Festival Fun Make Up from Wet n Wild

Written by ClareWithTheHair

Say hello to the ‘Vanice Beach collection from the cheap yet chic make up brand, Wet n Wild!

Up until last week I was possibly the only person in the country who had never tried this brand, I assumed for the price point that it had to be of really poor quality, well let me tell you, I was wrong, I was so far beyond wrong about this because the quality is exceptional, the pigment is fierce and the staying power is that of a high end make up brand.

I went with a rainbow eye make up effect but it is totally possible to dumb these down as they blend easily and the look here was built up.

I would mark the eye shadow pallets: 

  • 10/10 on value for money
  • 10/10 on staying power
  • 10/10 for pigment
  • 7/10 for packaging (it is not going to win any style awards)
  • 6/10 for the brush

What I love about these pallets is that, I can be bang on trend, be super adventurous yet be kind to my purse with these 8 vibrant shadows in one super pallet for just €6.49. I will be buying many items from this brand and already I am thinking, Christmas gifts, imagine building a hamper of make up for your teenagers with these, €50 and they would have a seriously massive gift.  I tried 3 of the pallets from this range, Hemporary Solutions, High Flying Colors and Boardwalk Boozing. In this images I have used colors from Hemporary Solutions & High Flying Colors.

I would mark the mascara:

  • 10/10 on value for money
  • 10/10 for staying power
  • 10/10 for pigment
  • 8/10 for packaging
  • 8/10 for the brush

What I love about these mascara’s is again, like the pallets, the fact I can own an entire wardrobe of mascara color and not break the bank in doing so. What will blow you away about these is not just the super price point of €3.99, not just the great staying power but also the lash conditioning factor, I expected (again because of the price) that there would be drying, that they would make my lashes hard, would make them brittle and I would find bits of mascara flaking off along within my lashes within hours, I was once again wrong!

The three color’s I tried were No E1382  Emerald Green, E1381 Indigo Blue, E1383 Purple

I am really thrilled that these little gems were sent to me, otherwise I may never have tried this brand. It is a super brand, that has far exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend that you give these a go.

This is how the color looked, 12 hours after application

<3 Clare with the Hair <3

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