Barbecoa Jamie Oliver – Guide to cooking the perfect steak

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Barbecoa Jamie Oliver – Guide to cooking the perfect steak

The bane of many a home-cooks life is how to cook the perfect steak! You can rustle up just about anything but the one time you have that special meal you want to cook at home so you opt for a great cut of juicy steak, but it is anything but by the time your done attempting to cook it. We have all been there but Fear not! today I give to you, the Ultimate Guide to cooking the perfect steak.

This expert advice only comes from Steve Pooley, Chef Director at Jamie Oliver.


Mouth salivating? Mine is :-).

This is your Ultimate Guide to cooking the perfect steak but if cooking is less your thing and you fancy trying some of the delicious delights Chef Steve Pooley creates, then head to  and book a table at this stunning, yet casual dining spot and sample his delights 1st hand.

I have yet to visit ‘Barbecoa Jamie Oliver’ but it is on the list. Maybe a foodie tour of London is the only thing for it.

Guide to cooking the perfect steak

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