Know how to care for your Car & Stay Safe this Winter

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Know how to care for your Car & Stay Safe this Winter

For those of you who follow me on social you will have seen my bad day last Thursday which ended with one of my tyres deflating while at the Doctors and many of you messaged me your hints and tips to get sorted and this got me thinking, Do you Know how to care for your Car & Stay Safe this Winter?


One of the things I discovered while searching online for tips for tyre safety I discovered a cool little Tyre Challenge quiz that Kwik Fit have put together. I like this #TyreChallenge because the questions make you think and I done it honestly, I did not google any answers and I got 9 out of 10. Would you pass?

Think you have what it takes to pass the #TyreChallenge quiz? A score between 9-10 means you know your stuff, so give it a try and find out what your score says about you.

Take the Test


Here are my top tips to staying safe while out driving this winter

1/ Take the Tyre Challenge Quiz HERE

2/ Have your car regularly serviced and keep an eye on things like the lights, tyres and water levels

3/ I have an emergency kit in the boot, this has a bottle of water (this is to fill the window washer if I run out) A blanket (in case I break down), Tourch (in case I need to walk) high viability vest, small first aid kit. This is in addition to the car kit, that has things like jump leads etc

4/ When the evenings get darker we all feel a lot more sleepy, if you are feeling tired at all then pull over, go into a coffee shop, drink some water but do not continue until you take a break.

5/ Get to know your car, know what the tyre pressure should be, Know what to do if you break down, know how to check that everything is working well.


Know how to care for your Car & Stay Safe this Winter

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