MMMMitchell x BPerfect Cosmetics Masterclass

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MMMMitchell x BPerfect Cosmetics Masterclass

March 2017, is when Bperfect cosmetics appearance aired on RTE’s Dragon’s Den and from then until now the growth and brand expansion is the envy of many due to its incredible success and yesterday that success was evident with the MMMMitchell x BPerfect Cosmetics Masterclass in the gorgeous Westbury Hotel in Dublin’s city center. This is a five star hotel that played host to a five star product: The Zub Zero MMMMitchell Palette with BPerfect Cosmetics.


 On Sunday Top UK MUA MMMMitchell Jetted In For A Trio Of
Masterclasses Showcasing His Sell Out Sub Zero
Highlighter Palette, Created In Association With
BPerfect Cosmetics



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It is no news to my readers, social followers, friends and family that I am a massive fan of Bperfect, I have championed the brand from the moment I tried their brow kit maybe 2 years ago and it was a game changer, it is a powder that is so easy to apply and once on the brow it is semi permanent, you do not need to worry about this budging all day long, it is bullet proof.


The I began to know the 10 Second Tan and this was a game changing tan for me, at this point you are probably thinking someone is paying me to be this complementary about the brand, but honestly it is just one of those great brands that I feel the needs to tell everyone about because I know people will lobe it just as much as I do. The 10 second tan is the nicest brown color, so easy to apply, smells (really) amazing, I love the medium coconut as this gives me a “natural” glow and that is what I like but they have much darker options is that is for you too and different formulas – See Here


Anyhow back to the Sub Zero Palette Masterclass with MMMMitchell

MMMMitchell is well known for his use of highlighter, making the new Sub Zero Palette the perfect product to allow make-up enthusiasts express their own love for a blinding glow.
BPerfect Cosmetics is loved by some serious YouTube / Social Media starts including Jeffery Star, Nikki Tutorials, Manny MUA, Ellie Kelly & Stacey Marie to name but a few.
The brands latest launch alongside MMMMitchell is sure to illuminate cheekbones across the globe.
The carefully curated 7 piece palette contains 6 illuminating shimmer pressed powders and a unique one of a kind ‘highlight topper’, which is MMMMitchell’s secret to making
your make up POP!


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The MMMMitchel SubZero Shades are :
MMMM – Signature Blue Glow
IN BLANKETS – Warm peach reflects
MADE IT – Ice White Gold
BAEBLY – Champagne shine with silver shift
LIFESTYLE – Golden Bronze
BODIODIODI – True Chocolate Bronze
OTT – Golden Highlight Topper


We arrived at the glorious Westbury Hotel Dublin and from the moment our car pulled up the wow treatment began, our door was opened for us and the gentleman greeting us directed us to the suite that the event was taken place.

The Westbury always blows me away but with their Christmas decorations up, it is beyond words beautiful.

As we headed to the suite we were greeted, our coats were taken from our arms and a large glass of scrumptious wine was placed in out hands. It was just the perfect welcome.


Then as we drew closer to the suite (at this stage we were in a cue) we saw the balloons, the back drops, goodie bags and more .. .. Getting to the top Michael and thr fabulous Just James MUA were there to give us the biggest welcome of all & gave us a choice of tan’s for our goodie bags.

Anyone who has ever eaten in the Westbury Dublin will tell you just how fab the food it so it is no surprise that the food was AMAZING! I was in a semi food coma for the evening.


Makes up by Daniell was with me and we mingled, chatted and meet the star of the show MMMMitchel, and can I just say, what a lovely, humbled, well mannered, engaging chap he is, Danielle was absolutely start struck and he could not have been nicer to her, chatted about her make up skills and said he really loved her style etc, she was in her element, MMMMitchel had spent the day filming a YouTube video in Belfast, doing a number of meet and greets, press chats all day, this guy was pulled in every direction, yet he took the time to really engage and pose for a few snaps, a real star it has to be said.


Then the show begun, MMMMItchel done a 1/2 face look on Ellie Kelly (another gem of a human) and he shows us so many ways in which to use the Sub Zero Palette, from  doing a spot light on the liner to a clever brow to hairline trick, all of which I will show you as I attempt them on my own social channels.


All in all it was a pretty epic day and it was so lovely to meet everyone and see the star of the show showcase his palette to us.

MMMMitchell x BPerfect Cosmetics Masterclass

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