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Welcome to 2019, I hope that you all had a lovely Christmas and are planning for a great 2019.

At Clare with the Hair we got to thinking towards the end of 2018 and we decided that we need to do more, more as in support local, national and international charities and causes but we are one website so it would be silly to attempt to help every cause throughout 2019. So with this in mind we discussed the things that have personally touched us, we discussed cancer, road accidents, adult sudden death, miscarriage, stillbirths and so much more and one area stood out far more than the others and this was Mental Health, we all knew multiple people who suffered mentally, be it anxiety, eating disorders, ocd etc , Thankfully I can count on one had the number of friends and family members who have been struck by cancer but I can not say the same for mental illness, I know far too many people living with crippling mental health issues and the resources and money just does not seem to be available in this area.

So for 2019 Clarewiththehair pledges to help as many Mental Health fundraising campaigns as we can, we will spread the word on your events, we will attend ones that we can, we will share on social what you are doing ect. If you have a run, a fun day, a coffee morning, a bag packing day, let us know and we will share this with out readers and social followers.


Here is a list of some charities that you can reach out to:

Pieta House – Aware – Mental Health First Aid – – See Change – A Lust For Life – Smaritans

If you or someone you know is struggling in any way then please reach out to someone, a friend, a family member, your gp, a charity phone line, there are so many people waiting and able to help.

To get in touch so that we can share your events, fundraising activities then please email me or contact me via one of my social medias listed below

Instagram – Clare with the Hair

Facebook – Clare with the Hair 

Snapchat – Bloggerclarewth

Twitter – @Clarewiththeha

As in 2018 and all the years previous we will continue to share beauty news, make up looks, dressing tips, style guides, recipes and more, clare with the hair remains 100% the same with the addition of this new support role for anyone needing a shout out to help their mental health awareness efforts.

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