Mid Week Motivation with Sandra Lee

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Mid Week Motivation with Sandra Lee

Yesterday I got chatting to a lovely lady on Snapchat – Follow me HERE and as the conversation progressed I was totally blow away by this ladies drive, determination and weight loss journey. So I asked would she like to share this with you and she agreed. I think her power to keep going will inspire you, I think her fight will help drive you and I think her results will just wow you. I found myself feeling quiet emotional reading this but I also felt empowered too.


Here is her story:

My name is Sandra I’m a 53-year-old mum with 2 daughters and 3 grand-kids I’m not really sure where to start this story as its been a long one.

I never used to have a weight problem in my younger years and in fact when I was pregnant with my first baby i was actually taken into hospital for being underweight and was told that I wouldn’t be allowed home until I gained at least 7lb (half a stone) so i guess that was what initiated the whole downward spiral that led me to being morbidly obese and joining Slimming World in 2011 weighing 26 stone, What made me want to go well my mum died and her report showed what she died from there was a 1 in 2 chance that I could have inherited it and all those photo’s that anyone with weight hates, my Graduation photo’s were absolutely terrible I was massive and then my when my youngest daughter decided to get married. I had tried losing weight before with other groups but was pretty unsuccessful in all honesty. even with Slimming World I had the thought and the want to lose weight but I didn’t have the proper train of thought needed to take on the long challenge, this led to me taking the “breaks” from group or joining new groups looking for that elusive motivation which in actual fact was buried in my own mind and just needed to surface for me. Anyway as you can imagine after every break from group when you would go back again be it weeks or months later, you would have gained anything from half a stone to one stone+ so you inevitably had that hill to climb again before you get back to what you were when you left last and then start the losing process towards target.

After 4 stops and 5 starts I went back to Slimming World almost 2 years ago and I had gained a stone since I had last stopped group, but the biggest thing was that i joined a group with a completely different focus and train of thought than I ever had before and in a nutshell it was that


1- There are no quick fixes to lose weight, it wont happen overnight! it’s a long hard journey

2- that no-one can do it only me and that i am responsible for what I put in my mouth

3- that when your morbidly obese or obese that when you start a healthy eating regime you have to understand that it’s for life, it’s not just for the interim until you get to target.

4- Never let one bad day turn into a bad week, self sabotage can happen to easy, I know I done it loads of times. Pull back and start the next day fresh.

5- Never give up on yourself.


Armed with this new train of thought I’ve walked through the doors 2 years ago and I’ve not taken a break not even any of the 6 weeks holidays your allowed in a year at group,  I’m not saying its been smooth and easy its been damn hard and I’ve had trip up’s along the way but more important I have stayed strong and focused no matter what the scales threw at me at weighin. I got my 4 stone award in November 2015 and it took me 14 months of up’s downs and maintains till i finally got my 4 and a half stone award the week before Christmas 2016. since SW joining last time i have been diagnosed with a underactive thyroid and diverticular disease, which makes losing weight slower and tougher going, i also suffer from osteoarthritis so my mobility is fairly limited so going for nice long walks is out of the question as is dancing which i used to love and do 3 nights a week, but in spite of all these ailments I do try to get swimming as often as I can for exercise and i wont let it stop me getting to my final target no matter how long it takes me.


Its amazing what proper positive, assertive and honest truthful thoughts and willpower will make you do.  Now I try to help others in a small way and I started a little support & motivation Facebook group called “Sandra’s Slimmers” Join HERE where myself and others chat banter moan groan motivate and inspire, it helps me on a daily basis to keep my eye on that goal.


What would I say to others well I guess if you need to start losing weight do it now rather than later and make sure you’re in the right focus of mind when you go and start your journey, And if your already on that journey then all I can say is stay focused even if you weaken at times pick yourself up and get back onto plan, and to everyone always remember that “ANYTHING WORTH HAVING IS NEVER EASILY OBTAINED” we will get there eventually, not everyone takes the straight smooth road, most of us take the twisty winding road with a few detours on the way, so it takes us a bit longer… “SO WHAT” I have a long way to go yet until I get to my target but I will get there and we WILL get there in the end… Good Luck everyone x


<3 Beautiful picture, you both look amazing x

Sandra thank you so much for sharing your pictures and your story with me and our readers, it takes a lot to put yourself out there like this and you should be so proud of the hard work and results you have achieved, this story will without a shadow of a doubt help others make the decision to change and loose the weight they need to.

Mid Week Motivation with Sandra Lee

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