Soap Spoilers 16th – 20th January 2017

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Here is all you need to know about what is coming up this week in Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Eastenders and Hollyoaks. Soap Spoilers 16th – 20th January 2016.

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Monday 16th:



Emmerdale – Nicola finds out that Rakesh lied about the insurance payout, and wonders why. Finn realises that Tracy paid Nathan to take him out. Chas mistakenly thinks Charity and Bob slept together, and it’s not long until the news spreads around the village. Rhona apologises to Pierce over last night but realises she may not have been forgiven.

Coronation Street – Phelan desperately tries to gets his hands on Kevin’s laptop so he can delete the CCTV footage of his conversation with Todd, but when he can’t get anywhere near it, Phelan orders Andy to burn down the garage. Later at the Bistro Phelan gets Kevin drunk and then promises he’ll get him home safe. Phelan guides Kevin to the old garage and steals his keys. Then he leaves Kevin on the back seat of a customer’s car. Phelan gives to keys to Andy, who lets himself into the new garage. Andy is nearly discovered by Luke and Tracy. Michelle really struggles after the lose of her baby boy. Nathan complements Bethany on her hair and makeup skills and overs her his old camera so she can do online tutorials. Gary returns home and is gutted to find out that the gym has gone bust. Chesney and Sinead grow even further apart.

Andy sets fire to the new garage and grabs Kevin’s laptop as he does a runner. As the fire rages, Freddie, Tyrone, Luke and Kevin watch on in anguish. A shaken Andy gets home and shoves Kevins laptop in a cupboard and his fire damaged clothes in the  washing machine. Steph arrives home and finds Andy’s clothes. Andy decides to just tell Steph everything that been going on with him and Phelan. Michelle and Steve’s relationship is under strain from the grief they are both feeling. Worried about Leanne’s baby, Nick asks Steve why baby Rory died and if it could possibly be something genetic, Steve punches him in response. Sarah and Gary rekindle their romance.

Eastenders – It’s Phil’s Birthday and during the celebrations he drops a bombshell on Sharon. As a result, secrets explode for the Mitchells. Dot and Glenda to their best to help Jack and the kids as he continues to struggle after Ronnie’s death. Babe continues to serve alcohol at the Vic before their licensed hours.

Hollyoaks (first look) – Kim makes a panicked phone call to Grace, asking her to get to the hospital. When Grace and Adam arrive, a team of nurses rush to Esther’s room. They see Esther convulsing and the consultant tells them that the the memory loss, mood swings and seizures may never go away. Meanwhile, Elle wants to go with Marnie to her MRI scan, but Freddie arrives in time to distract her. Ellie confides in Freddie about Marnie’s ‘brain tumor’, then decides to surprise her mum at the hospital. Lily is embarrassed when Courtney catches her and Prince getting close.


Tuesday 17th:

Emmerdale – Rakesh tries to cover his tracks but Ronnie tells Nicola that Rakesh started the fire deliberately. Kasim offers to take Finn and Nathan for a drink. Finn agrees and offers Nathan cash to go on another date, hoping this win win Kasim back.Chas sees how insecure Aaron is about Robert spending time with Rebecca and suggests he should be honest with Robert about how he is feeling. Rhona promises Pierce that she won’t go out with the girls anymore.

Coronation Street – No episode today.

Eastenders – Babe’s bad behaviour continues and Mick finally loses patience with her constant scheming, he tells her that she’s out if she messes up one more time. Lee reveals to Whitney that he has a job interview, while life for Mick goes from bad to worse. Tensions continue to run high for the Fox family following the arrival of Denise’s baby. Danny helps Jack and Gelinda prepare for the funeral.

Hollyoaks (first look) – Leela tries to contact Cameron and Tegan realises that Leela knows who Daniel’s father is. It’s awkward between Louis and Leela in Price Slice, but Louis is intrigued when Tegan reveals they’re registering Daniel today. Later, Cameron returns. Meanwhile, Ellie gets drunk and lashes out at Freddie, blaming him for everything that’s happened. she shocks herself when she punches him.



Wednesday 18th:

Emmerdale – Kasim is shocked when he realises that Finn has been paying Nathan to make him jealous. When Kasim ignores Finn’s attempts to explain and drives off, Finn gets into his taxi and follows him. Nicola starts work at the factory under the pretence that she desperately needs a job. However, she soon has a shock in store for the factory workers. With Chas fussing over the wedding, Charity suggests that Robert and Aaron should get married in Vagas. Aaron tells Robert about the suggestion, and he says they should flip a coin to decide on the wedding location. Laurel worries about the cost of care homes. Marlon sets Paddy and Chas up.

Coronation Street – The fire investigator finds a set of keys. Kevin tells Tyrone that he plans to sell the garage once the insurance pays out. The police become suspicious of Kevin when they find no sign of forced entry and his laptop is missing. As Tyrone confronts Kevin over the fire, and suggests he started it himself, the police arrive with questions. Steph and Andy make plans to go to portugal to get away from Phelan. Steve breaks down and tells Peter that Leanne is having his baby. Sarah breaks the news to Bethany that she and Gary are back together,

Eastenders – No episode today.

Hollyoaks (first look) – Leela feels guilty when Peri admits that she needs her dad. Later, Peri is delighted when Cameron picks her up from school and Louis informs Leela, who tracks them on her phone. Later, Louis turns up at the hospital and someone overhears him and Leela talking about Daniel. Esther is still struggling with her memory but Nancy has an idea to help. Later, Nancy tells Darren her MS results have arrived. Ellie wants to make it up to Freddie and plans a romantic surprise.


Thursday 19th:

Emmerdale – Aaron is on a high over the news that he and Robert are getting married in Vagas, but his mood takes a turn for the worst when he finds out Robert is spending time with Rebecca again. When Robert calls him, Robert lies that he’s still at work when he is actually with Rebecca. Aaron shows up at Rebecca’s, prompting Robert to angrily confront him over his constant jealousy. Chas and Paddy’s date does not go according to plan. Laurel is excited over a potential new job. She is also pleased to find Gabby looking after Ashley so well at home. Also today, the factory is in chaos. Kerry makes a stand when she gets her P45, while Lisa is also threatened with the sack.

More drama flares up with Finn tries to get Kasim back. Kasim is with his father, and shoves Finn in a desperate attempt to prove himself in front of his dad. As things get heated, Aaron, who is already in a really bad mood, gets involved and beats up Kasim. Later, Robert and Aaron are holding crisis talks about their relationship but are interrupted when to police show up. Chas is stunned when Paddy faints in front of her. Nicola arranges for Kerry and Lisa to come back to work.

Coronation Street – No episode today.

Eastenders – Lee decides to gatecrash Whitney’s girls night out, but things go wrong when he makes a worrying discovery. Drunk and emotional, Lee gets angry at Whitney and blames her for everything that’s happened to him recently. She goes to the Vic to get away from the argument and confides in Mick. Jack continues to plan the funeral, as the kids still struggle to understand what’s going on. Glenda suggests that the kids don’t go to the funeral but Jack disagrees. Jack is also surprised when he asks Phil to speak at the funeral and he refuses. Sharon tries to find out why Phile has refused, but he just snaps at her. Later, Phil receives a suspicious call and heads off to meet someone. Elsewhere, Louise is asked on a date.

Hollyoaks (first look) – Leela and Louis worry about who overheard them at the hospital last night. It’s also Lisa’s birthday today, but Simone is agitated. Lisa and Mac flirt at The Dog. Nathan has forgotten Lisa’s birthday and she is not happy. Zack reminds Nathan about her birthday and he rushes to get her a present. Late, at Lisa’s party on the Love Boat, a jealous Mac reveals that Cleo helped Nathan pick Lisa’s present and Lisa is raging. Nancy and Darren are devastated when the doctor confirms that Nancy has relapsing/remitting multiple sclerosis. Nancy struggles to cope and leaves Charlie with Freddie. Freddie returns Charlie to the Osborn’s but is late to meet Ellie.


Friday 20th:

Emmerdale – With Chas upset over recent events, Paddy gets jealous as she seeks comfort in DS Wise. Paddy confides in Rhona and Pierce. Pierce decides to try get Chas and Paddy back together. Chas tells Paddy how she feels, but is it good new or bad news? Meanwhile, Robert urges Finn to help with the Kasim situation, but Finn refuses. Later, Robert tries a different approach by apologising to Finn. Elsewhere, Laurel is promoted to  supervisor at the factory.

Coronation Street – Tyrone tells the police that Kevin couldn’t of set fire to the garage about he was in a drunken sleep, and Kevin is released. Andy tells Steph that he’ll meet her at the airport and he decides to go through the CCTV footage. He comes across Phelan admitting to Todd that he was behind the building scam. Phelan arrives at Andy’s flat and sees his own image on the computer screen. Meanwhile, Michelle makes plans for Rory’s funeral but doesn’t involve Steve. Eileen excitedly prepares for her and Phelans wedding tomorrow.

Andy attempts to secretly record Phelan talking about the building scam and Michael’s death, but Phelan sees what he’s doing and grabs the phone. Phelan continues to wind Andy up, Andy snaps and hits Phelan over the head with the laptop. Andy is about to leave when Phelan fights back. Steph waits for Andy at the airport, while Eileen waits for Phelan at the registry office. Elsewhere, Michelle apologies to Steve for cutting him out. Nathan films Bethany doing her tutorial and showers her with inappropriate compliments.

Eastenders – It’s the day for Ronnie and Roxy’s funeral and emotions are running high. Later, Glinda drops a bombshell. Lee avoids Whitney. The cracks begin to show for the Mitchells and the Brannings. Louise prepares for her date.

Hollyoaks (first look) – No spoilers yet.


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