Adjusting to life with Adult Braces

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Adjusting to life with Adult Braces

So here we are 1 1/2 weeks into my braces journey and so far Adjusting to life with Adult Braces has been tough enough, not because of the discomfort, the raw inside of my mouth but because I have been so limited on the foods I can enjoy.

I love food and this weekend gone saw a great big truck food fair roll into Limerick, this was 60 trucks serving melted chocolate, fresh pizza, massive bbq hotdogs, lobster rolls and more. I should have gone every day for the four days the fair was there and each day I should have eaten so much someone would have had to roll me home! but I settled for two visits and took people with me to order all the food and I had a little nibble of everyone’s.

Cleaning my teeth seems ok so far, I have a little bit of sensitivity on my top right but I am managing the brushing, flossing and checking no food it hanging on a brace all the time pretty well.

One and 1/2 weeks in I am still on a soft diet, as chewing is a no go. So what am I actually eating?

I am eating anything I can mush up, or I can chop in pea sized amounts and I squish this on the roof of my mouth.

Sounds grim and it is but it is actually not all bad and I think I am already seeing movement so this is my motivation to keep going.

I have about 912 days of wearing braces and I am currently 11 days into my journey , so I have only 901 to go.. sure it will fly by!

Here is last weeks and this weeks image


Top image is last week, bottom is this week, can you see a difference?

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