Elemis Pro Collagen Energise and Hydrate Collection

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Over the last couple of weeks, I have been testing the Elemis Pro Collagen Energise and Hydrate Collection . Those of you who have followed me on for some time now will know that I am a massive fan of all the Elemis products. With one exception to their entire range and that is the Super food collection for some reason that never agreed with me. I was so excited to receive it and when I put it to the test it was the one Elemis collection that I just couldn’t get on with.

However, over the last few weeks while trailing the Elemis Pro Collagen Energise and Hydrate Collection , I have a whole new love for fragrance within the pro collagen marine cream. pro collagen marine cream from Elemis is one of the bestselling moisturisers in the world and I know why because it is incredible and it does exactly what it’s meant to do and it seems to suit nearly every skin type.

Within the collection, there are four fabulous Elemis products and these are:

  1. pro collagen energising marine cream
  2. pro collagen tri acid peel
  3. pro collagen advanced eye treatment
  4. pro collagen oxygenation night cream

Let’s start at the beginning with the cleanser this is the pro collagen energising marine cleanser, the first thing to say about this cleanser is that even though it is a foam or a wash style cleanser it is non-drying non tightening but gives you a super clean finish. The other thing to note about this cleanser is that it smells very like the pro collagen marine cream which is well which makes it such a joy to use. for those of you have been following me for a while you will know that I’m a massive fan of the oil cleansers the bomb style cleanses and you know cream cleansers I’m OK with but I haven’t spoken much about wash style cleansers cause they’re just not my absolute favourite I find it could be a bit tight big drying if I’m anyways sensitive they can kind of aggravated but I have to say very pleasantly surprised with the pro collagen energising marine cleanser because this has done none of that, it hasn’t aggravated any sensitive areas it hasn’t caused any dryness as a second wash so if you’re doing like a double cleanse after wearing a lot of makeup or you know if you’ve been a lot of pollution for the day the pro collagen cleanser is absolutely brilliant as a second cancer but equally it’s fantastic as a standalone cleanser and lovely in the morning you know when you want that wash that wake up feel it’s really super then.


Moving on to the pro collagen try acid peel now I know there are plenty of people out there that are still very much afraid of the word acid in skin care, it fills them with fear. They see those visions from old movies where somebody would go and get a chemical peel and then they come out and their face would be bright red, looking looks like they’d been put through I don’t know a furnace for like half an hour and it just didn’t look pleasant so it put some people off and it still feels some with that same kind of fear. Thankfully the assets that use at home are not nearly as severe as anything like that and you can’t really go wrong with them. The pro collagen try acid peel is a very very gentle peel but as with all peels and as with all assets and actually as with all new skin care you should ideally do a Patch test first. How are use the try acid peel is I cleanse my skin first I dry my skin and then I just apply the try acid peel to my entire face neck and equality area and I leave of her bout it says maybe 15 minutes I sometimes leave it for a few minutes more than that but no more than 20 minutes I would say and then remove it warm water now it is quite normal to get a tingling sensation or a little bit of redness put you by know means should be in pain and you definitely shouldn’t be bright red. I have been using the peel about twice a week now for the last four to five weeks and I definitely see the benefits the date kind of skin that was there has all been lifted and there’s a newer kind of more youthful brighter skin appearing which is exactly what we all want.


The next product I’m moving on to is the pro collagen advanced eye treatment. I think elements were probably one of the first brands I ever got an eye cream from or an eye treatment from got way back I’m going to say as early as the late 90s so very long time ago. My mum always believed in us having access to great skin care, so at Christmas or birthdays or special occasions she would treat us to collections of skin care and we used to use a lot of Molton Brown but then like I said the late 90s we kind of moved to elements and it’s been a firm favourite ever since. The pro collagen advanced eye treatment is something that I have used before I’ve used it more than once before so this will be my third 4th time maybe using it and I find it so lovely to use in the daytime , the reason I love to use this in the daytime as opposed to one of my other eye treatments is because it’s so lightweight it’s a gel like a really light liquid gel texture , and you take 1 two drops on during finger and you lightly passionate around the eye contour you can use it in the evening and I do use it in the evening but during the day the reason why I really like to use it is because it’s soaks in there’s no residue left on the skin so if I’m applying makeup it doesn’t it doesn’t slip it doesn’t slide it stays intact. I think the pro collagen advanced eye treatment is a really super one to get people using an eye treatment because sometimes people worry about and I cream being too heavy and too greasy. It’s got a gorgeous lightweight texture it soaks in very very quickly but you definitely notice the improvement on those fine lines and wrinkles around the eye contour area. I begun using eye treatments way back more than 20 years I’d say 25 years ago at this stage and while at the beginning I didn’t see huge benefit in them because I just didn’t have those little lines and wrinkles I definitely do see the benefit in them today and I have been using the elements pro collagen advanced eye treatment for the last number of weeks and I’m very happy with the results.


Elemis Pro Collagen Energise and Hydrate Collection

Now to talk about the 4th and final piece within the collection is the pro collagen oxygenating night cream. Now I’m going to level with you I am really really good at the cleansing I’m really good at my toning I’m really good at my moisturising I am even good with my oils and my serums but the one thing I am very very bad with is an night treatment well not a night treatment but more a night cream I am very good with things like Alpha H Liquid Gold night treatment and my oil night treatments but a night cream I am very very bad. Untill recently I felt the cream that I was using in the morning time was absolutely fine to be using at night time and actually only till maybe 18 months ago it was enough, but I’m finding as I’m moving further into my 40s and you know you can only  slow down that aging process for so long, I am noticing that my skin is that little bit more dehydrated than it was in my 20s and in my 30s and I’m finding I do need to use the night cream and I do see the benefits of a night cream. So if you’re somebody like me who’s always been really really good with your skin care but you found recently that something isn’t quite right or it’s little bit more dehydrated because you were getting that little bit older, then maybe try and introduce the night cream if you’re not already using one because I’m definitely seeing the benefits of it and it’s very simple you know either pick up the day cream or pick up the night cream it doesn’t matter which one you’re using you know what I mean you’re still going through the process you’re still doing that step so it’s not an additional step is just taking out the day cream at night time and using the night time screen.


Needless to say I am a very big Elemis skin care fan. The pro collagen energise and hydrate collection has definitely not failed to impress and using such great skin care for so many years I have very high expectations so for them to be able to keep on fulfilling those expectations that is just unbelievable.

It is never too late to start a good skin care regime, and I cannot recommend a brand like Elemis more, but if this is out of your price range because let’s face it, it is on the more luxury end of the scale when it comes to skin care, there are many many other brands on the market, many more affordable that are absolutely brilliant at what they do and you will get great great results from.


If you try the pro collagen energise and hydrate height collection I’d love to know your thoughts, let me know do you feel as good as I do about it, do you think it is living up to those high expectations that we now have from a brand like Elemis and have you seen wonderful results as I have?

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Elemis Pro Collagen Energise and Hydrate Collection

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