Get Serious with Charlotte Tilbury Skin Care

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Get Serious with Charlotte Tilbury Skin Care

Discover the skin care secrets of the stars…


I received this Charlotte Tilbury Red Carpet Skin travel kit for Christmas 2015 and today I am telling you all about my hero items from this colletion. The kit costs €78 and consists of 6 products:

  • The travel Goddess Skin Clay Mask tube 15ml
  • The travel Multi Miracle Glow tube 15ml
  • The travel Magic Cream pot 15ml
  • The travel Wonderglow tube 15ml
  • The travel Supermodel Body tube 15ml
  • The travel Take It All Off tube 15ml


The Goddess Skin Clay Mask is packed with Bio-Nymph Peptide, Mediterranean Clay and Sweet Almond Oil. This mask is fantastic if you want bright looking baby soft skin, my skin felt amazing after using this and I was left with really bright glowing skin. This is definitively one of my favorite products from Charlottes skin care collection.


The Multi Miracle Glow really is a miracle is you have dry skin, it can be used as a deep cleansing face balm, an over night mask or a fantastic sos moisturizer for your cuticles, heels, elbows, shins, pretty much anywhere you need smooth soft glowing skin. This isn’t a product you would need to use very often because of how rich it is so the 15ml tube you get in this set is great but I personal wouldn’t need to buy the full size 100ml pot of this.


The Magic Cream is another one of my favorites for the kit. I use it every day and I honestly don’t know what I did with out it, It is definitely one of my favorite moisturizers I’ve ever used. I have very combination skin and it just seems to balance it out and hydrate it perfectly for me. It makes putting on my makeup so much easier. I so wish I didn’t love this product as much as I do because the full size is €90 and I know I’ll have to buy again and again.


I will repeat purchase 3 of the 6 items in this collection, but without the collection, these individually would have been a lot more money to try, so getting a collection such as this, allows you to try many items before you commit to one.


Get Serious with Charlotte Tilbury Skin Care , this is not cheap but this is amazing skincare and if you have an event coming up, then try this collection  and enjoy the benefits of amazing Red Carpet Skin thanks to Charlotte Tilbury skin care.

This post was created by Ellen Mullins

If you would like to buy some of this super skincare then head online to Charlotte Tilbury

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