Soap Spoilers 19th – 23rd September 2016

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Here is all you need to know about whats coming up this week in Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Eastenders and Hollyoaks. Soap Spoilers 19th – 23rd September 2016


Soap Spoilers 19th - 23rd September 2016

Monday 19th:

Emmerdale – Paddy’s out of control behavior continues as he remains locked in his hold home. Robert tampers with equipment at Chrissie’s new adventure park to ruin her grand opening, but his plan backfires. Priya and Rishi make a deal over the Mill. Chrissie gives Ronnie a reason to stick around.

Coronation Street – Todd’s in danger when stunned Phelan realises just how desperate Vinny is to silence him. Sean uncovers a secret that tears Billy and Todd apart. Alex makes plans and Cathy heads off to confront his estranged dad, Nigel. Sonia tempts a guilt-ridden Sharif. Beth begs an angry Kirk to come home. Audrey and Freddie find a compromise.

Eastenders – Paul’s killers are facing a court hearing today and Les is determined to be there, despite Pam’s doubts. Pam insists that Les needs Christine to help him through his grief or their relationship could be over. Sonia clashes with Tina and Bex when she reveals that she’ll be leaving Albert Square tomorrow. Shirley gives Sonia some home truths. Lee asks his parents for some financial help so he and Whitney  can move out.

Hollyoaks (first look) – Ester grows suspicious of Jack. Later, Jack visit Billy in prison, but is alarmed to find out someone has been watching the house. Billy threatens to expose who Jack really is to his family. Meanwhile, Ste is gutted that Leah and Lucas can’t attend the launch of his new business. He presents Amy with an access plan for the kids, but is heartbroken when Leah tells him she likes having a “normal” family with Ryan and Amy. Harry later surprises Ste with a visit from Leah and Lucas.


soap spoilers 19th - 23rd september 2016


Tuesday 20th:

Emmerdale – After Roberts plan backfires he is forced to tell Victoria that Chrissie set up Andy, leaving Victoria seething with hatred. A woman named Lydia asks Jimmy out. David worries about his upcoming test results and tells Tracy that if the Cancer is back he can’t marry her.

Coronation Street – No episode today.

Eastenders – Les isn’t too pleased with Pam’s ultimatum. Les confides in Linda and Pam confides in Claudette. Bex cuts all contact with Sonia, who doesn’t want to leave without saying goodbye. Jane leaves the house for the first time since being discharge from hospital.

Hollyoaks (first look) – Jack visits Billy again. Later, Esther threatens Jack that she’s going to speck to Frankie, but they’re being watched by newcomer Eva, who is out for revenge. Simone organists a murder mystery night and invites Nathan, Marnie and Cleo. The whole evening descends into chaos. Ste is confused about why Leah doesn’t want to be around him. Cindy is put on the spot when Dirk’s nephew Nick turns up to stay.


soap spoilers 19th - 23rd September 2016


soap spoilers 19th - 23rd September 2016


Wednesday 21st:

Emmerdale – David is told he’s in the clear, his treatment worked and his cancer is gone. David and Tracy have a joint hen and stag. Frank shows up and ruins Tracy’s night. Priya finally tells Jai that her eating disorder is back. Jai and Holly almost kiss. A romantic spark develops between Leyla and Pete.

Coronation Street – Angry Cathy returns to Nigel’s house and refuses to be fobbed off, but harsh words prompt a surprise discovery. Todd begins his new job selling the doggy flats for Phelan and Vinny. Wary Alya shares her fears about Sharif and Sonia with her brother. Kevin offers Freddie romantic advise. Aidan spots a business opportunity. Roy faces birthday disappointment.

Eastenders – No episode today.

Hollyoaks (first look) – Eva breaks into the Osborne house and watches Jack sleeping on the sofa, armed with a gun. Liam is smitten by Eva but she isn’t interested. Ester reports the break in, she’s then introduced to DI Eva Falco. Celine tells Cleo to tell Nathan how she feels. Marnie offers Lisa money to stay away from her son. Nathan suggests to Lisa that they should move in together, leaving Cleo heartbroken. Cindy wants a new job and Marnie offers her one. Freddie tries to woo Ellie.


soap spoilers 19th -23rd september 2016
soap spoilers 19th - 23rd september 2016


Thursday 22nd:

Emmerdale – David and Tracy’s big day is off to a bad start when Tracy wakes up in the country side after being driven off by Frank. David is concerned that Tracy wont show up. Holly and Jai kiss. Tracy is desperate to get to the wedding, but will she make it?… Dan and Jimmy try to settle their differences with an arm wrestling contest.

Coronation Street – No episode today.

Eastenders – Ollie gets his latest check up. Lee tells Mick he thinks Buster is cheating on Shirley. Kyle asks Steven for a pay rise, when Steven refuses, Kyle threatens to reveal the truth about the robbery. Louise suspects that Phil has fallen off the wagon again and he tries to hide his state from Sharon.

Hollyoaks (first look) – Eva feigns sympathy when she talks to Jack about the break-in. Marnie upsets Lisa when her and Nathan arrive at the Loft for the launch of the new luxury flats. Later, Lisa accepts Marnie’s money to break up with Nathan. Nick wants to help Cindy get the job she deserves and they try to trick Marnie into letting them swap roles.

soap spoilers 19th -23rd september2016

Friday 23rd:

Emmerdale – Dan proposes to Kerry. Pete and Leyla
go on a date. Holly and Jai also go on a date. Chas worries that Charity’s feeling for Cain aren’t going away, while Megan allows herself to be charmed by Frank.

Coronation Street – Cathy abandons the cafe to confront Nigel and learnthe truth, and Roy is unprepared for her outburst when she returns. Sharif’s big gesture makes Alya even more suspicious. Aidan’s business idea causes friction. Freddie makes a final bid to woo Audrey.

Eastenders – Mick confronts Buster about the cheating. Phil is adamant that that he is sober despite Louise’s suspicions, but Ben has had enough of his father and thinks he should grass him up to the doctor. Denise has a heart to heart with Masood about her pregnancy.

Hollyoaks (first look) – No spoilers yet.


soap spoilers 19th -23rd september 2016



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