Life after the Breakup

Written by ClareWithTheHair

Life after the Breakup

For most we have one break up that affects us more then the others. For some it is a 6 month whirlwind romance that ends abruptly or like me you have spent many years with someone, had children and even married, so what can you expect in Life after the Breakup ?

From my perspective, the break up was like a bereavement, I felt such loss and such heartache. There were day’s I was so sad I couldn’t catch my breath yet I want the relationship to end because my husband was very abusive. So imagine how hard it may have been if I wasn’t already in this place.


Initially Life after the Breakup is very hard, especially if you have lived together, had children together, spent a significant time together, made plans for a future together etc..

But one thing you must know is that no matter how hard the break up was / is, there is Life after the Breakup.

I separated from my husband 8 months ago and even though he was a violent, angry, aggressive, raging with temper husband, I still missed him, which is insane considering how horrible he treated us but I also remember others sharing their break up stories and the life they had today after the break up and it gave me hope.

Those first few weeks were hard, I wanted to call him, I wanted the nightmare to stop but the longer I am away the better life becomes and the more I see the abuse for what it was.

Life after the Breakup for me has been incredible, I have an almost freedom and while that sounds odd, I feel able to enjoy so many things, simple things, like finishing work and going home to relax, while with my husband this became impossible, the moment I wanted to relax or look forward to something a full on blog up would take place.

I have take time to recover and accept the pain of the break up, accept the days that were very hard and know that I am able to do this, I am able to dust myself off and live my best Life after the Breakup.

Yes a break up is hard, and that feel of having a broken heart is the most awful feeling but you will recover. You will move on and you will find your best life.

Accept a break up will not be easy but know you have it in you to get through it.

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