O’Donnell Boutique Limerick

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O’Donnell Boutique Limerick 

Today’s blog post features one of Limerick’s most loved shopping spots for ladies of all ages, sizes, style tastes and budgets, it is of course O’Donnell Boutique who have been in business 70 years and it’s in its third generation of the same family which is an amazing achievement. O’Donnell Boutique Limerick form long standing relationships with their customers and they never stop searching for the best brands, the most gorgeous styles and designers to stock in store to make sure they are ahead of the style game and that they are always offering their customers the very best choice of what is out there.
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O’Donnell Boutique Limerick also own Lily Clothing just around the corner on Roches Street, they are the only Lily retailer in Ireland, Lily is a super cool French brand that is bang on trend. What I love about Lily Clothing in Limerick is that they only stock a few pieces of each style and with this brand being exclusive to just here it makes your purchase really rare and unique. What else I loved about this brand was the fact that my 21 year old, my 13 year old and I all found pieces we loved here. I would say this is a must stop spot for parents looking for really stylish yet age appropriate clothing for their teen children as well as those looking for really lovely confirmation wear.
The thing you will find when shopping in either of these stores is the warmth from the people working here, they genuinely will not allow you to walk out the door with an item that is not 100% right for you. They are experts at styling us, they will know what will or will not look great on you, so trust them and ask for their expert advice, if you have an event and you have a budget then give this to them, head to the fitting room and allow the wonderful ladies to work their magic, they might bring you item’s you might never have thought to try on and now you have you are thrilled.
O’Donnell Boutique Limerick go from a size 8-18 and they take great pride in their high standard of customer service. O’Donnell Boutique is known for excellent customer service and one to one styling with their customers. They want their customers to come out of our store feeling happy and loving what they have just purchased and also we want them to enjoy the experience too!. This is why they have a very large repeat customer business.
Also offering free courier postal service within Ireland when buying from their online store and when paying over the phone. They only stock one of each size as they believe it is important to not all look the same and to be an individual.
They maybe 70 years old but this boutique likes to keep up to date with the social media world so we are on every social platform like Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and of course their mobile friendly HERE
O’Donnell boutique are known for their carefully selected brands, many of which are exclusive to them, so you can be safe in the knowledge that when you purchase a piece for a special occasion you will not have 5 others show up in the same outfit.
Here are some of the wonderful brands stocked at O’Donnell Boutique Limerick – 7 Seasons, Adrienne Papelle, Almost Famous, Badoo, Beaumont, Chamonix, Chlobo, Diva, Elisa Cavaletti, Eva Kayan, Explosion, Expresso, Fee G, Gardeur, Isabel De Pedro, Leidiro, Lily, Magic, Marc Aurel, Maria Bellentani, Milly Brown, Moncho Heredia, Mos Mosh, Mu Du, Nissa, Nour, Oui, Passport, Riverwoods, Snoxell, Sonia Pena, Tahari, Taifun, Urban Code.
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