Soap Spoilers 13th – 17th March 2017

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Here is all you need to know about what is coming up this week in Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Eastenders and Hollyoaks. Soap Spoilers 13th – 17th March 2017

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Monday 13th :

Emmerdale – Laurel and Gabby visit Ashley and discover that he is not eating properly, and even stuffing food into his bathrobe pockets. It doesn’t take long before Laurel finds out why Ashley is doing this. As Gabby struggles with Ashley’s behaviour, she skips school with Liv and their friends. Meanwhile, Vanessa struggles to make Rhona see sense and Paddy gets caught in the middle as they argue. Pierce stays in Rhona’s good books by suggesting Leo should be their best man. Also today, Faith returns from Prague and moves back in with Moira.

Coronation Street – Mel finds Bethany and tells her that Nathan has been wrongly arrested for assault and needs an alibi. Worried that he won’t make Sarah’s dinner, Bethany decides to do what she can to get Nathan released and heads to the police station to give him a fake alibi. Nathan is realised and tells Bethany she is amazing, they head to the Platts for dinner and Sarah and Gary are shocked when they learn just how old Nathan is. Meanwhile, Aidan tells Johnny that Maria to due to be released from prison and he’s worried that she will tell Eva about their affair. Johnny comes up with a plan and waits for her at the prison gates. Elsewhere, Chloe bumps into Peter and continues to try and get his attention. Also, Anne is embarrassed when she struggles to afford birthday presents for Faye. Roy hands her a £100 bonus, which Anne gives to Faye.

At dinner Nathan does his best to charm Sarah and promises he only has Bethany’s best interests at heart. Gary isn’t convinced, but Sarah realises if she wants to remain on good terms with her daughter she has to accept Nathan. Later, Sarah and Gary tell Bethany that they plan on buying a house together. Meanwhile, Johnny tries to buy Maria’s silence by offering to pay for a holiday for her and Liam. Also today, Phelan gives Seb some money and tells him to buy Faye a birthday gift if he wants to keep her sweet. Faye is impressed, but Anne is horrified to discover that Seb has been excluded from school and is working for Phelan. Seb urges Faye to use her birthday money to get his and hers tattoos. Also, Leanne promises Steve that she will talk to Nick about access agreements. Finally, Peter text Chloe to check how she i, Michelle hacks into Steves emails to find some dirt on him, while Gail spots burn marks on Shona’s shoulder.

Eastenders – Stacey plays peacemaker between Bex and Martin. Soon afterwards, they receive word that Bex can finally return, but it’s clear that she’s nervous. Later, just when it seems like everything is going back to normal, Bex decides that she’s not going back to school and Martin is furious all over again. Meanwhile, Tina is struggling to care for Sylvie and is forced to take her to work. When that doesn’t work out she decides that she will check on Sylvie once an hour. Elsewhere, Jane tries to help Ian to follow the doctor’s orders but soon becomes distracted by Mick. Also today, Michelle creepily looks at photos of Preston on social media.

Hollyoaks (first look) – Warren turns up at the McQueen house and makes Sienna take a pregnancy test. Meanwhile, Scott returns from Rhyll to some heartbreaking news. Elsewhere, Maxine takes Tracey to the cafe with her, but Rebecca isn’t there. Rebecca walks in as they’re leaving and Maxine confronts her.

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Tuesday 14th :

Emmerdale – Liv and Gabby continue to skip school, deciding instead to spend the afternoon drinking with Josh and Jamie. Gabby gets close to Josh and invites him upstairs into Laurel and Ashley’s bedroom. When Robert finds out that Liv has skipped school, he arrives at Mulberry with Laurel close behind. When Laurel finds out what Gabby has been up to, it pushes her over the edge. Meanwhile, Vanessa is devastated when Rhona tells her she no longer wants her to be maid of honour. Vanessa tries to tell Paddy and Pearl what Pierce is like but they refuse to believe her. Elsewhere, Zak receives a letter confirming him as Kyle’s legal guardian, but Lisa isn’t sure she wants to be involved in raising him.

Coronation Street – No episode today.

Eastenders – No episode today.

Hollyoaks (first look) – Scott confides in Lily about a Christmas present he found one year from his father to his mistress. Lily recognises the present as it belongs to Diane. Meanwhile, Adam hosts an engagement at the Loft and clashes with Neeta over Grace. Elsewhere, Darren, Kim and Esther prepare to go to the party although Kim is worried about Esther. Darren gets a cheap video camera for Esther to record the party. Kim gets angry at Esther being there and decides to take her home, and she also throws the video camera away. Esther confronts Kim about having to leave and Kim lies that there wasn’t a party, leaving her confused. Also today, Ellie is still struggling with the death of Nathan but is delighted when Freddie surprises her with a cabinet he’s made for Nathan’s trophies.

Wednesday 15th :

Emmerdale – Robert isn’t happy when he finds out Liv has been expelled for hitting Josh. Liv was trying to defend Gabby against Josh, who was bullying her on social media. Gabby is also struggling with the situation, especially when Bernice has a go at her over recent events. Realising they need a holiday, Laurel books a trip away for her and the kids. Meanwhile, Roberts day goes from bad to worse when he returns from the prison and tells Rebecca that he couldn’t see Aaron today due to an incident. Elsewhere, Faith helps out at the woolpack while Chas and Charity are away. Also today, Lisa tells Zak that things aren’t working out between them.

Coronation Street – Bethany panics when Sarah insists on taking her to the doctor for contraception, as she has already had the implant. Later, Bethany sets off for an evening at Nathan’s but feels awkward when she arrives at the party and all the guests bar Mel are men. Meanwhile, as Michelle snoops on Steve’s cloud storage, she’s heartbroken to see a photo of him with Oli. Leanne is alarmed to learn that Nick has organised a meeting to discuss stopping Steve getting access to Oli. They meet the solicitor in the Bistro, and Michelle arrives for lunch with Robert. Realising what going on Michelle texts the photo of steve and Oli to Nick. Nick argues with Leanne over the picture and later, threatens Steve to back off. Elsewhere, Gail spots David and Maria enjoying a drink together and decides that they would make a great couple. Also today, Faye returns from the tattoo parlour with her new ink.

Eastenders – No episode today.

Hollyoaks (first look) – Alfie returns home from Hollywood to find Freddie and Ellie in a heated argument. He advises Ellie to write down what’s making her so angry instead of lashing out. Freddie finds Ellie’s note that says ‘I don’t want this, it wasn’t my fault’, and wants answers. Meanwhile, Prince has manipulated more money out of Esther, but feels guilty so he tries to give it back. Scott and Diane see Prince forcing the money on Esther and go over to help her. Prince runs off and Diane talks to Esther about the engagement party that apparently never happened and Esther runs off when she realises that Kim lied to her. Later, Lily confides in Prince that she thinks Diane was having an affair with Scott’s dad and the pair decide to confront her.

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Thursday 16th :

Emmerdale – When Liv finds out that Robert hasn’t been allowed to see Aaron , she realises that her brother may have been caught with drugs. After wondering what is best to do, she tells Robert the truth about what’s going on. Later at the jail, Robert tests Aaron by asking what’s wrong and is disappointed when he lies. Aaron is crushed when Robert admits that he already knows about the drugs. Meanwhile, Belle gets an unimpressed Lisa to give Zak another chance when he invites her out to dinner. Lisa remains unimpressed when Zak takes her to the pub. Elsewhere, Doug shames Bob and Jimmy for not visiting Ashley. They make amends by promising to look after Ashley while Laurel is away. Also, Marlon is annoyed by Carly’s untidiness.

Robert tells Aaron to give up the drugs, but he insists that it’s too late. Robert also feels rejected when Aaron says that he has no use for him. Later, Robert downs whisky and ends up trashing the room, before calling Rebecca. Once she arrives Robert tries to kiss her but she rejects him. Meanwhile, after a terrible date, Zak takes Lisa to see the shed he’s been building for her and they end up slinging mud at each other as they continue to bicker. Also today, Faith strings along Rishi and Eric, while Carly tries to be tidier.

Coronation Street – No episode today.

Eastenders – Mick receives a shock when he is forced to face reality. Johnny inspects a new leak in the Vic’s roof. Things are tense between the Kazemi and Fowler families following recent events. Feeling guilty, Kush pays a secret visit to Bex and gives her some advice. Afterwards, Bex finally plucks up the courage to go to school. Also today, with encouragement from Stacey, Max pays Lauren a visit.

Hollyoaks (first look) – Freddie encourages Ellie to open up but she doesn’t want to. Soon afterwards, Ellie and Nancy are in the Bean gossiping about something that Liam overhears and isn’t happy about. When he confronts them, Freddie jumps in to defend the ladies. Later, Freddie and Ellie go out for a meal but it’s awkward when Nick, Dirk, Cindy and Holly are also there. Ellie wants to go, leaving Freddie suspicious. Meanwhile, Esther confronts Kim. Kim lies that Esther thought she saw Grace at the party, telling her that Grace has escaped from prison and is after Esther.

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Friday 17th :

Emmerdale – Robert regrets making a pass at Rebecca last night and begs her not to tell Aaron. At the same time, Chas returns and isn’t happy to find Faith behind the bar. She also senses something is wrong with Robert and angrily questions him. Chas is also upset to hear that Aaron has been taking drugs. Meanwhile, Carly is offered a job overseas when she helps save the hen party that’s been hosted by Bernice. She rejects the opportunity but seems excited to have been considered. Elsewhere, Zak and Lisa enjoy being back together.

Coronation Street – Leanne and Nick row over Steve getting access to Oli. Gail advises Nick to walk away while he still can. Leanne goes to register Oli’s birth alone. until Steve bursts in and demands to be named the father on the birth cert. Meanwhile, when Faye’s tattoo starts to not look right, Seb suggests she should see a doctor. Anne is furious when she discovers the tattoo and learns Seb supplied Faye with a fake ID to get it. Later, Izzy sees that Faye’s tattoo has become infected and takes her to A&E where Faye comes face to face with her past. Elsewhere, Sinead suggests that her and Daniel get a place of their own. Daniel agrees but suggests moving down south. Finally, Bethany moans to Nathan about how Sarah wasn’t happy about her staying out late, and he suggests they have a weekend away to really wind up her mum.

As Michelle drinks in the Bistro, she tells Nick it’s clear Leanne doesn’t care about him. As she plies Nick with wine, Robert warns her that what she’s doing isn’t a good idea. She ignores Robert and invites Nick back to the salon flat. As Leanne looks for Nick hoping to make up after their earlier row, Michelle leans in and kisses Nick. Meanwhile, Daniel meets up with his lecturer who urges him to accept the place at Oxford. Finally, Gail is thrilled when David invited Maria around for tea, unaware they’re just winding her up.

Eastenders – Lauren tries to get her family back together, so she encourages Abi to host a family dinner. Things start off well but Lauren gets suspicious when Max is cagey about his job. Meanwhile, Martin is upset to see Bex home from school during the day and they have a heart-to-heart. Later back at school, Bex finally confronts Louise over the way she’s been treating her recently. When Madison and Alexandra hear Bex talking about them both, there are devastating consequences for her. Soon afterwards, Bex is found distraught by the teachers. Elsewhere, Johnny comes up with a way for the Carters to save money.

Lauren remains suspicious of Max and decides to visit him at work. Meanwhile, Michelle decides to visit the doctor. Elsewhere, Kathy once again urges Tina to consider getting professional help for Sylvie when there’s yet another worrying incident. Also today, Denise is told that she will have to visit the Minute Mart head office next week, while the Carters prepare for St Patrick’s Day at the Vic.

Hollyoaks (first look) – No spoilers yet.

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