Clare’s Cheesy Stuffed Burgers

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Clare’s Cheesy Stuffed Burgers

Clare with the Hair is absolutely thrilled to be taken part in the years Dubliner Cheese Challenge and the challenge for me was to make a dish that the whole family would love this summer using cheese as a featured ingredient. Well for all of you who follow my recipes here on Clare with the Hair you know this is hardly a challenge for me as Dubliner cheese and family foods both feature very heavily in my recipe portfolio. With the sun heating up why not take these outside and really impress with these cheesy delights on the BBQ.

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Serves 4

Preparation 30 minutes

Total time 50 minutes



For the burgers

100g Dubliner Original Red Cheddar Cheese

450g of lean beef but not the ultra lean, aim for 10% fat content

1 large egg

salt and pepper

1 Medium Onion grated

Handful of fresh chopped parsley

#DublinerChallenge #dublinerchallenge #dublinerchallenge

Burger Fillings

Sliced Onion

Sliced Beef Tomato

Rocket Leaves

100g Dubliner Original Red Cheddar Cheese


1 – 4-5 Cornichons, 2 tbs capers and 2 tbs lighter than light mayo, splash of the cornichon vinegar

2 – 1 tbs Mustard, 3 tbs plain Greek yogurt, 1tbs chopped parsley, pinch of salt

3 – 2 tbs Tomato relish, 4 tbs light mayo and 1 tbs chopped chives

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1/ Place the minced beef, egg, salt, pepper, grated onion and chopped parsley in a large bowl and mix well.

2/ Take handful’s of the mince mixture and mold into share as in the video below, place a chunk of Dubliner Original Cheese in the center and keep molding the mince until this the cheese is enclosed in the center.

3/ Repeat until all burgers are made and place on a plate and pop in the fridge to set a little while you prepare the sauces and burger filling.

4/ Once allowed to settle in the fridge for 20-13 minutes remove and place in a hot oven on a lined baking tray and cook for 18-15 minutes depending on how thick you have these or alternatively cook on the BBQ until cooked through.

5/ 2-3 minutes before fully cooked add a slice of Dubliner Original Red Cheddar Cheese to the top of each of the burgers and allow to melt as you finish cooking


Burger Sauces

A: for sauce 1 – Chop your cornichons and capers, mix with the lighter than light mayo and vinegar

B: for sauce 2 – Mix the mustard, yogurt, parsley and salt

C: for sauce 3 – Chop your chives as finely as you can, add this to the relish and mayo and mix well

Choose between these sauces or add all three.

I opted for a few different style of burger buns, for a truly decedent burger use a real buttery brioche, for a healthier alternative then why not try a multi seed bun or if you want to be extra good why not go bun-less and wrap your cheesy stuffed burger in crisp iceberg lettuce  


Why not try Clare’s Cheesy Stuffed Burgers in mini versions for parties and BBQ’s. I tend to batch make things like this and pop them in the freezer until I need them. Make the burgers to the point of placing to set in the fridge and they are good to freeze. I do not cook the onion as when you grate it, it will melt into the burger anyway and you don’t have to worry about waiting for the onions to cool down prior to adding to the meat.

Serve these on there own, with a slaw or with some delicious home made chips!


<3 Clare with the Hair <3 

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