Ed Sheeran Tickets are how much?

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Ed Sheeran Tickets are how much?

Are you planning on snapping up some Ed Sheeran tickets this Saturday morning? then this will tell you all that you need to know. Ed Sheeran Tickets are how much? the rules around buying (they are strict), the best tips and tricks to bag your tickets and how many each person can buy.




What time do Ed Sheeran tickets go on sale?

  • In Ireland the Ed Sheeran tickets for his massive 7 nights in Ireland goes on sale at 9am Saturday the 8th July 2017.

How much are Ed Sheeran Tickets?

How many Ed Sheeran can I buy?

What are the strict rules on buying and selling Ed Sheeran tickets.

  • Only the ticket purchaser can attend the gig
  • If you buy the tickets you must bring the card you purchased with and photo id with you
  • Only 4 tickets are allowed per person
  • No third party buying or selling of tickets
  • See full list of rules HERE


Tips to get your Ed Sheeran Tickets:

  1. Register for a Ticket master account HERE
  2. Have your name, billing details and address already saved
  3. Only open up one Ticketmaster page per devise (ipad, phone, laptop etc)
  4. Do not refresh the page, you will be in a cue and if you re fresh you go back to the start
  5. Have your plan A, B and C decided, if Dublin is your 1st choice know what your 2nd and 3rd choice will be.
  6. Do not buy tickets from 3rd part sellers as you will not be allowed entry
  7. See the full list of T&C’s HERE
Ticket limits


Please adhere to published ticket limits. Persons who exceed the ticket limit may have any or all of their order(s) and tickets cancelled without prior notice by Ticketmaster in its discretion. This includes: orders associated with the same name, e-mail address, billing address, credit card number or other information.

Buy your Ed Sheeran Tickets HERE

Ed Sheeran Tickets are how much?

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