Soap Spoilers 13th – 17th February 2017

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Here is all you need to know about what is coming up this week in Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Eastenders and Hollyoaks. Soap Spoilers 13th – 17th February 2017

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Monday 13th:

Emmerdale – It’s a hard day for Paddy because it is the one year anniversary of Tess’s death and Rhona receives her decree absolute papers. Paddy and Rhona end up getting drunk and having a heart-to-heart about the end of their relationship, which leads to them sharing a kiss. Finn begs Kasim for another chance but is rejected again. Finn decides to get revenge by breaking in and trashing Kasim’s bedroom. Elsewhere, Bernice steps in when Laurel is tempted to drink at The Woolpack. Also, Megan is forced to use the Woolpack for a client’s venue again.

Coronation Street – Sinead finds herself out on the streets when Chesney kicks her out. Ken arranges a meeting for  Daniel with an old friend who lectures on the course Daniel is applying for, But daniel seems distracted by Sinead. Adam is stunned when Rosie confides in him about her and Sophie’s drug dilemma. Sophie resigns from the garage and hands back her 21% share in order to save the business. Meanwhile, Zeedan finds pills for MS in Yasmeen’s handbag. Zeedan and Alya confront her and she tells that that she doesn’t have MS and the pills are for her anxiety. Realising they are partly to blame for her stress, Zeedan and Alya bury the hatchet. Elsewhere, Nathan suggests that Bethany should do another video.

Also today, Luke surprises Tracy with a romantic trip away for Valentine’s day, but Tracy soon finds out it’s not exactly the kind of trip she had in mind and is disappointed. After Rosie’s drug confession, Adam decides to use this new information to his advantage. Later, having failed to show up to for his meeting, Ken goes to flat and is taken aback to find Sinead there. Ken tears strips off Daniel for putting his love life before his career. Nathan continues to groom Bethany, with the help of his assistant Mel, while Sarah and Gary encourage Bethany’s new hobby.

Eastenders – With the relationship at breaking point, Whitney confides in Lauren and Lee speaks to Mick. Meanwhile, Michelle is disappointed when she arranges to meet an old friend and he doesn’t turn up. Jay invites Michelle for a drink with him and Ben instead. Finally, Ian gives Jane an early Valentines present but she isn’t impressed by it.

Hollyoaks (first look) – Myra is stunned by a revelation from Sally. At the same time, Nick wants to comfort Holly at Celine’s funeral, but it doesn’t go to plan. Later, The McQueens gather for the funeral, Jesse arrives with a Valentine’s card and a rose for Celine. Cleo is still harbouring feelings for Nathan. She struggles through her eulogy at the church. The McQueens persuade Cleo to tell Nathan how she feels, and then the day takes another twist as Myra’s waters break. Meanwhile, Mac and Lisa end up in bed together again.


Tuesday 14th:

Emmerdale – Finn tells Tracy about what he did yesterday and they break back into Kasim’s house to try fix the damage. Emma also tries to help when she realises Finn is up to something, but unfortunately Kasim comes home unexpectedly. Meanwhile, Rhona is determined to get her relationship with Pierce back on track and encourages him to propose to her again. He does and she is excited to accept. Elsewhere, Laurel receives an anonymous bunch of flowers. Kerry is crushed when Lisa insists on taking Kyle home with her. While Chas seems jealous when she finds out about Paddy and Rhona’s kiss.

Coronation Street – No episode today.

Eastenders – Whitney and Lee head out for a romantic Valentine’s meal. At the same time, Mick and Shirley discuss the Lee and Whitney situation. Meanwhile, Michelle receives a Valentines card – but that’s not the only shock she receives today. Elsewhere, Bex gets a Valentine’s card from Shakil and finds a special way to reveal her feelings for him in return. Also today, Jack has a request that leaves Billy and Jay stunned. Finally, Ian brings Jane for a meal at their restaurant, while Stacey and Martin also head out for a date.

Hollyoaks (first look) – Joel finds Cleo at Nightingale’s and is floored when Cleo tells him about Bart being back. Meanwhile, Myra is at the hospital and she is blindsided when Diego turns up. Elsewhere, Lisa tells Mac that everyone needs to know the truth.

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Wednesday 15th:

Emmerdale –  The police arrive in the village to take Finn down to the station. Later, someone sets fire to the Bartons’ taxi and the police find a hoodie belonging to Kasim close by. Ross suspects that the culprit was actually Finn himself. Meanwhile, Vanessa worries about Rhona’s sudden rush to get married. Unaware that Pierce is listening, Vanessa shares her confusion with Rhona. Also today, Aaron is warned that he could be locked up for a long time when his sentencing arrives.

Coronation Street – Rosie realises Adam has stolen the drugs and confesses to Sophie that she told Adam everything. Later, Adam confides in Todd and suggests they set up a business together. Meanwhile, Bethany films a new video on her phone, but is told its substandard compared to her earlier ones. Sarah urges her to return to the salon and make another professional one instead. Bethany meets up with Nathan and he tells her how much he fancies her. Utterly thrilled Bethany leans in for a kiss. At Daniel’s flat, Daniel apologises to Ken for letting him down, while Ken struggles to make small talk with Sinead. Ken tells Brian how he has high hopes for Daniel and worries that Sinead with drag him down. Also today, Tracy reveals to Phelan that Andy is planning to track down Andy in Bristol.

Eastenders – No episode today.

Hollyoaks (first look) – Lisa has been on a night out and intends to tell Ellie about her and Mac. Meanwhile, Tony asks Diane why there’s no money in their current account. What is she hiding?

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Thursday 16th:

Emmerdale – Lisa’s birthday at The Woolpack ends in disaster. Meanwhile, Kasim protests him innocence, and even Finn can tell he’s telling the truth, However the police soon suggest that Finn set fire to the taxi himself. Also today, Marlon asks Carly to move in with him. Elsewhere, Liv is upset is upset when everyone forgets her birthday.

Zak puts his foot in it in front of the social worker and she decides to ask Kerry and Dan to take Kyle full time. Meanwhile, Harriet finds Emma at the church and gives her a lifeline. Also, today Tracy tells David that he can’t read her novel. Also, Liv causes a drunken scene at The Woolpack and storms out, forcing Aaron to intervene and carry her back home.

Coronation Street – Bethany sets off to school and is meet at the school gate by Nathan. He kisses her and invites her to the salon at lunchtime to make another video. On Nathan’s instruction, Mel continues to flood the internet with negative comments about Bethany’s last video attempt. At the Salon, Mel and Nathan get Bethany ready for her new video. However they are interrupted by the police, who arrest Nathan on suspicion of abduction of Annabel Adams. Bethany arrives home visibly shaken but does her best to seem calm. Nathan approaches her on the street and makes out that he’s been wrongly accused. He begs Bethany to lie to the police for him and provide him with an alibi. Todd overhears Sophie and Rosie talking about Adam and the drug situation. Also today, Phelan convinces Tracy to berat Luke for wasting his money on tracking down Andy when he could be spoiling her instead. Luke agrees to cancel his trip.

Eastenders – (Hour- long episode) Michelle is happy after the week’s events, but not for long as she starts to struggle with her situation. Later, Michelle attends an interview for a job as a teacher. Meanwhile, Shirley and Johnny approach Konrad, the owner of a local store, for help as they make plans for a polish night at The Vic. Elsewhere, Shakil finally decides to talk to Bex but he regrets it when he finds her with Travis. Madison and Alexandra also continue to cause trouble between Bex and Louise. Also today, Jack isn’t happy when Billy opposes his recent request, but Max and Stacy try to make Jack see sense. At the same time, the group of students are kicked out of number 18, so Ben and Jay look at the property. As Kathy is helping out with the deposit, they decide to go for it. Finally, Dot convinces Ian to go for a health check, but Jane receives some disappointing news at her own check-up.

Hollyoaks (first look) – Harry is jealous when he thinks Ste and John Paul are getting closer. Meanwhile, Scott and Mercedes have to intercept James’ credit card statements before he finds out they’ve been spending his money. They find more than they bargained for for at his flat. Elsewhere, Prince makes headway with Lily. Also today, Louise is torn when he sees Leela bringing baby Daniel home.

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Friday 17th:

Emmerdale – Zak has second thought about Kyle’s care. Meanwhile, David is shocked by the content in Tracy’s novel when he sneaks a peek. Meanwhile, concern grows for Aaron when he suffers a panic attack amid his growing worry over his upcoming sentencing, Robert has an idea to help. Also today, Chas and Paddy’s romance steps up a notch, while Debbie is hiding a secret about Sarah’s treatment that could get her into trouble.

Coronation Street – Alya, Rana and Kate head into town to celebrate Alya’s birthday. Sarah hears a report about the missing teenage girl and warns Bethany to be extra careful. With Nathan still asking for an alibi, Bethany is torn. Later, Mel takes Bethany into town and plies her with vodka. As Bethany staggers out of the club, Rana spots her and realises she drunk, so offers to take her home. However, Nathan pulls up in his car and assures Rana he’s a friend and will look after her. Peter drops Simon off at a party, But later panics when he can’t get hold of Simon on his mobile. Elsewhere, Steve and Michelle return home from Ireland. Liz hands Steve the urn containing Rory’s ashes.

Choosing Nathan over Rana, Bethany gets into his car and he takes her to his flat. Bethany apologies for questioning his innocence and promises from now on she will trust him implicitly. Nathan kisses her passionately. Meanwhile, Peter and Nick search for Simon while Toyah waits at the flat incase he shows up there. Leanne calls to the flat and Toyah is forced to admit what is going  on. Michelle breaks down when she’s given Rory’s ashes and Steve tries to comfort her.

Eastenders – The Carters continue to prepare for Polish night when an Environmental Health officer arrives after reports of food poisoning. Meanwhile, Denise is infuriated by Kim, when she suggests she could still change her mind about the baby at the meeting about the adoption next week. Finally, Jack takes Dot for her next round of injections.

Hollyoaks (first look) – Too early for spoilers.


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