoon my life of Blog begins 🙂 Exciting times ahead I am sure. 

Just to begin with I would like to tell you a little about me.

I am a mother to two amazing young ladies , a wife to one incredible husband and owner of once of the cutest bundles of fluff I ever did see (our fur baby Honey) ((I will pop up pictures of the family + doggie shortly))

I would nearly (scratch that) I do annoy people with how positive I am, I feel very lucky and this makes me lucky 🙂

I work 4 days per week in the world of IT as a Marketing & New Business Manager, in addition to this I present a Radio show at Limerick City Community Radio http://www.limerickcitycommunityradio.org/ called “What’s Going On “https://www.facebook.com/pages/Whats-Going-On-with-me-Claire-McCarthy/1443353879281643 .. this show goes out at 2pm – 3.30pm each Friday and again at 4pm – 5.30pm each Saturday .. I am also part of the TV3’s Xpose Beauty Panel (all links to my appearances will be added) I am pretty active home wise and work wise but I love all I get to do and feel blessed for how things have panned out for me.

On this day I have also begun keeping a food diary & exercise diary which I will share with you all, no matter the results in time 🙂 No pressure on me sure 🙂

I have loads of beauty products I have been testing that I want to share with you, I will run many competitions and I will also run a problem section where I invite people to send me their questions (styling , beauty, hair, fitness, food) and I will do my best to get you the answers.

I guess this Blog will be like an online magazine with my own personal journeys thrown in for good measure.

My life detailed above is pretty incredible but over the coming weeks I will share with you the personal journey I have taken to became the lady I am today, it has been somewhat of a roller-coaster but one I am delighted I lived because it have given me the drive , determination and gratitude I have today and I hope by sharing this story with you that someone who is at the beginning of where I was all those years ago will see there is always something worth driving on for.

Thank you for reading you FABULOUS people

♥Claire With The Hair McCarthy♥


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