My road to wearing adult Braces

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My road to wearing adult Braces 

I have just begun wearing braces and I have been documenting the process and my road to wearing adult Braces on Snapchat ( you can follow me HERE) and what I have discovered is that so many of you have either been braces wears or you would like to be braces wearers. I have spoken to 100’s of you since I had my appointment just 10 days ago to have the spacers fitted and now my actual braces are in just 3 days I have spoken to 100’s more of you. I will answer the most asked questions at below.

Week one this is how my braces look


So why did I decided to be an adult who wears braces? My smile was always narrow, because I did not like my teeth I didn’t open my mouth wide to smile, I became self conscious when someone looked me in the eye for too long and I really hated the overall look of my teeth.

For me having a great smile and strong, health, straight teeth was a priority and almost 15 years ago I began seeing a dentist on a regular basis to work towards fixing any wrongs, like fillings, scaling, any teeth removals etc etc etc. I had a lot of appointments, like 3-4 per year for almost 10 years and things were never right to go and get the braces but then almost 5 years ago I bit the bullet and I book an appointment to get the 6 month braces.

At this time I discovered even more problems and I am now 5 years working towards 10 days ago when the spacers were fitted and my braces journey begins.

I have had to go down the traditional braces route as things like the 6 months braces or quick fixes were not suitable for me. However I have found an exceptional team of people and a leading orthodontist Dr Tom Houlihan in Burlington Dental Clinic – Check out their website and full list of services HERE to take care of my dental needs. I will have to wear these braces for 2 1/2 + years and just 3 days in I already know I am more than happy to see this time through knowing my smile will be what I always dreamed of at the end of it.

The most asked questions from you so far are:

  • How much does the treatment cost? for me it is €5,500 for others is might be less it might be more, until you have a consultation it really is impossible to say
  • Is getting the braces on sore? Getting the braces on is not sore at all but for the last 3 days my teeth have been really sensitive and chewing is not possible but I am told this will die down in a week – 2 weeks time, for you it might be a lot less, I have a lot of movement taken place at the minute.
  • Is the inside of your mouth sore from the braces rubbing? As yet no, but I have been applying the wax at the 1st sign of any rubbing.
  • Can you eat anything you like with braces? No, you can not. You have to be careful not to damage the braces, so things like seeds, popcorn, crusty rolls, chewy bars, jellies etc are a no go but again this is not a bad thing. I love to cook, I love to eat even more and I will be documenting the meals I make that are braces friendly on and Snapchat over the coming days, weeks and months.

I have had so many more questions and I will answer them all as we go because I will document each part of this journey.

The braces I have are Fixed Appliances and I have the traditional metal on the lower arch and I have 3M clear brackets on the top, just like this image only mine are not this straight yet.


I must note the pain I experienced from the spacers was not nice, and more so because it came as a surprised to me, I really did not expect it and from day one eating was hard and there was a constant pressure feeling but the moment the spacers were removed this pain vanished.

This is not an ad, I searched the length and breath of Ireland to find the best dental practice, the best team and the best orthodontist to look after me. I have not been given a discount and this post and my braces journey is not affiliated in any way, this was my choice, my money and this is my experience.

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