Are you going to propose this Christmas?

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Are you going to propose this Christmas?

I discovered Orla James a few months ago while at an event, the lady sitting next to me had the most beautiful engagement ring on her finger and I naturally had to comment and tell her how fab it looked and she told me about Orla James. so if you Are you going to propose this Christmas? then you need to have a look at this website first!. 

Christmas seems to be a very popular time for couples to get engaged, talk about vow renewals or for the gifting of an eternity ring, so today I had to share this company with you, I have been so impressed buy the service, the quality, the wonderful reviews on site and the attention to customer care, I just had to let you all know about it too.

Orla James is not just an engagement ring specialist but also wedding bands and eternity rings. This is what took me to the site, I have the wedding band, I have the engagement ring and I am now in the market for the eternity ring.

When you see the benefits of buying from Orla James, you will be hooked! I can’t believe how great their services are. Just take a look below:


The idea that you can try before you buy is amazing, I mean this is a serious decision and you are planning to wear your rings for a lifetime so to be given the chance to really fall in love with your choice is actually amazing and is the no1 reason my eternity ring is coming from Orla James.

Just take a moment to gaze over some of their perfect designs here: 



Another thing to note is the massive savings on typical high street pricing, these savings are incredible!…


Another one of the things Oral James is famous for, is their Platinum rings, platinum is big news for Brides and Grooms right now and Orla James is leading the way with style, price and quality.



I mean just take a look at the amazing complementary services on offer, I don’t think I have ever seen anything quiet like it. Have you?

  • Free resizing
  • Free & lifetime polishing
  • Free rhodium plating
  • Personalise your ring
  • Get the best price


If you are thinking about popping the question this Christmas or anytime into 2017 then take a look at the selection on offer here 1st.

Are you going to propose this Christmas?

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