The perfect Debs makeup

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Here is everything you need to know to get The perfect Debs makeup!


We all want to look our best at our Debs because the pictures will be all over social media forever! so after you’ve spent ages trying on dresses and deciding how to do your hair you need to think about your makeup. Although loads of young girls nowadays can do amazing over the top makeup most people want a debs look to be timeless, something you can look back on in years to come and not cringe at how you looked. So here is my guide/ tutorial to getting the perfect debs makeup.

First you need to start with your skin:

To start with I primed my face with ‘technic primer spray’, this product is great because its so quick to use, just spritz over your face for a smooth and even base. One i’ve primed I put on foundation, you should use a foundation that full coverage so your skin looks flawless all night. After that I contoured with ‘technic colourfix contour palette’, this palette is great because it has 8 different shades that blend so easily so your contour will look really natural. If you need it it is also good to conceal and blemishes or dark circles that you still might see, I do this with ‘technic colourfix concealer palette’. finish the face y using light strokes to fill  in your blows with you favorite brow product.

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Now moving on to eyes:

When going to an formal event like a debs it’s best not to follow too many trends and just keep it quiet classic, so when doing your eye makeup I would suggest using neutral colours like browns, taupes, creams, golds or silvers. My favorite palette to use for looks like this is ‘Profusion face’ because not only does it have amazing eyeshadow colours but it also has blush, contour, highlight and lip gloss in it so you could nearly do your entire face with the one palette.  Use one of the darker eyeshadow shades in your crease (a black or dark brown colour) and a shimmery gold or silver of taupe colour on you lid. use a black eyeliner pencil to fill in under your lashes before using a liquid of gel black liner to draw a classic wing along the lashline. Put on a dark black mascara to finish the eyes or for anyone who doesn’t have very long lashes consider putting on so fake lashes, my faves for a look like this is ‘SOSU Katie By Suzanne Jackson’.



Moving on to fishing touches:

Put on either a nude or red lipstick, use a matching lip liner to make the lipstick stay on for longer, my favorite lipstick shades for this are ‘velvet teddy’ by Mac or ‘Ruby woo’ by Mac. then add a little bit of blush on the apples of your cheeks, I would use ‘touch of rose’ by Flormar. Finish the look by putting on a small bit of highlighter on the high points of your face and the inner corners of your eyes.

Hope you found this little guide helpful for to your get the perfect debs makeup or any formal events you may have coming up that you need fa makeup for :)

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