Reader Numbers March 2015

Written by ClareWithTheHair

March 2015 saw Clare with the Hair reach a new high as far as readers were concerned, previous month record was just over 70,000 and this month we hit over 75,000, this is incredible. Thank you all for taken the time to read my posts, taken time to share my posts with friends and family who you feel would also like to read my posts and for subscribing to my blog!

It is really wonderful to run Clare with the hair and reaching reader number like these makes me want to work even harder at creating good content for you.

Best week so far 21,700 reader

Best day so far 6,105

Best month so far 75,352

Clare with the hair will be undergoing some behind the scenes tech work this month so if you log in and see a site you are now familiar with, fear not! it is still me just with a better blog outfit so to speak.

Lets make April even better!

Thank you for reading you FABULOUS people

<3 Clare with the Hair <3

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