Soap Spoilers 14th – 18th August 2017

Written by ClareWithTheHair

Here is all you need to know about what is coming up this week in Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Eastenders and Hollyoaks.

Soap Spoilers 14th – 18th August 2017

Monday 14th:

Emmerdale – Emma faces a brand new nightmare when Finn tells her that he’s clearing out Wylie’s Farm of their possessions. She can’t help wondering whether he might find some evidence of the ordeal that she put James through last summer. Later on, Finn catches Emma at Home Farm and spots her frantically shoving a note into her pocket. Once they’re back home, Emma tells Finn that she was just there to say goodbye to Wylie’s, but a suspicious Finn searches her pockets. Inside, he discovers two pieces of a note with the words “I Do Not” written on them. Meanwhile, Laurel and Ross visit Ashley and Donna’s graves. Laurel tries to speak to Ross, but his confrontational response masks his own serious concerns about Emma. Elsewhere, Leyla is worried that the wedding will be a washout when nothing in her life is going according to plan. Also today, Megan is in too deep.

Coronation Street – As Aidan coos over the scan photo, Eva is wracked with guilt. She tells Leanne that her plan has gone far enough and she intends to call off her revenge. Later, Eva tells Adam that her plan to ruin Aidan is off. Seeing her genuine distress, Adam doesn’t argue and hands over the factory’s computer hard drive for her to replace. But as Eva returns the hard drive to the office, she’s forced to hide when Johnny and Aidan return. Meanwhile, already hacked off with Chesney, Gemma is further upset when Jenny makes a joke at her expense. So when two of Gemma’s old mates, Zoe and Roxy, call at Prima Doner she’s keen to impress. Shutting up shop, Gemma invites them to Rita’s flat where they raid the drinks cupboard. When Rita hears the sound of loud music upstairs, she bursts in. Elsewhere, Gemma is shocked that Chesney has quit his job, but when she tries to change his mind, Chesney bites her head off. Cathy visits Chesney where she explains that she’s arranged for him to meet Dev at the Bistro so he can apologise. Nervous of leaving home, Chesney is torn. Can he overcome his anxiety to salvage his job? Also, when Sally finds a pile of final demands in Gina’s handbag, she queries whether her bipolar is behind her spending sprees. Gina is dismissive, but when Sally mentions Rita once helped her out of debt, Gina’s ears prick up. Finally, Mary speaks to Jude via video call. When Aadi and Asha let slip about the wedding, Mary is forced to admit she’s marrying Norris. How will Jude react to this?

Jenny is outraged when Eva proclaims that, due to her pregnancy, she wants to get married ASAP and fancies a double wedding with her and Johnny. At first Jenny refuses, but when Eva forces Aidan to tackle his dad about sharing his wedding day, will Jenny be forced to back down? Adam’s heart goes out to vulnerable Eva, who suggests she pretends Stella is having a crisis so she can escape to France for a few weeks. Eva thanks Adam for all his support. Buoyed by her words, Adam acts on his feelings and leans in for a kiss. Will Eva respond? Meanwhile, Rita orders Zoe and Roxy out of her flat. Calling Gemma a saddo, they leave. Gemma is hurt while Rita is furious, especially when a tearful Gemma berates her for scaring off her only mates. When Gemma discovers that Rita has suggested to Jenny that she ask Gemma be one of her bridesmaids, their earlier row is quickly forgotten. However, as they head home, neither notice that Rita has failed to lock the shop. Watching from nearby, Zoe and Roxy can’t believe their luck and sneak inside. Elsewhere, Mary tells Norris that Jude knows about their wedding and she hates the idea of lying to him. Norris urges Mary to come clean, but he’s aghast when Mary reveals that Jude is flying his family over for their wedding so they will have to pretend it’s genuine. Also, when Cathy calls on Chesney to find out why he didn’t turn up to meet Dev, he snaps at her to stop interfering.

Eastenders – Phil is given food for thought when he receives an offer on the car lot land, but something seems suspicious about the large amount of money being suggested. In the end, he decides not to sell it as he wants to do the right thing by his family instead. Later on, Phil and Sharon pay a visit to Ben to break the news that Phil wants to give him The Arches. However, there’s another twist in store when Phil leaves the car lot land to Jay. Meanwhile, Linda annoys Fi by offering Keanu a trial shift at The Vic. Fi tries to talk to Linda about her attitude, which has a surprising outcome when Linda starts to open up to Fi. Elsewhere, Carmel invites Max on holiday and declares her love for him. Also today, Jane tells Ian that she doesn’t want Kathy to move into their new place, while Mr Pryce moves into Number 5.

Hollyoaks – Sienna panics when she finds out that her operation has been brought forward to tomorrow, while Joel pushes Warren to support her. Warren gives Sienna a necklace and promises that everything is going to be fine. Later, the blackmailer posts a letter addressed to Sienna… Meanwhile, Grace tracks down Tracey, who has seemingly gone on the run. Mother and daughter discuss the past and Tracey finally tells Grace she loves her. Elsewhere, Darcy has Adam and Jesse on her side, much to Maxine’s annoyance. Also today, Hunter is frustrated seeing Mac and Neeta together and Mac makes matters worse when he sets up Hunter and Peri on a date, with Neeta’s help. Finally, Courtney urges Tegan to get a job, while Tegan believes she has won big in a radio competition. After a misunderstanding, Tegan agrees it’s time to get a job.


Tuesday 15th:

Emmerdale – Hour-long episode Emma searches for the missing note and is shaken when Finn presents it to her. She admits that James wrote it and gets upset, so Finn decides not to ask any more questions. Later on, Emma mentions to Leyla that she no longer has her wedding dress. Finn overhears this and doesn’t believe her, but she explains that she destroyed the dress because of James’s relationship with Moira. When Finn then demands the full timeline of when Emma found out about Moira, will she tell the truth? And how will Finn react when Emma finally admits that she was on the bridge after all? Meanwhile, Adam spots Sarah wangling more money out of Pete. When he asks her what’s going on, Sarah reveals that Pete has been giving her money since she saw him speaking with Priya. Later, Pete is forced to tell the truth when Adam confronts him about sleeping with Priya. Elsewhere, Harriet is pleased when Cain apologises to Bishop Barry and both Cain and Harriet agree they shouldn’t change who they are for anyone.

Coronation Street – No episode today.

Eastenders – Ben is hurt when he finds out that the car lot land is worth more than The Arches, leaving him wondering whether Phil cares more about Jay than him. When Kathy finds out what’s going on, she’s quick to confront Phil about the situation. Jay also worries that Sharon is annoyed over Phil’s decision and tells her that he won’t accept the kind offer, but she gives him her blessing to have the car lot land. Later on, Ben gives Phil some home truths and is annoyed when he refuses to explain himself. Reaching the end of his tether, Ben tells Phil that he doesn’t want The Arches. Meanwhile, Shakil and Kush aren’t exactly welcoming to Max when they all have a family dinner with Carmel. Elsewhere, Max orders Steven to help him with his latest plan. Also today, Linda continues to make her mark at the pub by offering Tracey her job back, Keanu gets a job interview, and Sonia tries to give new neighbour Mr Pryce a warm welcome.

Hollyoaks – Sienna panics when she can’t find the necklace that Warren bought her and runs out of hospital. Warren and Joel return to discover Sienna gone and think she’s done a runner. When searching in The Folly, Sienna bumps into Kim, who brings her back to hospital. Meanwhile, Darcy and Jesse plan a BBQ to celebrate their engagement, whilst Grace meets up with a private investigator to find out dirt on Darcy. Later, Darcy turns to her mystery man for help again. Elsewhere, Tegan applies for the receptionist’s job at Hollyoaks High, but it’s up to Misbah to give her a glowing reference. Tegan tries to get somebody else to do the reference, but when she arrives at the hospital to pick it up, she discovers her plan has failed. Also today, Neeta is jealous when she sees Hunter kiss Peri on their date.


Wednesday 16th:

Emmerdale – It’s the day before Leyla and Pete’s wedding, so the bride and groom are having their hen and stag dos. Priya feels guilty when Leyla gives her a gift, while Rhona drinks as she struggles with the wedding vibes. It also doesn’t take long before Leyla starts experiencing pre-wedding jitters. Later, Pete confides in Adam that he’s having second thoughts about the wedding. Leyla and Pete end up speaking on the phone, but neither admits their true feelings about having wobbles over the big day. Meanwhile, Finn struggles. Elsewhere, Nicola becomes competitive when she sees Kerry and Dan exercising.

Coronation Street – As Norris goes to open up, he’s horrified to discover a break-in. As the police survey the ransacked Kabin, they point out there’s no sign of a forced entry. When Rita discovers £100 stolen from her purse, she realises someone has been in her bag and could have used her keys to the shop. Rita confronts Gemma and accuses she and her friends of stealing from her. Distraught at Rita’s accusation, Gemma tearfully assures her that she would never steal from her, but will Rita accept this? Meanwhile, Gary meets up with Joe and secretly signs the documents for his job in the Ukraine. When upbeat Sarah tells him they’ve got an appointment for the Parent Support session, Gary covers his guilt, hoping he’ll be back by then. Elsewhere, Eva tells Maria that as her bridesmaid and best friend, she’d like her to take over the wedding planning and hen do while she’s away. Maria is stunned. Whilst Maria moans about her role as wedding planner, Aidan tells her that she got it wrong and there’s nothing going on between Eva and Adam. As Eva leaves for France, what is her game? Also, when Tracy hears that Norris and Mary are getting married, she reckons it’s a wind-up and makes jibes at the pair, suggesting the wedding will be nothing more than a circus. Desperate to protect Mary, Norris says he couldn’t be happier. Finally, David arrives home to find Bethany styling Shona’s hair. Shona quickly goes, while Bethany tells David how Shona was helping take her mind off the trial.

Eastenders – No episode today.

Hollyoaks – Warren is struggling to cope with the stress of Sienna’s operation on top of the blackmailer’s texts. Joel tries to calm Warren down, but another text sends Warren spiralling and he accuses Yasmine and Shane of being his blackmailer. Tony witnesses Warren locking Shane in the back of a van and drags him into The Loft to calm him down. Later, Warren spots his hooded blackmailer and chases them. How will he react when he discovers who it is?


Thursday 17th:

Emmerdale – The day of Leyla and Pete’s wedding has arrived. Pete is considering telling Leyla the truth about his affair, but Adam persuades him not to as it would mess things up. At the same time, Leyla is having her own doubts and confides in Priya that she’s worried she’s rushing into marrying Pete. Leyla ends up delaying her entrance down the aisle under the excuse of making adjustments to her hair and make-up. Pete is unsettled by the delay and pops out to the toilet, where he makes a decision. Will he go ahead with the wedding or tell Leyla the truth? Meanwhile, Harriet has some questions. Elsewhere, Pollard and Doug bicker. Also, Nicola becomes competitive when she sees Kerry and Dan Spencer exercising and sets up a race – Dan versus Jimmy. Leyla and Pete’s wedding day continues, but will there even be a ceremony at all? Meanwhile, Dan and Jimmy set off on their race under instruction from Kerry and Nicola, but the men have other ideas. Elsewhere, Harriet struggles. Also, Rhona is on the defence. Finally, Emma struggles with the gossip.

Coronation Street – No episode today.

Eastenders – Jay invites Phil and Sharon over for dinner to help clear the air among the Mitchells, but Phil fails to show up. Jay is surprised when Ben tells him how much the car lot is really worth, finally making him realise why Ben is so upset. Afterwards, Jay decides to confront Phil. Meanwhile, Steven has had enough of Max’s demands and decides that he’s going to tell Lauren the truth when she returns that night. While preparing for Lauren’s return, Steven tells Abi that their affair was a mistake and he wants to be with Lauren. Will Steven really confess to Lauren? Elsewhere, the Taylors run out of electricity and receive two visits from the bailiffs. Also today, Ian and Jane tell Kathy that she’ll have to find a new place to live.

Hollyoaks – Tom borrows Darren’s car with a stash of heroin in the boot. Tom is pulled over by the police for driving too slow just as Darren and Nancy arrive at the scene. Meanwhile, Holly is surprised to see Brody in Hollyoaks, and both Brody and Damon take a shine to Cleo. Damon and Brody go head to head for her affections, but Brody ends up kissing Cleo, which Joel witnesses. Elsewhere, Tegan witnesses Yasmine struggling to breathe and brings her to hospital. However, Misbah is furious to see Tegan giving Yasmine medication and warns her away.


Friday 18th:

Emmerdale – Leyla reaches out. Meanwhile, things get heated with Nicola and Kerry when Dan and Jimmy have to separate them. Elsewhere, Rhona drowns her sorrows in the pub, but Vanessa is concerned and encourages her to go home.

Coronation Street – Alya is intrigued when she witnesses Gary collecting a certificate of health from the medical centre. Cornering him in the café, Gary is forced to explain that he’s signed up for some dangerous security work in the Ukraine in a bid to clear his debts. Alya is horrified but reluctantly agrees to deliver letters for Gary should anything happen to him. However, when she unwittingly drops the letter marked ‘Sarah’, will Sarah get to read the contents before Gary leaves for the airport? Meanwhile, as the police take Gemma in for questioning, Cathy assures Rita that Gemma thinks the world of her and would never steal from her. But Rita reckons Gemma has them both fooled. Elsewhere, Phelan is chuffed when Nicola calls and asks him if he’ll cast his professional eye over a flat she’s hoping to buy. Nicola tells Phelan how she took his advice and put in a reasonable offer but the developer laughed in her face. Phelan demands the developer’s name. Also, having waited for Kate to go to work, Alya emerges from Luke’s bedroom. Alya confides in Rana that she slept with Luke but they didn’t have sex. Finally, when Rana finds out that Liz has signed up for some free vape cartridges and provided her bank details, she warns her she’s been scammed.

Liz is gutted to discover that her bank account has been emptied. Liz laments to Eileen how the scam leaflet was pinned to the Medical Centre notice board and she intends to find out who’s behind it. Meanwhile, Phelan meets up with the developer. Pointing out he’s in the trade and knows every scam, leans on him to accept Nicola’s offer. Thrilled, Nicola tells Phelan her offer on the flat has been accepted and it’s clearly thanks to him. Elsewhere, Kate arrives home to find Luke and Alya kissing. Unimpressed, she tears a strip off them for getting together behind her back, claiming she’s going to feel like a spare part in her own home.

Eastenders – Phil is still refusing to open up about his recent strange decisions. Later on, Jay confronts Phil again and is shocked when Phil makes a shocking revelation. Meanwhile, Carmel, Kush, Denise, Kim and Vincent are all excited for their holiday, but Fi realises that Max has another idea in mind. Elsewhere, Keanu grows desperate.

Hollyoaks – Joel confronts Brody about his intentions with Cleo, but Cleo arrives and warns Joel off. Meanwhile, Brody warns Scott away, but when Grace puts Damon under pressure, Scott comes up with an idea for a Ladies Night. Damon loves the idea, but Brody isn’t keen and sabotages it.


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