As a Guardian what are your Rights and Responsibilities

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As a Guardian what are your Rights and Responsibilities

Last week after a “conversation” in the only way my ex knows how I found myself questioning As a Guardian what are your Rights and Responsibilities. I asked myself this question because my ex giggled while repeating that “he is legally doing nothing wrong”

He was Legally doing nothing wrong by completely ignoring his daughter for the last 9+ months, He was legally doing nothing wrong by talking to her poorly when she phones him, he was legally doing nothing wrong by calling her a liar when she spoke the truth about him, Legally he was doing nothing wrong.

And this got me thinking: As a Guardian what are your Rights and Responsibilities? I know you have rights, as in rights to make decisions regarding schooling, health and so on but I had no idea about the responsibilities that you may have.


What is guardianship?
Guardianship means the rights and duties of parents in respect of the upbringing of their children. A guardian has the right to make all major decisions affecting the child’s upbringing, including choice of school, medical treatment, religious matters, health requirements and decisions about leaving the country. Guardians are responsible for the welfare of the child. Welfare includes the moral, intellectual and physical wellbeing of the child.

So there you have it, they have a say in all things but also they are responsible for the welfare and so on and this is where my daughters father fails epic-ally.

He has not been involved in any decisions because if I phone to discuss our daughter he claims I am harassing him, so I have resorted to sending emails because you see if I don’t keep him in the loop this can be used against me.

As for our daughters wellbeing, care etc, he has all but abandoned any responsibilities.

What have you done for me?

The ONE time she spent time with him back in Jan/Feb, he accused me of “dumping my daughter” on him, she stayed a few days where him, his sister, his mum and his dad questioned her relentlessly about me, told her that is she ever spoke to me again they would never have anything to do with her again, They refused me any telephone access and it ended with my daughter having to climb out a window in the pitch black of night, in the rain and walk for almost an hour until I reached her. She was cold, tired, scared and not one of these people (who tell me that I am a poor mother contacted me to say that she was missing).


So what are the penalties for a parent who fails in their Rights and Responsibilities as a guardian to their child?

Nothing it would seem, yes they have to financially provide and the courts will demand this but they can get away with paying a pittance and pay as and when they like.

Unbelievable really.

Do you warn the new women in your abusive husbands life?

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As a Guardian what are your Rights and Responsibilities

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  • I think any man who doesn’t do right by his child/children should automatically have no rights. You don’t have kids & choose if & when you see them. A relationship between a man & woman is different. If that breaks down it doesn’t mean his relationship with his kids breaks down too. It’s only a lowlife pathetic excuse of a man/dad brings his kids into it or picks & chooses where his kids are concerned. I’ve guardianship of my son which I got by going to court & take him all the time, bring him away, & look after him & not coz I have to but coz I want too coz he’s my boy & love him. I don’t know how anyone can not see their child. I would go to the end of the earth for my boy.

    • My ex husband stopped being an active dad the day he moved out, he has not phoned, he has not agreed to any time with her in almost ten months now and he has even passed her and blanked her, not to mention a missed christmas, birthday and state exams, he live 5 minutes from her but can’t find it in him to stop being so angry at me and start being a dad. It is pathetic

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