Ireland’s Most Beautiful Drives

Written by ClareWithTheHair

Ireland’s Most Beautiful Drives

A while ago I was approached to contribute to a new ebook from Chill Insurance called Ireland’s Most Beautiful Drives and I instantly said yes. It is kind of my approach to many things, I always refer to the quote from Richard Branson, where he say’s if someone ask’s you do do something you would like to do, always say yes, even if you have no idea how to do it and go and learn how to do it, other wise you will live a life time of missed opportunities and I think he is 100% right, so this was the thinking I applied to this when asked. The time line to contribute was narrow to say the least but I thought to myself sure this is only a small piece and with writing every single day for my blog, I can do this but when I sat down to actually write about my personal favorite and most beautiful drive I actually found it really hard because for once, I had to be a girl of few words and mention just one drive, not easy when you love exploring our beautiful country when I have time off to do so.


I choose the drive that I did based on the fact that many may not know of it, as it is not in your every day tour guides and unless you arrived here by accident or if you were from the area you many never get to explore this gem.

Take a look at the ebook HERE and tell me is your favorite drive listed within Ireland’s Most Beautiful Drives ebook?

My wonderful life of blog allows me to explore many ventures and I have to say this is one I have loved from start to finish, I am very proud to have my blog mentioned in such a fabulous book for the world to see and for anyone who wish’s to explore these beautiful Irish gems.


Happy driving x

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<3 Clare with the Hair <3 


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