Soap Spoilers 23rd – 27th January 2017

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Here is all you need to know about what is coming up this week in Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Eastenders and Hollyoaks. Soap Spoilers 23rd – 27th January 2017.

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Monday 23rd:

Emmerdale – When Gabby offers to look after Dotty, Ashley’s carer calls in sick so unbeknownst to Laurel, Gabby ends up take care of Dotty and Ashley all on her own. Meanwhile, Chas is disappointed when DS Wise backs down from their plans after listening to Pierce’s threats. Chas quizzes Pierce and is furious when she realises it was Paddy who told Pierce about the plan. Elsewhere, Robert vows to stand by Aaron when he receives the date for his hearing. Also today, Rhona feels pressured to stay with Pierce, while Cain spots Debbie and her kids on a crime programme.

Coronation Street – When Steve suggests they could drive out for lunch, Michelle snaps at him and says the only person she wants to spend time with Rory. Michelle suddenly announces she’s changed her mind and she’d like to go out for lunch after all. Over lunch at the Bistro, Michelle hits the bottle. When Steve suggests she should slow down, Michelle turns on him. Steve confides in Robert that he doesn’t know how they’re going to get through this. In front of the other diners Michelle proposes a toast to her dead baby before storming out upset. Deeply worried, Steve tells Liz what has happened and he has no idea where Michelle is. Meanwhile, Phelan sets about erasing all traces of his fight with Andy. Peter starts work at street cars and his first fare is Nick and Simon. Nick and Peter get into an argument, as Nick throws open the car door, disaster strikes. Finally, when Ken reveals that he intends to put a DRN order in place in case he should suffer another stroke, Tracy, Adam and Daniel are horrified.

Eastenders – The stall holders worry when they hear rumors that the market is being moved. under pressure to provide an explanation, Carmel admits that the proposal is in the very early planning stages. Martin reacts badly and goes on strike, but the others refuse to follow suit. Later, as  the residence carry on with their day, disaster strikes. Meanwhile, Billy tries to get Jay to open up about his current living arrangements and his love  life. Also today, Emerald clashes with Kim. Sylvie, Tina and Shirley go on a day out together, while Keegan continues to irritate Bex and Louise.

Hollyoaks (first look) – Cameron is just about holding it together at the cabin, but he panics when Leela offers to unload his van. At the same time, Tegan and Courtney are sitting by the lake when they spot something on the shore line. Cameron and Leela hear a scream and Cameron rushes out to find Tegan and Courtney standing over a dead body. Courtney tries to call the police, but Cameron snatches the phone off her. Cameron grabs Tegan, while Courtney tries her best to reason with him. Meanwhile, a worried Ryan tells Ste about Courtney’s phone call. Elsewhere, Nathan is worried when Lisa doesn’t turn up at the hotel, but she’s snuggled up with Mac in his campervan instead. Mac accidentally uses the L-word, which freaks Lisa out. When Lisa gets a voicemail from Nathan, the guilt hits her and she orders Mac to take her home.

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Tuesday 24th:

Emmerdale – (Hour long episode) Debbie is back, but she’s on the run and has some mystery pursuers chasing her. When Debbie arrives in the village, she tells Cain and Charity that she’s in trouble and needs their help. Later, Sam is babysitting the kids when two violent men turn up looking for Debbie. They realise they can use Debbie’s kids as collateral and it’s not long before she receives a text which demands money by 5pm. Doug offers to give Laurel a break from looking after Ashley. Doug and Diane are shocked when they realise how bad things have got at home for Laurel. Elsewhere, Paddy is hurt when he overhears Chas flirting on the phone. Also today, Aaron apologises to Finn for beating up Kasim.

Coronation Street – Steve, Tim, Robert, Johnny and Kate set off in search of Michelle, all clearly worried for her. It’s Robert who finds Michelle first and he’s shocked at the state he finds her in. Robert phones Steve and tells him she’s safe. Gazing at Robert intently, a vulnerable Michelle leans in for a kiss. Soon afterwards, rather than returning home, Michelle tells Robert she’d like to visit Rory in the Chapel of Rest. Michelle pour her heart out to Robert about her grief over Rory and Steve’s apparent lack of understanding. Meanwhile, Phelan has loaded the incriminating evidence from the fight with Andy into his van. Elsewhere, the Doctor explains that Simon has dislocated his finger. Simon looks to Peter for comfort and Nick feels left out.

Eastenders – Albert Square is thrown into chaos following the incident. The residents rally together to help those in need, but they soon realise the situation may be worse than first thought. Meanwhile, Mick is shocked by what he sees. Elsewhere, Stacy receives some alarming news.

Hollyoaks (first look) – Lisa gets home and finds that Simone is worried that Zack stayed out all night. She’s terrified that her son is missing, fearing that history is repeating itself. Harry mentions that Zack didn’t turn up to his football match either. Meanwhile, Ryan is trying to find out from Cameron where Zack is.

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Wednesday 25th:

Emmerdale – No episode today.

Coronation Street – Steve enters the Chapel of Rest to find Michelle asleep on a chair. Michelle wakes and is grateful to find Steve there. Promising never to mention the kiss, Robert heads off. Michelle then kisses Rory goodbye and tells Steve that she wants the funeral to be a private affair with just the two of them present. Meanwhile, a delivery man calls at the Rovers with a parcel, Liz is horrified to realise it’s a moses basket she orders for Rory. Liz offers Leanne the basket. Elsewhere, Adam tries to convince Alya to do some digging and help him with his case against to Conners. Also today Norris evicts Brian, and Brian invites himself to stay with Roy.

Eastenders – No episode today.

Hollyoaks (first look) – Harry makes a fuss of Ste, but is furious when all Ste can talk about is John Paul. Harry wants to help when Ryan still won’t let Ste see Leah and Lucas. Meanwhile, Goldie tries to sell the engagement ring that Prince and Hunter stole from Harry on New Year’s Eve, but Harry spots her and threatens her with the police. Goldie goes to find Ryan, but he refuses to be blackmailed by her. However, Harry has overheard them, and thinks Ryan and Goldie are having an affair.

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Thursday 26th:

Emmerdale – Debbie explains herself by revealing why she needs money urgently. Meanwhile, Dough lies to Laurel by hiding how much he and Diane are already struggling with Ashley. However, it’s not long before Laurel uncovers the truth. Elsewhere, Pierce feels rejected by Rhona again. Also, Ronnie gives Zak some advice on his relationship with Lisa.

Cain warns Ross to stay away from Debbie now that she’s back, Cain gives him an incentive by threatening him and giving him some money. Meanwhile, the police suggest that Lachlan could have arranged the theft at Home Farm, but the real culprits remain undetected. Elsewhere, a fun game of truth and dare between Rhona and Pierce turns sour and Rhona is unsettled by Pierce’s behaviour. Also, Laurel makes a heartbreaking decision. Finally, Lisa suggests she and Zak go public with their reunion.

Coronation Street – After an argument with Nick, Leanne admits to Toyah that the baby she’s carrying isn’t Nick’s but is actually Steve McDonald’s, leaving Toyah stunned. Later, Nick see’s Leanne chatting to Steve outside the cafe. Reaching a decision, Nick heads to the Bistro and set about his drastic measures. When Toyah interrupts him, she’s horrified about what he is planning. Alya gives Adam keys to the factory and a fake password for Johnny’s computer and tells him the place will be empty at lunch time but trying to access the computer Aidan and Johnny suddenly appear. Also, it’s Tracy’s 40th Birthday but her birthday lunch is a total flop with just Daniel and Luke attending. However, things still manage to go from bad to worse. Finally, Roy suggests Brian starts looking for somewhere else to live.

Eastenders – The residents continue to deal with the fallout of the incident, causing tension to run high between loved ones. Meanwhile, one resident makes a huge decision. Elsewhere, Max has spent the last few weeks building bridges with his family and doing his best to settle back into normal life, but everything is not as it seems.

Hollyoaks (first look) – It’s Ryan’s birthday, but the threat of Goldie’s video is still hanging over him. Things get worse when Ryan finds out that Amy is planning a party for him and wants to invite the McQueens. Later, it’s tense at Ryan’s party with Mercedes, Ste and Harry all invited. Meanwhile, Warren offers Joel a place to stay when he gets a transfer to local church. However, Joel declines when he finds out Warren was trying to donate Nico’s clothes without Sienna’s permission. On Joel’s advise, Warren delivers Nico’s belongings to the McQueen’ and Sienna tells him she wants him back – and will never stop trying.

Friday 27th:

Emmerdale – Debbie opens up to Ross and asks him if he loves Rebecca. Ross tells Debbie that he still loves her. Meanwhile, Zak is disappointed when Lisa rejects his advances. Sam gives him some home truths by branding him selfish and suggesting he should divorce Joanie. Elsewhere, Chrissie continues to suspect that Rebecca is behind the theft at Home Farm. Also today, Pierce continues to make Rhona feel guilty, while Pete reassures Leyla about their relationship.

Coronation Street – Toyah warns Nick that Leanne is not going to like his crazy idea. Under pressure, Toyah feels forced to tell Peter how Nick plans to take Simon to live in Edinburgh. Fired up, Peter confronts Nick about his plans. Leanne is also stunned, pointing out it’s the first she’s heard of it. Later, Peter reveals to Nick that he knows Steve is the father of Leanne’s baby and that if he tries to pull anymore stunts, he’ll spill the beans. Meanwhile, as Adam rows with Alya for sabotaging his plan, Ken approaches and demands to know what’s going on. Steve and Michelle decide to go and stay with her parents in Ireland for a bit. Also, Luke presents Tracy with her proper birthday present. Tracy is genuinely touched and opens up to Luke, telling him how she spent her 30th in prison for murder.

Eastenders – No episode today.

Hollyoaks (first look) – Amy is on a mission to get answers. Meanwhile, Ryan plans a surprise to win Amy back. Elsewhere, Goldie and the boys receive a surprise visit.

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