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Avoid These 4 Things If You Want To Lose Weight

Written by ClareWithTheHair

Avoid These 4 Things If You Want To Lose Weight

Everyone always tells you what you should be eating and drinking to lose weight. But, no one tells you what you need to stay clear of. So, I’ve come up with four things you must avoid:



For years, people have thought that you can’t go wrong with healthy salad and some mayo as dressing. While the salad itself is healthy, unfortunately, mayonnaise isn’t. If you’re ever seen someone make mayonnaise, you’ll know it’s pretty much just fat. It’s a mixture of oil and egg yolks. Two things that are very high in fat content. When you squeeze a load of it on your salads, you’re making them a lot less healthy. Eating foods high in fat will ultimately make you gain weight. If you have serious mayo cravings, try and find a low-fat version and use it in moderation.



Fast Food

I know, I know, how can you avoid fast food when it tastes so good? Well, the reason it tastes so good is because it’s full of loads of fatty rubbish and, usually, deep fried. It may taste good at the time, but stuffing your face full of burgers and greasy pizzas won’t help you lose weight. In fact, it will do the complete opposite. Regularly eating fast food will lead to a dramatic increase in your body fat percentage. Instead of dropping down a few dress sizes, you’ll be moving in the other direction. Cut down on your fast food eating and you’ll stand more chance of losing weight. After all, healthy food tastes good too! You just need to know the right meals to cook.



Now, I know some of you may enjoy going out and living the party lifestyle. You’re young and free, if you don’t do it now then when will you get the chance? However, you can’t live the life of a rockstar and also look like a fitness model. It just won’t work. Alcohol is full of calories and bad stuff that will only make you gain weight. The biggest problem is that many people drink so much of it, they spiral out of control. Sanford House state that if you’re drinking more than you intend to, you’re probably addicted. Drinking too much alcohol will help you pile on the pounds and won’t help you look lean and fit.



Yes, you read that right! Crackers make my list because they’re a pointless little snack. If you look at the nutritional content of some plain crackers, you’ll see it’s pure carbs. There’s nothing wrong with carbs; you do need some in your diet! But, if you eat something that only contains carbs, it’s not going to satisfy your hunger. Nutritional experts have found that eating crackers will end up making you more hungry and lower your blood sugar. If you need a snack, make sure you get something with a mixture of nutrients in. You want a bit of protein, fiber, all that good stuff. Eating foods with a mix of things – including some carbs- will help control your hunger pains.

And that brings me to the end of  this: Avoid These 4 Things If You Want To Lose Weight post. Now you know some things to stay clear of if you want to lose weight!

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