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My February Netflix recommendation and review

crazy ex girlfriend
Written by ClareWithTheHair

My February Netflix recommendation and review is…


crazy ex girlfriend review


My February Netflix recommendation and review is Crazy Ex Girlfriend and you can watch it on Netflix now, Season two has just ended so you can binge watch it until your heart’s content. If you do end up watching it all in a few days, don’t worry because the show has been renewed for a third season. This has to be one of my favorite shows ever! If you want to know a bit about it or need a little bit of convincing to watch it then keep reading;

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is an engaging and hilarious musical tv show, set in California. The main character, Rebecca Bunch (played by Rachel Bloom) is a hard working, intelligent lawyer living in New York who is suffering from ongoing mental health issues. She is determined to find happiness in a former boyfriend, thinking that if they get together all of her problems will disappear. It’s a crazy journey of obsessive love, friendship, the life of a modern woman and the hope of a happy ending.

Despite the title of the show and Rebecca’s obsession with having a romantic happy ending with her ex, the show is actually more of an anti-romcom. The friends that Rebecca makes as the show progresses become like her family. CEG is filled with incredibly lovable and endearing characters, however they all still have very relatable human flaws. Every character you meet in the show, if you don’t fall in love with them immediately, you will as you get to know them more.

Aside from the addictive storyline and brilliant characters, the show is also filled with incredibly well produced musical numbers. Whether you are a fan of musical theater or not you will still love this show. Each music number fits into all different musical genres, ranging from pop, rock, show tunes and even disco. This amazing show has also won many prestigious awards, including a Golden Globe.

On top of being hilarious, CEG is unapologetically honest about taboo topic such as mental health, broken families, bisexuality, sexim and many other topics that don’t get spoken about enough on tv. The show also has some surprisingly emotional and heartwarming moments. Even though the story of an obsessed woman trying to win a man seems like a terrible and overdone plot, there is truly so much more to it and nothing on television right now like this.

Not only has this show progressed intelligently beyond its pilot episode in a number of interesting ways, It really focuses on friendships between women of all different backgrounds, which most show creators are rarely interested in doing.

I hope for all these reasons you all consider immersing yourselves in this lovably eccentric and hilarious show.

Written by Ellen x

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