Beauty Blog Awards Ireland

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Beauty Blog Awards Ireland

It is the Beauty Blog Awards Ireland time of year and for anyone following my little life of blog for some time, you will know Clare with the Hair made the finals in 2015, 2016 and now we are longlisted for 2017 but to make it we need your votes!

If I make the finals follow all the behind the scenes from the awards on the night on snapchat – bloggerclarewth

I was not going to enter any awards this year, I found the whole process in previous years draining and I was not too excited by the idea of entering any awards ever again.

However I became nominated in the UK Blog Awards again this year and I made it to the top 8 in Fashion and Beauty, I can not tell you how amazing it was to get so far considering the size of the blogging pot so to speak in the UK and this again was my 3rd year, we make the finals in 2015 & 2016 too.


By the time the Beauty Blog Awards came around last year I had been to many awards as a finalist including

  • Bloggers Choice Awards
  • Irish Blog Awards
  • UK Blog Awards
  • Beauty Blog Awards

I even won Bronze in Lifestyle at the Irish Blog Awards in 2016 but I was jaded from it and I felt sometimes the process of choosing the winner was a little unclear. I remember one awards evening where someone won, the best in the country in a category with some many of my blogging idols and the winner (halfway through the year)had not one single blog post for the category she won in! and just two for the previous year. So things like this left me a tad deflated.


Now I find myself nominated again in the Beauty blog awards and I need votes to make the final and I am thrilled that people who follow Clare with the Hair nominated me and I am now longlisted in Best Design, Lifestyle and Beauty. The design one really excites me because the current Clare with the Hair design began on sheets of paper, no ruler, no fancy markers, just blank paper and a pen. These are the actual sheets below


I also love the other two categories, I created Clare with the Hair to be more of an online magazine, a place you could get recipes, follow my travels, enjoy my love of skincare, beauty and fashion and most of all a place you would get to be part of, with your idea’s, suggestions and features.

I never asked to be nominated, I never expected to be nominated but now I am I would love to make the finals of the Beauty Blog Awards 2017.

The Irish Beauty Blog Awards are my no1 favourite awards and the one I refuse to miss, it is a spectacular evening with the country’s finest bloggers, organised insanely well, and from the moment you arrive you can not help buy have the time of your life. I love it.


So VOTES VOTES VOTES we nearly forgot about them! They have made casting them so easy peasy with no email needed, no dob, your income etc etc etc just who you like and press nominate.

Here is the link to the voting page

I am nominated in

  • Best Blog (category A)
  • Best Lifestyle (category E)
  • Best Beauty (category K)
  • I really would love to make the finals but I need votes to get there. You can vote right HERE


Beauty Blog Awards Ireland


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