Soap Spoilers 12th – 16th June 2017

Written by ClareWithTheHair

Here is all you need to know about what is coming up this week in Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Eastenders and Hollyoaks.

Soap Spoilers 12th – 16th June 2017


Monday 12th:

Emmerdale – Priya is feeling guilty after sleeping with Pete and the situation gets awkward when she comes under pressure to accept an oblivious Leyla’s invitation to move in with her and Pete. Later, Priya decides to be honest with Rakesh by confessing that she no longer loves him and has slept with someone else. Meanwhile, Lachlan is nervous when Belle suggests they should make the most of having an empty house. However, they’re disrupted when Lachlan’s ex-cellmate Gerry turns up and pressurises Lachlan into staying for a drink. Elsewhere, in the middle of Pollard’s birthday party, Tracy is called into the police station. Also today, Finn and Ross hatch a plan.

Coronation Street – Doing her best to contain her excitement, Eva tells Aidan to meet her in the Bistro later, confiding in Leanne about how she plans to propose to him. With the help of Leanne, Jenny, Michelle and Kate, Eva puts the finishing touches to her Mexican themed engagement party. At the same time, with Audrey minding Liam, a glam Maria suggests Aidan should buy her a drink in the pub. While a nervous Eva waits for Aidan, Maria follows Aidan into the men’s loos and kisses him passionately. Fed up with waiting, Eva heads for the Rovers. What will she find? Meanwhile, having arrived back from his appointment with the neurologist, Johnny is in a state of shock but covers when Kate approaches. Elsewhere, having received a text from Shona telling them that she’s left Weatherfield for a fresh start, Eileen and Billy worry for her safety. Calling in the salon, they beg David to try calling her. Losing his temper, David hurls his mobile through a mirror. David opens up to Gail and tells her how Shona was the first person to make him feel happy again since Kylie’s death. Covering her guilt, Gail holds her emotional son. Also, Cathy is chuffed when Brian invites her out on a proper date. Finally, Leanne is put out to discover that Nick intends to sell his share of the bistro, while Seb’s key worker Nicola, approaches Phelan – explaining that Seb is due out soon and wondering if he could offer him an apprenticeship.

With all eyes on Aidan, he sweeps Eva into his arms and accepts her proposal. Everyone cheers, but Maria is devastated. Jenny leads the engagement party back across the street. Making his excuses, Aidan slips out to see Maria, explaining that he loves both she and Eva and imploring her not to end their affair. When Maria walks into the Bistro, Aidan is on pins. Meanwhile, when Kate quizzes Johnny about his results, he lies, telling her that he’s got an infection and it’s nothing to worry about. Kate is relieved, but when Jenny outlines her plans for an action-packed honeymoon, a dismayed Johnny reaches a decision. Elsewhere, angry David shouts across the street to Eileen and Billy, telling them that Shona is the mother of Kylie’s murderer. Billy is shocked. Also, Nicola explains the details of the apprenticeship scheme to Phelan. Handing him a business card she heads out. Phelan is thoughtful – what’s in this for him?

Eastenders – Lauren has a big day ahead, as she’s expected to help out Max with an important presentation. While Lauren is at work, Abi turns devious and tries to cause trouble between her and Steven by questioning her sister’s behaviour. Meanwhile, Carmel and Kim think Denise should apply for a job at the town hall. Elsewhere, Kush offers some advice to a struggling Jack, whose situation soon grows even worse. Also today, Keegan shares a shocking rumour about Louise, which she denies. Despite this, gossip soon begins to spread.

Hollyoaks – An excited Scott is preparing for the MS awareness day that he’s organised, but no-one has any time to record a message of hope for his video diary. At the same time, Kyle reassures Ryan that he’ll find out how much Scott heard when they were in the toilets. Soon afterwards, the fete is buzzing and Nancy is proudly manning the MS awareness stall, but when Scott puts her on the spot to do a speech, she has a tremor. Tony blames Scott, but Scott’s mood improves when Kyle unexpectedly asks him on a date. Later, Tony and Harry are alarmed by what they find when they get home. Mercedes rushes over to them in the village when she sees an ambulance and a barely conscious Scott being stretchered out of the flat, but what’s happened? Meanwhile, Darren wants Tom to get back into the driver’s seat after the accident, but Tom isn’t ready to face his fears. Peri and Yasmine make fun of him, but Lily gives Tom the support he desperately needs. Elsewhere, Lily is scared that her scars from the crash will be permanent as she prepares for her hospital appointment.


Tuesday 13th:

Emmerdale – Rakesh is out for revenge after Priya’s confession and tries to steal money from the factory, but Jai turns up and threatens to call the police. Issuing his own threat, Rakesh vows that he’ll take Priya down with him if Jai doesn’t pay up. Meanwhile, Eric is shocked to learn that Josh is back at school as he hasn’t been charged. Elsewhere, Doug becomes secretive. Also today, Lachlan becomes conflicted when Gerry arranges a prostitute for him so that he’s better prepared for sleeping with Belle.

Coronation Street – No episode today.

Eastenders – Abi pays a visit to her sister at work, but Lauren fails to give her any attention. Soon afterwards, Lauren heads out with Max to photograph a property, but is left confused when Max heads off with the investor. Meanwhile, Louise avoids Travis and opens up to Bex about what’s going on. Elsewhere, Stacey and Martin share their baby news with Bex. Also today, Fi suggests that The Vic needs younger staff to help boost business. Finally, Honey steps in to help Jack, Michelle finds out the name of the man from the Tube, while Denise asks Carmel for help with her application to work at the town hall.

Hollyoaks – Mercedes and Diane try to make sense of what’s happened to Scott and they wonder whether he was attacked? Mercedes finds Scott’s video camera, hoping there’s a clue on there. However, Diane and Mercedes are haunted by the footage. Soon afterwards, Mercedes and Diane arrive at the hospital. They continue to watch the camera footage and are stunned by the next part of Scott’s video and when they see the pain in Tony and Harry’s eyes, they realise that Scott tried to take his own life. Scott is now conscious and sitting up in bed, but the light has gone from his eyes.


Wednesday 14th:

Emmerdale – Rakesh changes tactics by going to Home Farm and demanding £50,000 from Lawrence and Ronnie, in exchange for keeping quiet about their part in the fire and framing Andy. Much to Rakesh’s dismay, they mock him and refuse. Soon afterwards, Lachlan is about to go with the prostitute at Home Farm but is interrupted when Rakesh appears with a crowbar and orders him to open the safe. A struggle that follows leads to Lachlan getting hurt. When Priya arrives at the scene, she encourages Rakesh to leave and find happiness away from the village, but will he get away? And what does the future hold for Priya when the police arrive to arrest her? Meanwhile, Rhona tries to get back to normal following her rape ordeal. Elsewhere, Diane gets suspicious.

Coronation Street – Kate confronts Johnny, demanding to know what’s going on. Johnny admits that he’s been diagnosed with MS, but he doesn’t want Jenny to become his carer and she must never find out. Kate is stunned. Alone in his flat, Johnny stumbles, hits his head on the coffee table and passes out unconscious. Meanwhile, Maria confides in David that she’s given Aidan an ultimatum and is confident he’ll choose her over Eva. David is not convinced, but when Aidan tells Maria that he wants to be with her and he’ll break up with Eva, Maria is thrilled and agrees to be patient while Aidan lets Eva down gently. As they kiss secretly in the ginnel, neither of them notices Adam taking a picture on his phone. Elsewhere, worried about Daniel’s state of mind, Ken suggests he should see a therapist and offers to pay but Daniel reckons he doesn’t deserve any help. Also today, Audrey does her best to persuade David to forgive Gail, pointing out that Max and Lily need their grandma. Will David be swayed?

Eastenders – No episode today.

Hollyoaks – Diane thinks that it was a cry for attention from Scott, while Esther encourages Mercedes to support Scott, pointing out that he needs a friend. Later, Mercedes arrives to see Scott. Meanwhile, Lily is also at the hospital for her check-up about the scarring from the accident. She’s unaware that she’s missed her family by seconds as they all go into Scott’s room. Elsewhere, Tom is in his element when he replaces Scott as the magician at the fete. Lily is his reluctant glamorous assistant, but she’s still thinking about her hospital appointment. Tom is worried about Lily and Lily is floored when she finds out about Scott from drunken Mercedes.


Thursday 15th:

Emmerdale – Still completely unaware of Rhona’s rape ordeal, Paddy meets up with Pierce and tells him about Rhona’s painkiller relapse. Paddy begs Pierce to return to the village, but how will Rhona react when she finds her evil estranged husband in her living room? Meanwhile, Priya is in turmoil as she struggles with her guilt over recent events. Elsewhere, Rebecca returns to the village and announces that she’s staying with Victoria. Also, Adam is spurred into action. Rhona goes back to the police and names Pierce as her attacker. What does this mean for Pierce’s future, and will Rhona also now tell Paddy and Marlon the truth? Meanwhile, Rebecca contemplates her future as Robert and Aaron react to her return. Elsewhere, Pete feels the pressure after his infidelity.

Coronation Street – No episode today.

Eastenders – The Taylor family arrive on Albert Square and cause a stir from the start. What kind of trouble will they bring to the Square? Meanwhile, Bex continues to worry about Louise, but there’s a distraction when they receive another shock. Elsewhere, Lauren tells Max that there’s nothing going on between her and Josh, but she soon gets more than she bargained for. Also today, with Father’s Day approaching, Steven overhears Ian telling Jane that he isn’t the same as Peter or Lucy. Finally, Jack searches for a nanny to help him out.

Hollyoaks – Lily is alarmed when she sees Scott in a makeshift magician’s costume trying to leave the hospital for his next gig. Meanwhile, Darren tells Kyle that they need more weed so he can get Nancy the best treatment. Later, Ryan offers Kyle money to leave. However, Kyle turns up at Ryan’s flat and reminds him of the night they spent together. Kyle arrives home with some more weed for Darren. Elsewhere, Mac finds out that Nathan’s headstone is ready and asks Alfie to come with him to lay it. Alfie asks James along too, but he won’t go if Mac is going. Mercedes tells James about Scott and they make a pact to be more aware of people’s feelings – starting with James agreeing to go to Nathan’s grave for Alfie’s sake. However, Alfie doesn’t want Marnie to know, leaving James conflicted.


Friday 16th:

Emmerdale – Robert demands his money back from Ross, who turns spiteful by regarding Aaron with pity for being with Robert. Later, Robert promises Aaron that they’ll get revenge on Ross. Meanwhile, Rhona is anxious as she waits to hear what will happen to Pierce. Elsewhere, Lawrence is interviewed on local radio, but at the end of the show, a mystery caller makes a shock allegation about him.

Coronation Street – Daniel is crushed when Sinead refuses to talk to him. Soon afterwards in the Bistro, Robert is taken aback when Rich – a friend from the past – calls in. After flirting with Michelle, Rich quietly offers Robert some drugs. Robert declines, but not before Daniel clocks their exchange. After a confrontation with Tracy, Daniel flips and Robert orders him to go home and calm down. In The Rovers an emotional Daniel knocks back the drinks. Daniel then approaches Rich and buys some drugs, making out they’re for Robert. Meanwhile, Kate calls at Johnny’s flat and is horrified to see the gash on his forehead. Having been summoned by Kate, Rana tends to his wound. Frustrated at Johnny’s attitude towards his condition, Kate heads out to speak to Aidan. Johnny begs Rana to find Kate and stop her from telling Aidan about his MS. Elsewhere, Billy is put out when Todd tells him that he won’t be able to make their first meeting with Summer as he’s accepted some temp work. Going alone, Billy instantly warms to Summer Also, when Liz tells Alya and Kate they need to vacate the Street Cars flat as she and Steve are moving in, Luke suggests the girls rent his spare room. Finally, Eileen is in a celebratory mood having passed her driving theory test, while Neil visits Bethany – giving her an address and telling her to meet Nathan there tomorrow at 11am.

When Rich demands payment for Daniel’s drugs, Robert is taken aback. Concerned for his welfare, Robert hammers on Daniel’s door. Adam approaches and they let themselves in. They’re horrified to find Daniel slumped unconscious. Meanwhile, Rana persuades Kate to let Johnny tell Aidan about his condition in his own time. Elsewhere, Billy breaks the news to Todd that he’s agreed Summer can come and live with them. How will Todd react? Also, Aidan is shocked when he anonymously receives the picture on his phone of him kissing Maria in the ginnel. Is his secret about to be blown? Finally, Bethany cooks a meal for the whole family in the secret knowledge that it’ll be their last one together as she’s leaving with Nathan tomorrow.

Eastenders – As Keegan’s claims continue to have repercussions, Sharon finds Louise upset. Bex encourages Louise to confide in Sharon, so she finally reveals what’s been going on. Meanwhile, Ted tries to calm Joyce down as she expresses fears about the arrival of the Taylors – who are already getting off to a bad start with their other neighbours too. Elsewhere, Lauren tells Steven that she wants to spend the day together, but Abi interrupts by revealing that Josh has agreed to come to her party. After seeing Lauren’s reaction, Steven’s paranoia grows.

Hollyoaks – Marnie confronts Mac about Nathan’s headstone. He agrees that she can come to the graveyard, but James can tell that his mother still loves Mac. Alfie is stunned when Marnie asks him to put in a good word for her. Alfie does so and surprisingly, Mac starts organising a date night. Meanwhile, Neeta, Hunter and Alfie are organising the school ball in honour of Jade.


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