Getting Ready for the Party Season

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Getting Ready for the Party Season

Christmas is a busy time of the year. We are all cooking more, out more, shopping more, seeing more friends etc it is all more more more .. ..  and this is the time of the year you want to look your best so today I am going to run through Getting Ready for the Party Season with me. These are the things I will do throughout November so that I look and feel my best for all the Christmas parties, meet ups and events.


So I am breaking this up onto 3 main categories, Face, Hair and Body 

Face : If you have any skin issues now s the time to address them. I would book into a salon, have your skin analysed and follow a treatment plan. My skin is ok at the minute so I am on a maintenance program.

1/ Always cleanse, tone, serum/oil , day/night cream twice per day, AM and PM. You can use any cleanser that you like, I love an oil or balm cleanser and this works best for anyone who wears a lot of makeup as you get a great cleanse without stripping the skin.

2/  Slot in some treatment products, I love Alpha H liquid gold, over the next few weeks this will brighten your skin, clear up any dryness, even out the skin tone and just give you nicer looking and feeling skin (here is a gift set I shared recently)



3/ Spoil yourself with anti wrinkle injectables ( I can not recommend Therapie Clinic in Limerick enough) now is the time to book your appointment as it can take a few weeks to see the full effects and if you get it done now it will look its best over the party season and on into the new year. Currently Therapie have some incredible offers so it really is the time to spoil your skin and look your best this year. SEE OFFERS HERE – also think about hair removal, lip fillers and dermal fillers.


4/ Book in any brow appointments, if you get them done normally then make sure that you have an appointment in December but if you are new to getting the brows shaped, stained etc then go into a brow stylist now and start the process to great brows now, it is a process and it might take a number of appointments before you have insta worthy brows.

Hair : At this time of the year the hair can become dry and frazzled due to the change in temperature outside, the heating being turned up inside and of coarse all the colds, bugs and flu doing the rounds, these all have a negative impact on the quality and look of our hair.


1/ Get a micro fiber towel for after you have washed your hair, a traditional cotton towel adds to the frizz and breaks the hair if you are someone who rubs the hair dry in it. Pop a micro fiber towel on and just squeeze the excess water off, do not rub.

2/ Slot in a good conditioning treatment, I am a massive Philip Kingsley fan, the Elasticizer in the range is good for all hair types and if you use this as a might time treatment for the month, then you will see incredible results BUY HERE in the look, feel and manageability of your hair.



3/ Avoid heat and when you do use it then please always use a heat protection product, this will make a massive difference.

4/ If you are planning any salon cuts, colors or upstyles then book your appointments now as they will be gone when you need them.


Body: Again the change in temperature, lack of sun on the skin will have it drier, flaky even and just not glowing like it can. So now is the time to get the skin sorted.

1/ Body Brush, this is an inexpensive, quick but the most incredible thing that you can do for your skin, body brush before every shower starting at the feet and working up in long soft strokes, this should take 5 minutes max and your skin will be firmer for it, smoother and glowing.

2/ Use a body moisturiser after every bath/shower, I know it is winter and we get lazy but if you want the legs out, a low back dress, shoulders etc on show then you must take care of the skin on your body.

3/ If you are a fan of fake tan but you want to try a new one, then use this month to test it out, do not make the office party night the first time that you try a new tan, test it now and find your favorite ahead of the party season.

4/ This applies to getting the face, hair and body in check – Drink water, again in the winter it is harder but it is so important and get out in the daylight, I know some days it is very grey and there is little sunlight but go for a brisk walk every day, it does not have to be for hours, try 10 minutes every day, or 20 minutes, this will clear the mind, get the blood pumping and this will in turn improve the look of your face, hair and skin.


Getting Ready for the Party Season

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