How I manage the Back to School Costs

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How I manage the Back to School Costs

Yes we know the kids return to school every September, and yes we know it is always expensive but with each year the costs just seem to rise and rise and it is not always easy to plan for everything, so today I am sharing How I manage the Back to School Costs, you might already be using some of my tips and you might gain some new ones, but this is how I do it.

Not only do we have to contend with the cost of books, fees, bags and uniform, but most children want the best shoes, the coolest pencil case accessories and the older ones will want the hair freshly done etc, it is a very expensive time of the year for parents.

How I manage the Back to School Costs in 5 ways:

Join Forums – I have joined a number of money saving forums on Facebook to ask questions when searching for the best priced uniforms, school shoes, school bags, books and when they are older things like computers – these are a great place to ask if anyone has and discount codes for specific items, or if anyone knows of a particular good discounts on books, book covers etc.. I write my list of everything that I need and I search for the best place to get them and these forums really help.

Short Term Loan – If you have the ability to repay and you are just in a little bit of financial difficulty right now then why stress, apply for a short term loan and get your children ready to return to school. I like Cash Lady they help you secure a short term loan online in just 2 minutes. No fees, no hassle, no problem. Check them out HERE


Buy Second Hand – This might be second hand books or / and second hand uniforms, some schools have a uniform/book sale of second hand items so ask, some shops will have second hand books for sale so again ask, also check social media sales pages.

Sell your old Books & Uniforms – Just like you there will be many others looking to save money on the back to school costs, if you have any items that you can sell, then advertise them on some Facebook selling pages, ask friends of younger children if they need anything second hand etc.

Book Rentals/ Book Schemes – Many schools have Book Rentals happening, but no two schools have the same policies on these, some rent all the books you need for a fixed fee for the year, others only rent some of the books needed, the cost of rental varies in every school so email or phone your school to find out of this is something that they offer.

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How I manage the Back to School Costs

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