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Radiance Beauty Expert Collection

Ladies I have the beauty bargain of 2016 right here right now. This is THE BEAUTY EXPERT COLLECTION with 6 luxury beauty products contained in a very chic vanity case, normally this collection would cost you an eye watering €244.95 but for a limited time you can bag The Beauty Expert Collection right HERE for €58.45 , making you a saving of €186.50!.

With just over 10 weeks to Christmas this would make the perfect gift for yourself, your mum, your aunt, your grandmother. It is a really wow beauty collection yet it has only cost you €58.45 .  Buy the collect right HERE Lets look at the 6 leading luxury items in this collection.


Buy the collect right HERE


With just over 10 weeks to Christmas this would make the perfect gift for yourself, your mum, your aunt, your grandmother. It is a really wow beauty collection yet it has only cost you €58.45 .

Buy the collect right HERE

Lets look at the 6 leading luxury items in this collection.

Alpha-H Liquid Gold (Buy HERE) 100ml

You who follow me on Snapchat (username BloggerClareWTH) know just how much I love this product, Over the years I have suffered skin damage from the sun, this is in the form of pigmentation on my face, this summer it was at its worst and I searched hi and low to find a remedy and after much research I knew Alpha-H Liquid Gold was the only product to try, and try I did, I applied it to clean skin every second night for one month and today I am 100% free from the pigmentation that had me wearing a full face of make up daily to try and cover it up, I am now not wearing any foundation for work or during the day and my skin has never been so fresh and clear. This is my magic elixer. This overnight treatment harnesses glycolic and hydroxyl acids to melt away dead skin cells, revealing the healthy ‘new’ skin cells beneath. The deeply penetrating formula works hard to tighten enlarged pores, jump-start the skins metabolism and deliver a visibly lighter, clearer complexion.


Jo Hansford Expert Colour Care Intensive Masque (Buy HERE) 150ml

As I age I have noticed that the texture of my hair has become coarser and harder to manage plus I am having to keep the grey’s at bay so I turn to really high quality hair masques and this one from Jo Hansford is exceptional to say the least, it is the reason I can still wear waist lenght hair and it is the reason I don’t need as many trims because I have no split ends. Inject instant shine into hair with this intensive masque for lustrous and shiny locks. Bursting with a blend of natural ingredients from the Amazon rainforest, it’s gentle enough to use daily whilst still protecting colour treated hair.

Dr Hauschka Hydrating Hand Cream (Buy Here) 100ml

Dr Hauschka is a brand everyone knows about but not one everyone has tried, it is a brand that takes skincare to a whole other level and it really preforms. Their Hydrating hand cream nourish dry, rough, hard-working hands with this sumptuous hand cream. Formulated with regenerative Byrophyllum plant, the cream supports the skin’s natural renewal process whilst soothing and protecting it from cold, dry, harsh conditions.


Gatineau Perfect Design Revolumising Lip Care (Buy Here) 10ml

I love Gatineau, I first discovered the brand 15+ years ago and if you have yet to try it this collection gives you the perfect opportunity to try it. We are looking for fuller , more plump lips, having them is very youthful but without fillers and such like we have few options, the high street is full of “lip plumping” products but do they work? not that I have found, however I have yet to try a Gatineau product that I did not love, this is a brand used by professionals the world over, it is not a grade of product typically seen in home care items, so try it, this is a natural alternative to filling techniques, this powerful lip balm dramatically plumps and fills your pout for a more defined appearance. Rich in nourishing ingredients, such as shea butter and lavender extract, the exquisite formula soothes and softens, whilst strengthening the lips protective barrier and repairing damaged lips.

Ingenious Beauty Ultimate Collagen Supplements (Buy HERE) 120 capsules 

I often say, did you ever see wrinkles on a balloon? well the answer is no because we plump it out and this is exactly the effect we are looking for with our skin, Replenish your body’s collagen and hyaluronic acid with this ground-breaking natural beauty supplement. Bursting with a number of restorative qualities, the capsules’ Marine Collagen Peptide repairs the skins structure, ultimately reducing wrinkles and locking in moisture to ensure elasticity.


Zelens Micro-Refiner Bi-Active Exfoliator (Buy HERE) 50ml

There is no point applying expensive creams if you have failed to exfoliate. This renewing, refining and moisturising exfoliator instantly buffs and renews skin without stripping away essential oils. The powerful cocktail of enzymatic exfoliation and silica beads have the effect of microdermabrasion on the skin, effectively removing dead cells from the surface, revealing a smooth, polished complexion.

Erno Laszlo Firmarine Eye Serum (Buy Here) 

I have been using eye serum since my mid 20’s and I could not be without it, your eyes don’t produce oils in the same way the skin on the rest of your face does, the skin is very fine and it is the area most of us will see the sigh=ns of aging first, so look after this area with great skincare and with the Erno Laszlo Firmarine Eye Serum you are giving yourself the best chance of delaying the aging effect to your eye area. The gentle, weightless serum harnesses potent plant and marine extracts to calm and de-puff the delicate area around your eyes. Boasting a blend of nutrient-rich bioactives such as high-powered algae extract, which works to boost collagen and help tighten the skin from the inside out.




Buy yours right HERE


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