Bad Nail Technician – What you need to watch out for

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Bad Nail Technician – What you need to watch out for

When choosing a nail technician please make sure that they are fully trained, it seems everyone is a nail technician right now and this is not the case.

Check their social channels, do their clients cuticles look red, sore, cracked, raw? this is a strong indication that this technician is causing damage and a lot of pain for their clients.

Make sure that your nail technician does not file your own nail bed too thin, this will damage your nails and can cause pain.

Have a look around, is the salon clean, tidy and do the products look like salon quality products.

If it seems very cheap and too good to be true, then it probably is too good to be true.

I have found a wonderful nail technician and below are some of her designs, some summer inspiration if you like and her details.


This is not a paid post, an ad, not sponsored in any way, I have been going to UV nails for a while now and I discovered Ultra Violet Nails through recommendations and I have paid full price on each visit to the salon.

I love gel nails but with work wearing them wasn’t always practical, however Ultra Violet nails changed this, they have created my most perfect length, that never catches on anything and feels incredibly comfortable.


Today I am sharing some of the most recent designs they applied to my nails and maybe this will give you some inspiration for your summer nails.

You can check out Ultra Violet Nails on Instagram ave.uv or Facebook UltraViolet – Nail Specialist

Appointments available in Limerick and Shannon

Bad Nail Technician – What you need to watch out for


Summer Nails with Ultra Violet

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