Let’s talk CLA with Omega Six

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Let’s talk CLA with Omega Six

Omega 6 has been big news for may years now and a lot of us already incorporate this into our daily lives but today I want to cover the fat burning benefits of taken CLA with Omega 6 in Let’s talk CLA with Omega Six, because I believe it is something a lot of us don’t know about and it might be the motivator you need to include this into your daily diet.


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Fact – You Lose Fat with Fat!. yes I know, this sounds bananas , however it is totally true. CLA not only reduces body fat but it also increases exercise endurance and muscle strength.

Fact – Increase your metabolic rate. CLA with Omega six helps your body burn food more effectivily.

Fact – CLA with Omega six benefits go well beyond a more slender waist. Dr Delbert Dorscheid clinic studies show that women with increased levels of CLA in their bodies have lower breast cancer rates, they discovered simular benefits when it came to colon and prostate cancer. In addition CLA has been linked to improved immune system fuction, decrease in cardiovascular disease, allerigies, osteoporosis and type 2 diabetes.




I have been taken Obession Factory CLA with Omega 6 for the last number of weeks and I have noticed a marked difference in my over all wwllbeing, This time of the year I always pick up every bug and cold going, but baring a little sore throat I am avoiding them all, I also find my energy levels decrease when the evenings draw in and again this is not the case. It is recommended that you take these 3 times per day before food.

CLA with Omega 6 from Obsession Factory has so many benefits, it is powerful Omega 6 fatty acid that increases metabolic rate, the perfect aid to dropping lbs. It has the added benefit of boosting the immune system and increasing muscle growth. Get your CLA with Omega six HERE


It is vital that you maintain a heath lifestyle and diet, while the benfits are beyond impressive it will not un do all the wrongs of a poor diet and little exercise.


Let’s talk Omega Six

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