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Clare with the Hair Magazine

Clare with the Hair Magazine is a weekly round up of all that goes on at Clare with the hair . Just 7 days into 2016 and it feels like I never left the office. Anyone else feel like this? Although my sluggish body, messed up sleep pattern, swollen wine/chocolate belly and skin in need of some serious TLC would tell you other wise. Yes I did have a very enjoyable Christmas and I hope that you did too.

Clare with the Hair covered many topics this week, Food, Fitness, Fashion, Beauty and celebrity gossip, here are all the links to all the stories we shared this week.

Did you check out our Shop the Sales post? if not there is no time like now to grab some of the last bits of the January Sales


Buy a dress a size down and stay focused with my 20 Day Kick Start 2016 plan


Or what about all you Brides to Be? lets take care of your Skin and get you Bride glowing ready with my tip top tips 


OMG and possibly one of the highlights of 2016 so far!! the news that Ellie Goulding collaboration with M.A.C launched, have you see it yes? If not click HERE to have a peek a boo 


Now lets be honest, it is all well and good having AMAZING make up, but if you don’t take care of that post Christmas, problem skin then no make up will look good on it, this is why I shared with you this super brand Green Angel Irish Skincare, you want glowing, clear and radiant skin? then shop this brand now!


Guns and Roses are back!!! Oh yest they are.. who’s excited 



CBBUK 2016 Kicked Off with these 16 “celebrities”



As per I have recipes to share: 



The final public voting is currently taken place for the NTA’s, vote and see the winners predictions:



Clare with the Hair is shortlisted for a few National UK Blog Awards 


A little piece I wrote is featured with Veet.Co.Uk


The 1st of our 3 week meal plans went live


Week two’s is also here to see:


For 7 days in that is a lot of posting and tonnes for you to read. If you have idea’s and suggestions for Clare with the hair magazine then please do get in touch. I love getting all your fabulous emails.

Until next weeks round up! enjoy!

<3 Clare with the Hair <3 

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