Irish Beauty Blog Awards 2016 Longlist

Written by ClareWithTheHair

Irish Beauty Blog Awards 2016 Longlist

Yesterday the Irish Beauty Blog Awards 2016 Longlist was released and it would seem all who were nominated made the first cut. This longlist is possibly the longest longlist I have ever seen 🙂 but you know what, us Irish ladies and gents are really rocking the blogging and vlogging world so why not! 12 categories with 609 odd blogs across them.


The Irish Beauty Blog Awards 2015 was a wonderful event with money being raised on the night for Breast Cancer Ireland, a worthy cause and one that has touched many of us, if not personally, then with someone near and dear to us.

Breast Cancer Ireland is a  charity established to raise significant funding to support pioneering research programmes nationally as well as to promote education & awareness on the importance of breast health amongst women of all ages.

So by attending these awards and given a donation you are not just getting an amazing night out but you are also helping a great cause.

Clare with the Hair was honored last year to make the finals and I have everything crossed that I will make them again this year. However if I don’t come away with a nod then that is ok too, my life of blog will continue and I will just have to up my blogging game for next year.


Irish Beauty Blog Awards 2016 Longlist is like a said a very long list and the judges now have the impossible task of cutting this down. I have to say, I do not envy them at all. If you have time, then take a look at the list HERE and maybe discover blogs that you might not have been aware of before and I promise you, that you will find more than a few new bloggers to follow because the standard and the talent is world class and Irish Bloggers and Vloggers work their socks off to give their readers the ultimate blogging experience.

Here is a link to my post on the awards last years Beauty Blog Awards 2015 

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