Soap Spoilers 10th – 14th July 2017

Written by ClareWithTheHair

Here is all you need to know about what is coming up this week in Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Eastenders and Hollyoaks.

Soap Spoilers 10th – 14th July 2017



Monday 10th:

Emmerdale – Emma fears it could be game over for her lies when Laurel confronts her and tries to get to the truth behind recent events. As Laurel listens to Emma’s latest lies, she’s devastated to hear that Ashley’s tapes have been ruined. Emma then tries to interrupt Arthur when he gives his side of the story. In the end, Laurel gets fed up with Emma and sends her away, but will this lead to the truth finally coming out?Meanwhile, the choir members wind Harriet up about her relationship with Cain. Elsewhere, Faith upsets Pollard when she gives him a rape alarm. Also today, Lawrence is not out of the woods yet, while Robert gets some good news about an investment.

Coronation Street – Dev excitedly reopens the shop. Finding it hard to share his enthusiasm, Erica reluctantly agrees to hand out some promotional fliers. As Liz packs up her belongings, ready for their move, Erica calls round with the weight of the world clearly on her shoulders. Over in the garage, Kevin confides in Rosie about how Anna recoils whenever he goes near her and he fears their relationship might be over. When Erica confides in Liz that she and Dev have lost their spark, Liz advises her to focus on what she wants from life and go and get it. Erica then reaches a decision. Taking the bull by the horns, Erica calls in the garage. Revealing that she’s booked a hotel room, she suggests Kevin joins her for an afternoon of fun. What will he say? Meanwhile, Aidan is furious to find out from the factory girls that Johnny and Jenny are back together. Aidan confronts Jenny, angry that he’s the last to know that their wedding is back on. Elsewhere, Sarah calls at the police station and begs Neil to have a word with Bethany and make her see that she’s not to blame. Sarah arrives home with Neil in tow and explains to Bethany that he’s kindly agreed to have a chat with her. Bethany does her best to mask her fear. Also, when Sean calls in The Kabin with a letter addressed to Mr & Mrs Cole in Norris’s handwriting, Rita and Mary are intrigued. Finally, concerned that Liz is going to be at a loose end without the pub to run, Steve signs her up for a raft of courses at the community centre. Yasmeen is delighted.

Handing him the hotel address, Erica heads off and leaves Kevin conflicted. In a bid to spoil her, Dev tells Erica that he’s booked an afternoon of luxury for them both, followed by dinner at her favourite restaurant. Flustered, Erica tells him that she can’t make it as she’s meeting an old friend. Dev is left disappointed. Having changed into his best shirt, Kevin sets off for his assignation with Erica. Erica sips champagne in the hotel bar as she eagerly awaits Kevin’s arrival. Meanwhile, Neil threatens Bethany and tells her to lie to Sarah and pretend that she made the whole thing up – that she enjoyed the parties and the sex. Bethany is appalled. Having clocked Neil leaving Number 8, Craig spots Bethany through the window, clearly upset. Craig calls to see Bethany and quizzes her about Neil’s visit. Will she come clean? Elsewhere, Johnny calls on Aidan and Eva. Hugging Aidan, he tells him that he’ll be a better dad than he ever was. Eva listens guiltily. Also, when Steve tells Liz that he’s booked her on various courses, she’s touched but reveals that she’s already secured herself a new job as receptionist at the medical centre. Finally, Mary confronts Norris with the letter.

Eastenders – Steven rejects Abi once again, explaining what he heard on Friday and how Lauren is his focus now. Soon afterwards, Lauren meets up with Josh and admits that she doesn’t love Steven anymore and is planning to end things. Meanwhile, Karen urges Bernadette to reveal who the father of her baby is, but she doesn’t have any luck. Elsewhere, Robbie sparks outrage by kicking Donna off her pitch as punishment for no payment. A new trader called Felix is brought in to take over, but Kush and Martin decide to get their revenge. Also today, Denise quits as Pearl’s nanny now that her new job at the council is confirmed.

Hollyoaks – Granny Campbell wants Courtney to come back to Scotland if she’s going to keep the baby, but Courtney isn’t keen. Meanwhile, Sienna finds out that Grace is back at The Loft. Grace and Warren end up sleeping together again, but afterwards Grace calls Warren ‘Trev’ and Warren freaks out. Elsewhere, Darren plans a special foreign film night for Nancy, but when Kyle calls asking for them to visit, he begins to panic.



Tuesday 11th:

Emmerdale – Hour-long episode. On the way to the bank after an argument over money, Robert and Aaron find Rebecca at the side of the road. Selflessly, Aaron tells Robert to give her a lift to her baby scan. Later, Aaron becomes desperate for spice and calls Ethan, but he gets a nasty shock when prison bully Jason arrives too. A fight erupts between them, but will Cain arrive in time to help Aaron? Meanwhile, Emma continues to lie as Laurel tries to get closer to the truth. Elsewhere, Debbie fears that Harriet will report Cain for his role in the cannabis situation when she sees the police arrive at hers.

Coronation Street – No episode today.

Eastenders – Abi makes another attempt to convince Steven that he’s better with her rather than Lauren, but he refuses to listen. Steven is completely oblivious to the fact that Lauren is actually trying to find the right way to tell him that it’s over between them. Later, Abi bumps into Josh and then checks in on Lauren, discovering her plans to end things with Steven. Abi makes a suggestion of her own, prompting Lauren to announce to Max that she’s planning to go to New Zealand with Louie. Meanwhile, following some encouragement from Bex and Shakil, Travis apologises to Louise for not giving her the benefit of the doubt. Elsewhere, Alexandra vows to get her revenge when she overhears Bex talking about her. Also today, there are tensions at The Vic over whether Patrick or Ted should be the new pot washer, while Denise struggles to tell Carmel that she’s not invited on the joint holiday.

Hollyoaks – Darren and Nancy go to visit Kyle, but Nancy is worried by Kyle’s black eye. As Nancy leaves to talk to someone about his safety, Kyle gives Darren an ultimatum. Meanwhile Tom and Alfie manage to set up their stargazing club at The Loft but whilst there, they hear Grace having a conversation and get the wrong end of the stick. Elsewhere, Courtney decides going to Scotland is the best for her and the baby.


Wednesday 12th:

Emmerdale – Robert is devastated to learn that Aaron has been self-harming again. Can Robert get to the bottom of what’s troubling Aaron? Meanwhile, Harriet and Cain are almost caught in a compromising position by Bishop Barry. Realising that he has no way of escape, Cain decides to try a disguise but will the bishop believe his lies? Elsewhere, the Barton brothers are on edge.

Coronation Street – Aware that leaving her beloved pub will be a huge wrench, Sean presents Liz with a lucky charm to take with her to her new job. Liz is saddened but touched. Later, Peter, Toyah and Steve watch as Liz finally signs over her half of the pub. Sean puts a comforting arm round her, knowing how much she’s hurting. Liz starts work at the medical centre and soon finds herself clashing with her new boss Moira. Meanwhile, having done some digging, Craig confronts Neil and wants to know why there’s no record of his home visits to Bethany. Neil angrily orders Craig to mind his own business. Craig calls at Number 8 and again questions Bethany about Neil. Bethany breaks down and admits that Nathan forced her to have sex with Neil against her will. Determined to see justice done, Craig resolves to report Neil for his crimes. However, Bethany begs him not to, revealing how Neil threatened to hurt her family if she blabbed. Craig holds Bethany as the tears flow. Will he keep her secret for her? Elsewhere, Anna reaches a decision. Telling Kevin how much she loves him, she assures him she wants to remain a family and start afresh. Kevin hugs her gratefully. Later, Kevin apologises to Erica for letting her down, explaining how he loves Anna and it wouldn’t have been fair on Dev. Erica masks her disappointment. Also today, as Mary makes to phone the Mr & Mrs competition organisers and explain there’s been a mistake, Rita stops her and reveals how the prize is a trip to Cape Town and Norris thought she’d like to visit her son. How will Mary react? Finally, when Gail suggests they should do something to mark the anniversary of Kylie’s death, David struggles to contain his emotions.

Eastenders – No episode today.

Hollyoaks – Tom and Alfie discover Darren’s weed stash, but when Nancy talks about going up to the loft, they get rid of it. Meanwhile, Armstrong acts as Cindy’s protector and makes himself indispensable at the Cunninghams’, making Cindy lean towards letting him stay. Elsewhere, Holly gets a shock when she receives a letter from Jude inviting her and Nick to Ibiza. Holly confides in Ellie and invites her to take Nick’s place.


Thursday 13th:

Emmerdale – Debbie insists that Harriet is going to be trouble for Cain and the pair bicker. Can they be friends, or do Debbie’s loyalties lie with Moira? Meanwhile, Finn gets a job at Home Farm. Lachlan enjoys having authority over someone, but ends up firing Finn when he tries to help him. Elsewhere, Robert makes a bold proposal. Also, Pierce makes a not guilty plea in court. Aaron’s emotions boil over following his difficult week. Meanwhile, Kerry drops heavy hints about the present she wants for her birthday, but she’s not impressed by Dan’s plans for her 40th. Elsewhere, Paddy tries to comfort Rhona following Pierce’s court appearance. Also, Debbie confronts some harsh truths.

Coronation Street – No episode today.

Eastenders – Bex is getting ready to perform at the school showcase, but Alexandra and Madison have new plans to cause trouble. Meanwhile, Louise has to babysit Dennis on the night of the showcase, but he encourages her to sneak out. Elsewhere, Steven realises something is amiss with Lauren and becomes increasingly paranoid over the situation. Things get worse for him and he snaps when Josh arrives. Also today, Denny and Will try to get revenge on Keegan after being left home alone, but their prank goes wrong when Bernadette becomes the victim instead.

Hollyoaks – Darren finds out about Alfie and Tom getting rid of the weed, but luckily they come up with a plan. Darren thinks he’s got away with it, until Shane figures out the truth and demands more from Darren as payback. Meanwhile, Leela worries when she sees Cindy with Armstrong. Later, Dirk gets a call and finds out Liberty has been in a car accident and he plans to head to LA straight away. Elsewhere, Scott comes home from hospital and puts his mask back on.


Friday 14th:

Emmerdale – Ross tries to impress Debbie with a new business venture, but he’s left disheartened when she isn’t interested. When Ross tries to assure Debbie that Jools was just a one-off, she continues to play it cool. Despite her attitude, the chemistry between Ross and Debbie is clearly still there. Meanwhile, Rhona suffers another blow. Elsewhere, Robert despairs following the week’s events.

Coronation Street – In a desperate bid to gather evidence against Nathan, Sarah and Gary confront Mel at the tanning salon and beg her to tell the police all she knows. Hoping to find some of Nathan’s other victims, Sarah and Gary call at the drop-in centre where Yasmeen and Rana are working as volunteers. As a despondent Sarah and Gary make to leave, they’re distracted by two girls arguing. Sarah is taken aback to see that one of the girls is Shona. Meanwhile, Bethany puts pressure on Craig and makes him promise not to report Neil as it’ll only make matters worse. Craig is conflicted. Later, Craig calls at the police station. After telling his Chief Inspector that he’d like to quit the force, he heads out shooting daggers at Neil. Elsewhere, Moira heads out to a meeting, leaving Liz in charge of reception. As the queue of patients buckles and the phone continually rings, Liz struggles to keep her temper. How will battleaxe Moira react? Also, Erica calls in the shop. Turning the sign to ‘closed’, she tells Dev they need to talk. Finally, Gary is taken aback when his old army friend Joe arrives on the street, Eva tells Aidan that she’s booked some house viewings as it would be nice to have a garden for the baby, while David, Gail and Audrey set off to visit Kylie’s grave.

David, Bethany, Gail, Audrey, Gemma and Max mark the anniversary of Kylie’s death with a picnic in the garden, but David the dog escapes. As David scoops up the dog, he’s horrified to see Billy helping Shona into Number 11. David rails at Billy, ordering him to keep Shona well away from him. David returns home clearly furious and announces the party’s over. Later, when Sarah explains how she’s doing everything she can to nail Nathan and Shona can help them, Bethany is furious and wishes she’d just let it drop. Meanwhile, covering his shock, Neil tells Craig a pack of lies. As a result, Craig doesn’t know what to believe. Elsewhere, Joe tells Gary he’s running his own private security firm in the Ukraine, the money is fantastic and he should consider coming to work for him. How will Gary react? Also, fearing that Erica is about to dump him, Dev suggests she should have more space and time to spend with her mates. Erica can only smile weakly. Determined to put some distance between she and Dev, Erica approaches Robert for a job in the Bistro. Finally, when Aidan reveals he’s buying the kebab shop flat, Eva goes ballistic, pointing out she wanted a house with a garden in Didsbury.

Eastenders – Lauren prepares to leave Walford, but will Steven realise what she’s planning and stop her, or will he be too late? Meanwhile, Will and Denny are relieved when Keegan jokes around with them despite yesterday’s events, but is everything as it seems? Elsewhere, Jack has to talk to Ingrid about her poor time-keeping. Also today, Michelle finally tells Tom about her past.

Hollyoaks – Cindy hires Leela as her cleaner, but doesn’t realise Leela is trying to catch out Armstrong. Cindy and Armstrong head out for drinks, but before they leave, Armstrong plants Cindy’s engagement ring on Leela. Armstrong then checks Leela from his live webcam footage. Meanwhile, Darren lies to Nancy about a job and is nearly caught by Ryan on his way to the heroin drop for Shane. Shane tempts Darren with money to do more jobs, but will he agree? Elsewhere, Farrah visits Scott and is concerned that he isn’t being honest with his family about how he’s feeling. Also today, Myra uses Mac to motivate Marnie into getting her restaurant up and running.

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