Is this the End of Make up Artists as we know them?

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Is this the End of Make up Artists as we know them?

Today Make-up printer Contour 8000 announces launch and this got us thinking: Is this the End of Make up Artists as we know them?

A make up printer sounds pretty far fetched but Contour 8000 are bring it to life.


The worlds first make-up printer, Contour 8000 has announced its launch. The printer is a precision engineered device that will apply make-up in 30 seconds. Using electrostatic spray disposition combined with biometric data, the Contour 8000 creates a finish which is accurate within 1000th of a millimetre. There will be a range of looks to choose from on the accompanying app, which connects to the printer via Wi-Fi. The printer comes with pre-packed, easy to fit make-up cartridges.

Watch the Video HERE

Each make-up look is pre-packed into a cartridge which allows for up to 10 applications. The cartridges contain powder-based products which include foundation, contour, highlighter, eyeshadow and even brow powder, leaving users to apply their own lipstick and mascara.


Choose your look

Download the Contour 8000 app and you’ll have access to a variety of make-up styles, from chilled-out day looks to full-on Saturday night glam. Once you’ve connected your phone to the Contour 8000 through WiFi, you’re just 30 seconds away from make-up perfection!


 Contouring looks flawless!
Winged eyeliner is perfect!
All make-up is accurate to within 1000th of a millimetre!

The exact release date and stockist information of the Contour 8000 is to be confirmed. The Contour 8000 is set to be priced at £800, with cartridges priced at £25 each. A starter kit will be available for those who choose to sign up to the mailing list, containing three cartridges of their choice for £50.

It’s simple

All you have to do is choose your look – the make-up comes pre-packed in handy cartridges
It’s accurate!
Electrostatic spray disposition technology combines with biometric data for a meticulous finish
It’s fast!
Once you’ve pressed print and lowered your face into position, the make-up is printed in 30 seconds!

Check it out HERE

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Is this the End of Make up Artists as we know them?

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