Soap Spoilers 21st – 25th August 2017

Written by ClareWithTheHair

Here is all you need to know about what is coming up this week in Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Eastenders and Hollyoaks.

Soap Spoilers 21st – 25th August 2017


Monday 21st:

Emmerdale – As Kerry shops for Dan’s new trainers in town, she spots a familiar face. The person in question is dishevelled and clearly homeless. Kerry witnesses them trying to con money from a passer-by and is worried for them. Meanwhile, Rhona is feeling awkward about the previous evening and Harriet worries for her wellbeing. Harriet confides her worries in Paddy, who in turn offers Rhona an ear and comforts her over dinner. There’s a moment between them and Rhona goes in for a kiss. Elsewhere, Frank’s secret wedding plans are under way. As he displays a genuine affection for Megan, she’s increasingly torn about the plan, leaving Charity concerned their scam could be scuppered. Also today, Priya faces a tough choice.

Coronation Street – Shona can’t believe it when a scratch card Bethany sent her to thank her for all her support wins £6,000. Shona’s squeals of delight in the café are witnessed by Zoe, who’s there giving Gemma a hard time. Zoe phones Macca and tells him that Clayton’s mum has won some serious money. As Shona celebrates her win in The Rovers, Macca arrives and beckons her outside. What does he want? Meanwhile, clearly stressed, Norris reckons they should abandon the whole marriage charade but Mary won’t hear of it, pointing out how disappointed Jude would be. As Jude arrives with his wife Angie and their baby, Mary can barely contain her excitement. Elsewhere, when Eileen confides in Nicola that Phelan is behaving strangely, Nicola assures her she has nothing to worry about. Also, Chesney looks after Hope and Ruby for the day, but as they try to leave the house for the community centre, Chesney suffers a panic attack. Finally, when Liz spots another scam leaflet in the Kabin window, she tells Norris about her plight and asks if she can take the leaflet.

Intrigued by Phelan’s behaviour, Nicola follows him. Phelan makes out that he’s working on a house conversion and is just disposing of an old mattress. However, Nicola is concerned to see a gash on Phelan’s head. As Eileen and Nicola fuss over Phelan’s injury, Nicola suggests he could donate the mattress to a homeless shelter. At home, a stressed Phelan takes his anger out on Nicola, who’s shocked by his outburst. Apologising, he later shows her a receipt for some mattresses which he’s donated to a shelter, but he is still clearly on the edge. Meanwhile, Macca tells Shona that Clayton is suicidal and £6,000 would give him the chance of an appeal and a normal life. Shona quizzes Todd, wanting to know if there’s any truth in Macca’s words or if he’s simply trying to take her money. Todd explains that occasionally it’s possible to get someone out of prison on a technicality, but it’s unlikely in Clayton’s case. Elsewhere, having found out that Chesney never showed up at the puppet workshop with the kids, Sinead and Fiz discuss Chesney’s movements over the last few days and are concerned to realise he’s never left the house. Also, as Audrey and Yasmeen coo over Mary’s grandson, Mary reveals that the wedding will be an intimate affair without their friends present. Angie is suspicious, but Mary is thrilled when Jude agrees to walk her down the aisle. Finally, Liz shows Sean her laptop and explains how she’s adopted a false name and lured the perpetrator of the scam leaflets into exchanging emails.

Eastenders – Phil and Jay two-hander episode, Jay is left devastated as Phil reveals that he killed his father. Phil tries to offer up an explanation for this shocking secret from the past, but Jay struggles to come to terms with it all and becomes angry. After Jay’s fury comes to a head, he continues to question his past and realises the full extent of Phil’s actions. Can he ever forgive him?

Hollyoaks – Darren meets Shane and tells him that he doesn’t want to deal anymore, but Shane won’t let him go. Later, Joel and Darren decide to take Shane down together. Meanwhile, Mandy panics when she gets a letter from social services about Ella. Tony is shocked when he sees upset Mandy in the village and promises to help her. Elsewhere, Scott has arranged a ladies’ night at the Duke Street Social, unaware that Brody has sabotaged the event and made it a ‘ladies for ladies’ night. Farrah and Kim turn up, but Farrah finds out that Scott hasn’t told Damon about him being his brother. Also today, Sienna tricks Warren into letting Kim move in to look after her.


Tuesday 22nd:

Emmerdale – A startled Rhona wakes to see Pierce lying next to her, but she realises she is dreaming and it’s her imagination. Paddy reassures Rhona they don’t have to talk about what happened the previous night and she insists she needs to visit Pierce in prison. But will it help and will it give her closure? Meanwhile, Rishi approaches Frank with some news about the timeshare, claiming that he has found out the property development firm went bankrupt months ago. Frank is baffled. After doing some of his own research, Frank confronts Megan with his worries. Elsewhere, Bernice encourages Kerry to tell Dan who she saw.

Coronation Street – No episode today.

Eastenders – Jay fails to turn up for work after his showdown with Phil, who tries and fails to find him. Later, Ben returns home and is stunned when Jay tells him that his dad is a murderer. Meanwhile, Shirley causes a scene at The Vic and Phil defends her. Fi isn’t happy when the customers have to leave the pub as a result of the argument. Elsewhere, Max warns Steven that he may need his help again. Also today, Jack goes on the camping trip but gets upset over Ronnie not being there. Finally, Sonia shows her support for Gethin when his grandmother dies.

Hollyoaks – Shane finds out that Joel is setting him up to the police, so he responds by kidnapping Cleo. Later, Shane takes Joel to where Cleo is locked in an engine room and locks him in with her. Meanwhile, Mandy throws Luke out. With Tony’s help, she manages to convince the social worker that she can provide a safe home for Ella. Elsewhere, Farrah urges Scott to tell Damon the truth. Also today, Prince plans a romantic gesture for Lily. Finally, Nancy decides to plan a surprise vow renewal for her and Darren.


Wednesday 23rd:

Emmerdale – Frank is keen to get to the bottom of everything, so he picks up Megan’s phone to call a Spanish-looking number on her recent dial list. Frank assumes it’s for Megan’s solicitor, but it’s actually Charity, who is in the back room. Megan panics as the pair begin to speak. Can Charity pull off the call without Frank suspecting, or could Megan and Charity’s scam be rumbled? Meanwhile, Zak becomes weary as Aaron continues to vent his frustrations on a punch bag. Zak suggests he may need a new training partner and Aaron decides to join a gym with a reluctant Adam. Elsewhere, Kerry is shocked by Dan’s reaction to news of the homeless person. Also today, Paddy takes the plunge.

Coronation Street – Sinead frets over Chesney, convinced that he hasn’t been himself since the attack. Fiz suggests they check on him. Masking his nerves, Chesney tells them he’s taking Ruby and Fiz into town for the afternoon and Sinead is relieved. However, as they set off on the bus, Chesney suffers a panic attack. Demanding the driver opens the doors, he flees and leaves the girls on the bus. Meanwhile, Nicola introduces Phelan to her boyfriend Scott, who’s a policeman, and shows him some pictures of a derelict building they’ve bought. Phelan reluctantly agrees to help them convert it into a youth centre. But when it becomes clear that Scott has no idea he is Nicola’s father, Phelan is hurt. Elsewhere, Angie treats Mary to a spa day before her wedding and quizzes her about her relationship with Norris. Mary’s discomfort is evident and Angie is quietly concerned. Back in the pub, Norris gives Mary a hug and assures her that her he’s honoured to become her husband. Mary’s thrilled, whilst Angie eyes them with suspicion. Also, when Gemma complains about her sleeping arrangements at Number 6, Cathy urges her to make up with Rita. Finally, Shona visits Clayton in prison. She’s taken aback when he hugs her, saying he’s pleased to see her. Clayton begs Shona to spend her winnings on helping him to get out. But when Clayton lets slip that he’s running a drugs operation from prison, will she waiver? Later, David is angry to discover Shona has been visiting Clayton, but backs off when he sees how upset she is.

Eastenders – No episode today.

Hollyoaks – Tony takes Mandy back to the village and urges her to leave Luke and look after herself. Meanwhile, Prince wants nothing more to do with Shane. Elsewhere, Nancy confides in Tom that Darren is ‘gambling’ again, but Tom suspects that Darren is still involved with drugs. Also today, Kim and Farrah continue to sneak around.

Thursday 24th:

Emmerdale – Adam panics when he learns that Victoria is coming to the gym with him and Aaron. Will Adam’s attempts at the gym impress Victoria? Later, as Adam and Aaron leave, they spot Victoria being chatted up by another guy. He turns out to be Aaron’s arch-enemy Jason. Meanwhile, Lydia accidentally gives away Frank’s wedding plans when she wrongly assumes Megan knows about it. How will Frank react?Elsewhere, Kerry and Bernice take it upon themselves to go back into town in search of the homeless person. Aaron watches as Victoria flirts with Jason and eventually storms over to intervene. Jason antagonises Aaron and it’s clear Aaron is up for a fight, but the two of them are forced apart when two gym managers enter. Will their feud end here? Meanwhile, Nell wonders if Jai is going to propose as he’s acting suspiciously. Elsewhere, Kerry and Bernice continue their search. Finally, could the latest drama mean that Megan and Charity’s scheming is over?

Coronation Street – No episode today.

Eastenders – Ben wants answers over what’s going on, so Jay tells him everything and makes it clear that they’re not brothers anymore as he’s not a Mitchell. Jay’s comments touch a nerve with Ben as the row continues, and tensions erupt into a fight between them. Meanwhile, Mick tries to make things up to a distant Linda, but his efforts don’t go down well. Elsewhere, Mr Pryce agrees to tutor Bex privately when she gets upset by her GCSE music result. Also today, Tom begs Michelle for another chance. Finally, the camping trip continues, Denise gets her GCSE result, while Karen encourages Keanu to apply for Universal Credit.

Hollyoaks – Darren is wracked with guilt when he finds out about the vow renewal today. Meanwhile, Prince ruins his chances of getting back into school. Hunter tries to talk Sally round, while Yasmine helps Prince chain himself to the school gates in protest.


Friday 25th:

Emmerdale – Adam makes a big decision. Meanwhile, Marlon berates Megan. Elsewhere, Kerry tries to make amends.

Coronation Street – As Bethany does Mary’s make-up, Mary admits that she’s not proud of lying to Jude about her sham wedding. Jude, Angie, George, Sean, Tracy and Dev gather for the wedding. As Jude walks Mary down the aisle, he tells her how he’s thinking of tracing his father’s family. Mary does her best to cover her shock. All at sea, will Mary go ahead with a marriage of convenience? Meanwhile, having found out Shona’s plans from Todd, Sarah breaks the news to David that she intends to fund an appeal for Clayton. David is incredulous. Fired up, David marches into the café and confronts Shona. Locking the café door, Shona turns on David, telling him it’s time they cleared the air. Elsewhere, with still no news of Chesney, Sinead and Fiz are beside themselves with worry. When Tyrone hears that Roy’s allotment shed has been broken, he finds Chesney there cowering alone. Also, Maria and Will welcome Robert and Michelle back from Brighton. Giving Michelle a loving kiss, Robert heads off to work. Will masks his irritation. Finally, as Rita prepares for Norris and Mary’s wedding, she’s perplexed when she can’t remember where she’s going.

As Mary explains to Angie how she was raped as a teenager by Jude’s father who was a family friend, neither of them notices Jude, who overhears every word. As Norris assures Jude that Mary was only trying to protect him from the awful truth, Mary explains to Jude how he was taken from her as a baby but she’s never stopped loving him. How will Jude react Mary’s revelation? Jude reveals that they’re thinking of relocating to Manchester anyway. Mary’s thrilled, while Angie looks askance at Jude. Meanwhile, playing the concerned friend, Will persuades Michelle to let him take her into town and take her mind off recent events. But when he starts quizzing her about Robert’s relationship with Rich, Michelle becomes defensive. Has Will overstepped the mark and exposed himself? Elsewhere, a jubilant Eileen announces she’s passed her driving test. Finally, David and Shona admit how much they like each other but recognise how difficult their relationship is going to be.

Eastenders – Karen struggles to fit in with the other women during Ladies’ Night at the Queen Vic, but Denise tries to put their past tensions behind them by offering out an olive branch. Just as everyone is finally starting to enjoy the night, things go wrong for Linda. Meanwhile, Sharon is stunned when Phil tells her the truth about the situation with Jay. Elsewhere, the Murrays are burgled and Ted tells the police that the Taylors must be responsible. Keanu is furious and storms round to confront Ted. Also today, Tom and Michelle share a public kiss at Ladies’ Night. Finally, Abi is caught in an embarrassing situation by Steven.

Hollyoaks – Yasmine harasses Cindy about her stalker drama for an article in the school newspaper. Later, Cindy is panicked when she gets a creepy phone call. Meanwhile, Prince talks to Lily about his dad.

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