How to Maintain a Relationship through the Years

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How to Maintain a Relationship through the Years

As a mum of a 23 and 15-year-old I have not just dated a few men in my time but I have had a few long-term relationship as well as a marriage under my belt so today I am sharing my tips on How to Maintain a Relationship through the Years.

Many factors make a relationship work and these include:

Respect for one another – You can not treat a loved one without respect and expect the relationship to last, you must have a mutual respect for one another, while accepting that you are two people sharing a life but sometimes your idea’s, opinion’s and view may differ and you can have your idea’s while accepting your other have has their too.

Expect the Up’s and Down’s – Life weather in a relationship has a lot of up’s and down’s, within a relationship you will have many but it is how you handle these that will ensure your relationship stands the test of time. You may experience job losses, or be passed over for promotion, when these lows happen use your partner for support, not as someone to vent upon.


Take time for each other but also take time apart – You arrive into a relationship as an individual with friends, hobbies, family etc and while you now have a partner who becomes your no1, you can not forget others in your life so yes, make time for one another with date nights, weekends away, cosy nights on the sofa and so on but also make time for friends and family without your partner.

Maintain a healthy sexual relationship – This is probably one of the most important area’s in my opinion, if your drive differs or one of you is suffering with a reduced libido or something like Erectile dysfunction, then you should not ignore this as your partners may assume that you are no longer attracted to them etc, ‘There are treatments available at reputable online pharmacies, such as LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor

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Budget Together – In relationships money can be an incredibly heated topic, especially when one person has domain over all of the financial decisions. Rather than cause that tension, how about budgeting together? Both parties having equal say in what happens with a budget can go a long way in preventing miscommunication and allowing the relationship to grow in other ways.

Remind your other half what you love about them – I know this seems pretty obvious, but it is amazing how many people forget to say “I Love You” or to do spontaneous things to show that you care, like leaving a little thank you note on the fridge door, sending a sweet text in the middle of the day, there are so many ways to share that you care and you should do something every day for the one you love so that they never doubt this.

Talk and Don’t keep secrets – This is so important, you must talk and be open with your other half, do not keep secrets. Small things become issues if you ignore them or stop talking open manner about them.

These are just a few of the things I think you should apply to maintain a happy, long life together


How to Maintain a Relationship through the Years

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