Bloggers Rule

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Bloggers Rule 

We all know that Blogging has really taken off with many of us getting 1,000’s of hits each day on our sites. Many of us have a loyal and growing following and many of us are now a trusted point of advise for our readers. So this survey is of no great surprise to me but it may shock some of you. Bottom line Bloggers Rule!. 


With over 350 active Beauty Bloggers we have a very strong Blog and very good blog culture.

Bloggers rule!. and are overtaking celebrities as source of beauty inspiration for ladies and gents across the land. This is according to new research by market analyst Mintel.
While 70% of social media, blog and vlog (video blog) users access beauty content, only 8% express an interest in images of celebrities and the beauty products they use, Mintel found.
Meanwhile, as many as 17% have made purchasing decisions based on product recommendations by beauty bloggers, a figure rising to 35% for women aged 16-24.

Charlotte Libby, senior beauty analyst at Mintel, said: “The fact that such a small number of beauty and personal care social media users are interested in celebrities using beauty products is reflective of a wider trend of consumers placing a low level of trust in advertising and celebrity-endorsed products.”
Accessing beauty online is not a phenomenon restricted to women. Mintel reports that 65% of male blog, vlog and social media users had viewed online beauty content in the six months preceding the report.

The report also reinforces the importance of the selfie, revealing that 25% of beauty consumers on social media had posted a product-related selfie. This number increase to 41% among women in the 16-24 age group.
Highlighting a link between beauty selfies and giveaways, Mintel found that 66% of those who have posted a product-related selfie would be interested in receiving free products from brands.


Who are your favorite Beauty Bloggers? Do you think Bloggers Rule?. Have you a favorite Fashion Blogger?. What about Food Bloggers?

Bloggers Rule!. 

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