Soap Spoilers 17th – 21st July 2017

Written by ClareWithTheHair

Here is all you need to know about what is coming up this week in Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Eastenders and Hollyoaks.

Soap Spoilers 17th – 21st July 2017


Monday 17th:

Emmerdale – A police officer arrives with some photos of Rhona and Paddy embracing and points out that it could back up Pierce’s argument in court. As a result, Rhona is left fearing the worst over the upcoming trial. Meanwhile, Chrissie meets Tim at a restaurant but is unaware of his identity. Elsewhere, Ross and Debbie continue to circle each other. Robert remains determined to sort out his problems with Aaron so he moves back into The Mill.

Coronation Street – In order to raise some cash for the deposit on the flat, Aidan decides to sell his car. Eva feels guilty, but her resolve hardens when Maria flashes him a wistful smile from across the street. Later, Adam tries to blackmail Aidan over the photograph. When Aidan refuses to pay up, Adam orders him to tell Eva the truth. Eva stares at Aidan with her heart in her mouth – if she is ‘told’ about the affair, her revenge is over. Meanwhile, David calls at Number 11 and implores Shona to help him track down Lara, another of Nathan’s victims, in a bid to help Bethany get the justice she deserves. Elsewhere, clearly in a foul mood, Phelan heads out to price up a job. Seb is intrigued to see that Phelan has been Googling Nicola, his case manager. Having surveyed the new solicitors’ offices, Phelan breaks the news to Adam that the electrics will set him back £4,000. Phelan blames himself for coming on too strong and scaring Nicola away. At work, he has a go at Seb and tells him he is fired. Also, after spending the night together, Brian and Cathy discuss possible nicknames for each other. Brian shows Cathy his megaphone, explaining that his council duties have expanded to include litter enforcement. As Brian takes up his litter enforcement role and berates Phelan for dropping a sweet wrapper, Cathy watches him admiringly.

Eva realises that Adam must know about Aidan’s affair but is desperate to keep him quiet, so she pretends to faint. While Aidan fetches her some water, Eva orders Adam to meet her in the ginnel. Adam heads out intrigued. In the ginnel, Adam shows Eva the photo of Aidan snogging Maria. Eva asks Adam to stop blackmailing Aidan, as she wants to forget about his affair for the sake of their baby. Adam reluctantly agrees. Meanwhile, Seb quizzes Eileen about Phelan’s obsession with Nicola and is fascinated to learn that she may be his daughter. Eileen finally admits to Phelan how she went to see Nicola and showed her the photo of him and Linda, hoping it would do some good but her plan backfired. As Phelan absorbs the news, Eileen goes on to reveal that Seb knows that Nicola might be his daughter. How will Seb use this info? Elsewhere, David and Shona steer Lara to a café and urge her to report Nathan to the police, not just for Bethany’s sake but for all the girls whose lives he’s ruined. Will she agree to help? Also, having taken delivery of some new salt and pepper mills, Roy is annoyed to discover the receipt is missing. Spotting this, Brian brandishes the receipt at Roy, explaining that he found it on the street and that makes him a litter lout. Roy is stunned as Brian issues him with a Fixed Penalty Notice.

Eastenders – Steven has lied to Lauren with some “shocking news” to keep her in Walford. When Abi finds out what he’s up to, she urges him to tell Lauren the truth. Later, Steven continues to spy on Lauren and he hears her telling Josh that she’s decided to give life at home another chance. This encourages Steven to push forward with his twisted plans, but will he be able to keep Abi quiet? Meanwhile, Ian buys some champagne at the pub to celebrate accepting an offer on the chippy, but his excitement fades when he realises that he’s inadvertently agreed to sell it to Weyland & Co. Elsewhere, Dot returns home against doctor’s orders and is upset by the changes made to her house. Also today, Alexandra reaches out to Keegan as she plans to cause chaos at the upcoming school prom. Finally, Sharon and Michelle discuss the Taylors.

Hollyoaks – Scott gets a job at Price Slice, but he struggles when Simone leaves him on his own. He turns to Maggie, who tells him to leave her alone. Later, Scott finds out that Maggie’s son Damon has a bar and heads there to meet his brother, but Damon is blissfully unaware of who Scott is. Meanwhile, DS Armstrong convinces Cindy to do a talk about powerful women in Liverpool, but Cindy has no idea she’s his next stalkee. Leela finds out about the trip and tries to warn Cindy about Armstrong. Elsewhere, Louis tries to get out of attending Daniel’s naming ceremony, but he returns home to find Simone babysitting Daniel. Also today, Marnie is back to her bossy self, but she fails the health inspection at Nightingale’s when she discovers the inspector is a lady called Elizabeth, who she used to bully at school.


Tuesday 18th:

Emmerdale – Hour-long episode Cougar Jools has booked The Woolpack for a party. Ross makes Debbie jealous by flirting with Jools, while Sarah overhears Faith talking about the potential for profit in selling alcohol to teenagers. She decides to go for it by selling shots in the toilets. Later, drunk teenagers are running wild at the party, while Jools’s husband Roger arrives to discover his wife in the toilets with Ross. A fight ensues between Roger and Ross, which ends with Ross being beaten up. Meanwhile, Lawrence gatecrashes a meeting with Chrissie and Tim, but will he acknowledge that he knows Tim? Elsewhere, Priya is keen to find out how Leyla really feels about Pete, and Leyla admits that she’d jump at the chance if Pete ever proposed. When Leyla thinks Pete has overhead her, she’s worried that she might have scared him off.

Coronation Street – No episode today.

Eastenders – Lauren tells Max about Steven’s recent news, still unaware that it’s all a lie. Max is suspicious and decides to do some digging of his own, but will he discover the truth about Steven’s deception? Meanwhile, Max tries to change Ian’s mind after discovering that he’s pulled out of the sale of the chippy to Weyland & Co. Will Ian be persuaded by Max’s seemingly heartfelt speech? Elsewhere, Robbie gives Donna her pitch back, but he’s left with more to worry about when Mr Lister arrives and warns him to increase the revenue of the market by having more trendy stalls before Christmas, otherwise it’ll be closed. Also today, Bex agrees to attend the prom with Shakil – as a friend. Finally, Carmel reveals that she can’t go away on the joint holiday as her passport has expired, much to the relief of Denise and Kush.

Hollyoaks – Cindy is left alone at the hotel in Liverpool with DS Armstrong. Meanwhile, Scott opens up to Damon about his past. Damon gives Scott his number as a friend, still unaware of who Scott really is. Elsewhere, Simone gets emotional when babysitting Daniel. Also today, Elizabeth comes up with a plan to get back at Marnie.

Wednesday 19th:

Emmerdale – When an organised wedding is cancelled, Tracy suggests that Leyla and Pete should take advantage of the date and get hitched themselves. Leyla is disappointed when Pete dismisses the idea. Later, Leyla confides in David, who encourages her to take matters into her own hands and propose. After some encouragement, she decides to go for it, but what will Pete say? Meanwhile, Cain is suspicious. Elsewhere, Kerry gets her hopes up ahead of her birthday party.

Coronation Street – Forming a plan, Adam instructs Eva to borrow Aidan’s paperwork regarding the flat purchase. On Adam’s advice, Eva suggests to Aidan that having looked at his accounts, it might be best to put the flat in her name. Later, Adam suggests their next move should be to take the factory from him. Meanwhile, Phelan offers Seb his job back at the builder’s yard. Seb is pleased. When Nicola calls at the yard and invites Phelan for a drink, he’s surprised but thrilled. Over a drink, Phelan chats away to Nicola, trying to get to know her. However, when she reveals that she knows he’s dying, Phelan’s completely thrown. Elsewhere, Craig tells Bethany how he confronted Neil, who denied everything. Bethany’s gutted, but Craig assures her that he knows she’s telling the truth and he admires her for showing such amazing strength despite all she’s gone through. Buoyed by Craig’s words, Bethany announces that she’s going to seek professional help. Sarah is pleased that she’s finally turned a corner. Also today, Brian refuses to back down over Roy’s litter fine. Finally, Zeedan and Rana attend Luke, Kate and Alya’s flat warming party. Luke leans in to kiss Alya, but will she respond?

Eastenders – No episode today.

Hollyoaks – Milo’s tattoo – ‘never forget’ written in Latin – suggests a dark secret. Meanwhile, some of the other villagers continue to have an eventful week.


Thursday 20th:

Emmerdale – Nell is meeting with social services today to discuss her chances of getting Rosie back. Later on, Priya demands to know why Nell didn’t go to the meeting, but Nell turns the tables on her by revealing that she knows about her and Pete. Meanwhile, Frank is hurt when he clashes with Faith, who insists that he’s a conman through and through and Megan shouldn’t be in business with him. Will Megan agree? Meanwhile, Frank is downcast. Elsewhere, Debbie is upset. Priya is left with a dilemma after being confronted by Nell. Meanwhile, Kerry has high hopes for her 40th birthday party and present, but will Dan have got it right?Elsewhere, Megan is also facing a choice after the day’s events.

Coronation Street – No episode today.

Eastenders – Louise has a last-minute crisis on the day of the prom when she realises that someone else has the same dress has her, but Bex steps in to save the day. Later, with Madison and Alexandra waiting in the wings and still determined to ruin the prom, could there be trouble for Louise? Meanwhile, Carmel catches Max reading her council planning files when they’re supposed to be enjoying a romantic evening together. How will Max explain himself? Elsewhere, Robbie tries to help Donna keep her pitch.

Hollyoaks – Sienna tells Joel to try to move on from Bart. Later, Sienna is frightened when a note gets pushed through the door ‘I know your secret’. Meanwhile, Zack turns up at the naming ceremony to support Leela and become Daniel’s godfather. Zack makes a speech and suggests that he and Leela should move in together. Elsewhere, Mac organises a BBQ on the same day as the Nightingale’s relaunch. Marnie is worried that she’s losing customers,, so comes up with a plan to sabotage the BBQ. To make matters worse, the drains are overflowing at Nightingale’s.


Friday 21st:

Emmerdale – Pete takes action after the week’s events. Meanwhile, Jai continues to support Nell with the Rosie situation. Elsewhere, Lydia makes a discovery.

Coronation Street – Sarah thanks Craig for giving Bethany the courage to seek professional help. When Craig admits that he intends to quit the police force, Bethany is horrified and urges him to reconsider, pointing out that he’d be letting Nathan and Neil win. Craig approaches Neil and tells him he’s changed his mind about quitting the force, but is going to request that he’s assigned a new mentor. Neil angrily bundles Craig into his car, asserting that they need a little chat. Secretly activating the record function on his phone, Craig goads Neil, but will he reveal all? Meanwhile, Nicola calls at Number 11. Handing Eileen a DNA testing kit, she tells her she needs to know the truth. Phelan arrives home and is taken aback when Eileen shows him the DNA kit. Elsewhere, determined to put his plan into action, Adam tells Eva she needs to persuade Aidan to give her a job in the office. Also, Gail confides in Audrey that Nick has sold his flat and gone for good and as far as she’s concerned, Leanne’s to blame. At the same time, Michelle signs for a recorded letter, only to realise it’s for Leanne. Finally, Luke apologises to Alya for trying to kiss her. Blaming the drink, she promises it won’t happen again. Alya hides her disappointment. Later, Alya confides in Rana and Kate that she’s fallen for a guy but isn’t sure what to do. At Craig’s insistence, Bethany phones the police to report Neil and DC Leigh calls at Number 8. Awash with shame, Bethany describes how Nathan cajoled her into having sex with Neil. DC Leigh assures her that Neil will feel the full force of the law.

In the police station, DC Leigh tells Neil that the Chief Inspector wants to see him. Knowing the game is up, Neil shoots a look of hatred at Craig. DC Leigh calls at Number 8 and assures Bethany and Sarah that she’s confident they now have enough evidence to bring charges. Meanwhile, when Aidan reveals that Eva will be moving into the office to learn the business side of things, Jenny and Alya are furious. Johnny tries to smooth things over. Izzy confronts Aidan, demanding to know why Eva’s been promoted and accusing him of favouritism. When Aidan reveals that Eva is pregnant and has been promoted on medical grounds, Izzy and Sean apologise for their bitchy remarks. Elsewhere, as Toyah and Peter prepare The Rovers for Liz’s farewell party, Toyah confides in Leanne that she’s hopeful she may be pregnant. Toyah gives Eva a congratulatory hug, whilst Eva is awash with guilt. Also, Phelan does the DNA test and hands the swab to Nicola. Nicola heads off, promising she’ll be in touch as soon as she has the results. Finally, Michelle chucks the recorded letter addressed to Leanne in the bin, while Alya steels herself to tell Luke she fancies him.

Eastenders – The school prom is thrown into chaos, but who is involved and what has happened?Meanwhile, Carmel demands to know what Max is up to. Will she believe his cover story?

Hollyoaks – Warren confronts Grace about the note. He eventually believes it wasn’t from her and they sleep together, but who has posted the note? Later, Warren gets a threatening text, while Sienna collapses in pain and is rushed to hospital. Meanwhile, Hunter covers Prince’s shift at The Dog, but he witnesses Mac’s aggressive side when he threatens Harry. Neeta doesn’t believe Hunter but Mac later offers Hunter a job and he accepts. Elsewhere, Prince buys Lily a necklace with his window cleaning money. He heads over to Tony and Diane’s flat and walks in as Lily is trying on the necklace. She runs away when she realises her scar is visible.

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